Invoking the Angels of the Hebrew Alef-Bet



As first outlined in my post about how to use Psalm 119 to work with Hebrew Letters, found HERE, I introduced my ideas on calling upon the angelic forces behind the Letters themselves, including a full list of the Hebrew spellings of all the angels, their titles, and their Psalms. Here I review my technique of actually invoking them.

Some modern magicians struggle with finding new ways to connect to abstract forces, yet are comfortable with invocations of various pantheons of gods and goddesses. This method of connecting with the Letter Angels will provide a means to invoke their very essence using the beings that embody them. This is a good way to begin learning more about them and to internalize their essences. These letters are more than just letters, they are bursting with life, they create, they are mystical and magical symbols for the ideas and the forces they stand for are alive with creative manifestation. Tapping into these forces is the goal here.

It would behoove anyone looking to experiment with this operation to read through the Sefer Yetzirah, or maybe also a good book on Hermetics and/or Tarot if they have a decent section on the various meanings behind the Hebrew Letters. has some fantastic video lectures on each letter HERE, and Hebrew For Christians has some good information to get you started, and lastly THIS Youtube Video Playlist is worth checking out as well.


-My Operation-

For my invocation of the Letter Angels, I chose to invoke one per evening over a span of 22 days starting on the New Moon of a Lunar cycle, and I decided to build up to the operation using 3 weeks of ritual preparation including moderate fasting and abstinence. Those of you familiar with the grimoire traditions will recognize this as being similar to the usual part of ritual prep. I divided these 3 weeks into specific regimens, the first being Confession, the second as Meditation, and the third as Invocation. I will outline the entire operation here for all interested in adapting this for their own use.

Note that this entire process is made for the magician who has little time on their hands, and each night for the ensuing 3 weeks plus 22 days will require a reasonably minimum amount of time of about a 15 minutes to a half hour to complete each step. Many of us in the modern world have families, work, school, etc. This regimen was created for my needs that included these considerations, and it also does not require a large ritual space. Most of my magic is done on a large coffee table or a windowsill. The details for the Letter Angel invocations will follow. Those wishing to experiment with these methods may choose to omit the entire cycle of purification, or even add to it.

This prep time creates not only holy space of the body and mind, but also prepares the subtle bodies and the higher levels for invocation. For the week of Confession, I chose the Confession and following Prayer from the Key of Solomon, given here in full;


“O LORD of Heaven and of Earth, before thee do I confess my sins, and lament them, cast down and humbled in thy presence. For I have sinned before thee by pride, avarice, and boundless desire of honours and riches; by idleness, gluttony, greed, debauchery, and drunkenness; because I have offended thee by all kinds of sins of the flesh, adulteries, and pollutions, which I have committed myself, and consented that others should commit; by sacrilege, thefts, rapine, violation, and homicide; by the evil use I have made of my possessions, by my prodigality, by the sins which I have committed against Hope and Charity, by my evil advice, flatteries, bribes, and the ill distribution which I have made of the goods of which I have been possessed; by repulsing and maltreating the poor, in the distribution which I have made of the goods committed to my charge, by afflicting those over whom I have been set in authority, by not visiting the prisoners, by depriving the dead of burial, by not receiving the poor, by neither feeding the hungry nor giving drink to the thirsty, by never keeping the Sabbath and the other feasts, by not living chastely and piously on those days, by the easy consent which I have given to those who incited me to evil deeds, by injuring instead of aiding those who demanded help from me, by refusing to give ear unto the cry of the poor, by not respecting the aged, by not keeping my word, by disobedience to my parents, by ingratitude towards those from whom I have received kindness, by indulgence in sensual pleasures, by irreverent behaviour in the Temple of God, by unseemly gestures thereat, by entering therein without reverence, by vain and unprofitable discourse when there, by despising the sacred vessels of the temple, by turning the holy Ceremonies into ridicule, by touching and eating the sacred bread with impure lips and with profane hands, and by the neglect of my prayers and adorations.

I detest also the crimes which I have committed by evil thoughts, vain and impure meditations, false suspicions, and rash judgments; by the evil consent which I have readily given unto the advice of the wicked, by lust of impure and sensual pleasures; by my idle words, my lies, and my deceit; by my false vows in various ways; and by my continual slander and calumny.

I detest also the crimes which I have committed within; the treachery and discord which I have incited; my curiosity, greed, false speaking, violence, malediction, murmurs, blasphemies, vain words, insults, dissimulations; my sins against God by the transgression of the ten commandments, by neglect of my duties and obligations, and by want of love towards God and towards my neighbour.

Furthermore I hate the sins which I have committed in all my senses, by sight, by hearing, by taste, by smell, and by touch, in every way that human weakness can offend the creator; by my carnal thoughts, deeds, and meditations. In which I humbly confess that I have sinned, and recognise myself as being in the sight of God the most criminal of all men.

I accuse myself before thee, O God, and I adore thee with all humility. O ye, holy angels, and ye, children of God, in your presence I publish my sins, so that mine enemy may have no advantage over me, and may not be able to reproach me at the last day; that he may not be able to say that I have concealed my sins, and that I be not then accused in the presence of the Lord; but, on the contrary, that on my account there may be joy in Heaven, as over the just who have confessed their sins in thy presence.

O most mighty and all powerful Father, grant through thine unbounded mercy that I may both see and know all the spirits which I invoke, so that by their means I may see my will and desire accomplished, by the sovereign grandeur, and by thine ineffable and eternal glory, thou who art and who wilt be for ever the pure and ineffable father of all.

The confession having been finished with great humility, and with the inward feeling of the heart, the master will recite the following prayer:—

O Lord all powerful, eternal God and father of all creatures, shed upon me the divine influence of thy mercy, for I am thy creature. I beseech thee to defend me from mine enemies, and to confirm in me true and steadfast faith.

O Lord, I commit my body and my soul unto thee, seeing I put my trust in none beside thee; it is on thee alone that I rely; O Lord my God aid me; O Lord hear me in the day and hour wherein I shall invoke thee. I pray thee by thy mercy not to put me in oblivion, nor to remove me from thee. O Lord be thou my succor, thou who art the God of my salvation. O Lord make me a new heart according unto thy loving kindness. These, O Lord, are the gifts which I await from thee, O my God and my master, thou who livest and reignest unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

O Lord God the all powerful one, who hast formed unto thyself great and ineffable wisdom, and co-eternal with thyself before the countless ages; thou who in the birth of time hast created the Heavens, and the Earth, the sea, and things that they contain; thou who hast vivified all things by the breath of thy mouth, I praise thee, I bless thee, I adore thee, and I glorify thee. Be thou propitious unto me who am but a miserable sinner, and despise me not; save me and succor me, even me the work of thine hands. I conjure and entreat thee by thy Holy name to banish from my spirit the darkness of Ignorance, and to enlighten me with the Fire of thy Wisdom; take away from me all evil desires, and let not my speech be as that of the foolish. O thou, God the Living One, whose Glory, Honour, and Kingdom shall extend unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.”


This section is prayed once per evening for one week in the 3 week block leading up to the New Moon of the lunar cycle. Simply light some candles and incense and let the Confession move you into the appropriate ritual consciousness, as we are effectively accounting for the sins of humanity as a whole, being that the list of confessions are for basically every sin imaginable, and we are acting as a medium and representative for humanity in our interaction with the spirit world at this point. This week also marks the beginning of either the moderation or elimination of unhealthy eating, sleeping, sexual habits, etc.

The second week is for Meditation. Taken from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, “An Humble Prayer For the Attainment of Wisdom and Understanding”, found in my previous post linked above, is used as an opener to a short meditation session set apart to ponder the solemnity of the ensuing operation. Time should be taken here to observe thoughts as they pass, and to clear the heart and mind of the clutches of temptation that may assail us since the beginning of this cycle.

The third week is Invocation. Here, a free form prayer should commence the session, and the reading consists of the combination of prayers taken from an analysis of “The 32 Paths of Wisdom”, found HERE. Each simple prayer that is coupled with each Path is combined into one, a considerable preparation for the energies of the Letter Angels:

“Make for me a wondrous consciousness that I know that I do not know anything of the miracles of creation. Make for me a shining consciousness that my head shines with the light of divine illumination. Make for me a holy consciousness that leads me to true faith. Make for me a steady platform that my consciousness may rest upon Your ways. Root my consciousness in your Wisdom. May the flow of n’vdal continue into my mind. Make for me a consciousness that preserves Your hidden secrets that preserves my life and the life of my children. Make for me a whole mind whose consciousness balanced with all Your knowledge equally. Make for me a clean mind that is one with you in spirit even in this world. Make for me a scintillating consciousness. Your Truth is before my eyes like the Sun shining in the day. For your light is brilliant all around igniting my mind with inspiration. I direct myself in unity with the righteous seekers of my community and we walk as one. Illuminate my intelligence so that I may discern your ways. Keep me stable in your ways standing before You doing your deeds. Grant victory to my intelligence, an enduring victory. Grant for me a True perception to see the Hand of God in all the world. Let me dwell in the House of Abundance. Lord reveal for me the hidden meanings of your world, may my mind comprehend allusion. Reveal for me the wondrous spirits You place in all things. My will longs for knowledge and the will is love. That my intelligence desires life to ask You everything that is on my mind. May I live by the fear of my faith to do what is right each moment of the day. Sustain me all the days of my life and let them be days of perseverance in helping others and studying your world. Let me merge my consciousness with others to know them and their needs. May I overcome my trials by seeing their lessons and the wisdom of Your ways. Renew for me my intelligence from the days of my youth to the days of old age. May I feel the needs of life – woman, animal, plant, and stone. May I learn to manipulate them back to health. Teach me to understand the workings of nature so that I may tend the Garden of Your world. Let me listen to the teachings of the body whose wisdom reveals our physical, social and mental health needs. Provide me with common sense so that I may know the state of my community. Strengthen my continual intelligence so that I may follow your ways all the days of my life. Make me lose the idolatrous ideas of other nations so that I may fill my intellect with Your Intelligence.”


Allow for sufficient time for every sentence to really sink in rather than just reading them and moving on.

Once the third week is finished and you approach the New Moon, the invocation of the Letter Angels may begin. Each letter is drawn upon a sheet of paper and illuminated with candle light. The letter should be meditated upon after and visualized as a gate, opening to the heavens in the mind’s eye, absorbing the essence of the angel and the wisdom it will provide.


Here is the ritual outline for each one. The quoted sections of each Letter invocations are taken from Deena Metzger’s beautiful meditations, found HERE, and remember to vibrate all bolded words.

 This time around I have included sigils for the user in case you wish to experiment with them. These were created using the Golden Dawn Rose Cross sigil design. One may also wish to use one of the magical alphabets like Malachim or Passing the River, or even create appropriate sigils out of the corresponding glyphs found in the Qabalah of 9 Chambers, shown below. Check out this awesome blog over at ‘Practical Solomonic Magic” on how to work out this simple process: Aiq Bekar Sigils.



-The 22 Day Cycle of Invocations of the Hebrew Letter Angels-


Day 1: Alef- Alefiel- אלפיאל – Psalm 119:1-8 – Scintillating Intelligence

Alefiel, Alefiel, Alefiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Scintillating Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.


Psalm 119:1-8

“Eretz. The earth. The earth will be restored. The silence from which all sound issues. The All in the One. Let no one and no part be eliminated. Let no one and no part be eradicated. Alef is the silent blessing on all beings. A Holy name in which all beings reside is Elohim. All the names of God are the names of God. All the Gods are God. We relinquish the fire that consumes all for the fire that does not consume. The Burning Bush is the Tree of Life. All One, the Burning Bush and Creation. One. One. One. Alef invokes the unity of all beings in the One.”


Day 2: Beth- Betiel- ביתיאל – Psalm 119:9-16 – Intelligence of Transparency

Bethiel, Bethiel, Bethiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of Transparency! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.


Psalm 119:9-16

“Everything is a house for God. Let no house be chosen over another house. Build me a Temple and I will dwell in them. We are two and cannot war against each other. Here we are aligned, enter us all and at once, Divine One, that we may be fertile with You. Now each moment is Beresheet, is In the Beginning as we return again and again to the original creation. We live in the house of God and the house of God is in us. That is the Blessing. The grass, every blade of it, the songbird, and the howl, these are great Temples. The one we think is an enemy is a Temple. Beit invokes the recognition that all beings are Temples.”


Day 3: Gimel- Gimeliel- גימליאל – Psalm 119:17-24 – Uniting Intelligence
Gimeliel, Gimeliel, Gimeliel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Uniting Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:17-24

“Lovingkindness takes us out of exile to Paradise. Lovingkindness heals the tortured. We have tortured and we cease and heal with lovingkindness. No one can redeem the deeds we have done but ourselves. Gimel comes to the battle and takes the two of us into its arms. For Gimel to exist I must exist alongside the Other and the Other must be present with me. It runs after us to give us the courage of reconciliation. Each of us is rich in gifts and we run to give what we have to the other. We are the rich ones giving to the poor ones with an open heart. The rich ones give to the poor ones. The rich ones give to the poor one. Instead of these great wars, we enter the gilgul, the wheel, the cycle, death and rebirth, transformation, the soul’s journey. There is a great wave coming toward us. It is God running toward Creation; we run together toward God. Alone, I cannot accomplish it but if we are all alongside each other, redemption comes. Gimul invokes the loving kindness of the soul’s journey that is generous to all beings.”


Day 4: Dalet- Daletiel- דלתיאל – Psalm 119:25-32 – Illuminating Intelligence
Daletiel, Daletiel, Daletiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Illuminating Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:25-32

“There is a door. We open the door that seems closed. We go through it from one world to another. In the fourth world, adepts enact the miracle of the first world, the great Peace that passeth understanding. Blood will not be spilled. Da, we Know before whom we stand. The Judge discerns when we carry peace in our hearts, and when we are carrying fear, hate or murder. This knowledge. The hidden place on the Tree of Life. Daat is a door that we must open. Only then, Devekut. We bind ourselves to You and You are everywhere as we, poor ones, receive you. All of us are poor and bend down before the Holy One. Thus our egos are finally nullified as our souls are lifted up and ignited. We ask assistance from the four elements, the four directions for all beings. We open the doors of the four worlds: invisible, animal, vegetable, mineral. We invoke the Tetragrammaton on behalf of Creation. After our selves are finally undone, Dalet opens the door to Peace.”


Day 5: Heh- Hehiel- האיאל – Psalm 119:33-40 -Constituting Intelligence
Hehiel, Hehiel, Hehiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Constituting Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:33-40

“Here we are. Everything is broken. We are broken into many pieces. We are shattered into all the tiny but Holy distinct pieces of Creation. Atomized. Each one of us is a part of the shattering. We shatter and we are shattered. Because we are different from each other, we are the holy sparks. God calls us each. What can we say? We search our souls. Hitbodedut. This is the time of soul searching. We must account for ourselves with each other and with the world. Does Creation proceed from us or do we annihilate it? Are we seeds or are we destruction? Is the earth green under our touch or is it burning to extinction? Are the animals free and abundant? Are the trees exultant in their great woods? We scrutinize each of the 5 levels of our souls. We hear the voice again. The breath repeating itself twice in the Name of God. Breathe now. Breathe again. Be still. The breath carries us to the moment of awareness. Again, we are called. It is time to say, Heenayni. Here I am. Behold. Revelation comes to each, human and non-human in our own voice and understanding and way. It is not for ourselves alone. Hei praises the sacredness and equality of all the small particulars that are life and calls us forth on its behalf.”


Day 6: Vav- Vaviel- וויאל – Psalm 119:41-48 – Triumphal or Eternal One
Vaviel, Vaviel, Vaviel!  Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Trimuphal or Eternal One! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:41-48

“Vav mediates between the worlds. Vav joins heaven to earth. The lightning bolt of illumination for every one to see. It is the holy light descending. Vav calls every connection to be upright and sacred. Vav joins each one to each one. Each one is unique and independent and we depend upon these differences. We do not annihilate the others but treasure them equal to ourselves for their distinct ways of living and knowing. Vav is the straight line and the hook, the separate and individual paths that are fastened to each other. The jeweled net of Indra. The network of all life. The web of inter-being. This is the sacred that Vav mediates. When we forget — Vidui, confession. We confess for each other. We strike our hearts with our fists in great remorse and act accordingly. Vav invokes the sacred, indisputable interconnections.”


Day 7: Zayin- Zayiniel- זיניאל – Psalm 119:49-56 – Disposing One
Zayiniel, Zayiniel, Zayiniel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Disposing One! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:49-56

“Zayin creates the Sabbath for all beings. Zayin offers the world rest, the joy and relief of prayer and contemplation, the heart eased by the Presence. Zayin is the holy life undistracted by personal and human cares and lived harmoniously according to the divine law. Zayin enfolds the secular and the sacred, the mundane and the esoteric. Zayin is the returning light, the prayers rising upwards and gaining consciousness so that they are on behalf of all. Zayin is remembering. Remembering the ethical life and living it impeccably. Remembering our joys, giving thanks and offering them to the world. Remembering our suffering with compassion and refusing to enact suffering on anyone. Zayin is the sword put down. And here come the grandfathers, the old ones, the ancestors in all shapes and forms who have wisdom and sustain the living community of all beings benevolently and equally. Zayin is the crown, the return to the great light, the splendor, that rescues us from our own darkness and illuminates all things. Zayin invokes the Presence in the world so that all beings live in its great light.”


Day 8: Chet- Chetiel- חיתיאל – Psalm 119:57-64 – Intelligence of the House of Influence
Chetiel, Chetiel, Chetiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of the House of Influence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:57-64

“Life, the holy of holies. The faces of God are the living faces of Creation. A warning to all of us regarding the destruction and desecration we are wreaking in the world. We are doing this. We are. A small group of people gathered in piety brings life, restores life, saves life. We can do this. We can. We take the marriage vows under the canopy that shelters new life. We enter into the sacred union. We recognize the forty-nine gates of wisdom and do the work to pass through them, wise enough to study Peace. Life, not destruction, flows from us. Chet is the gate through which the dreams pass. The dream is the word of the divine, the teachings of the ancestors calling us to the Way and the sacredness of all life. Chet is life. Chet invokes life. L’Chaim. To life!”


Day 9: Tet- Tetiel- טיתיאל – Psalm 119:65-72 – Intelligence of all the Activities of the Spiritual Being
Tetiel, Tetiel, Tetiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of all the Activities of the Spiritual Being! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:65-72

“Tet is the vessel. A vessel containing the blessing of Peace. Nine months We are pregnant with Peace. In its good time, Peace will be born. The sefirah, Yesod, the vessel, the angel or the attribute of God, that symbolizes Peace. Peace is the only vessel containing blessing. The staff became the living snake in Moses’ hand. Nefustan, the great serpent, is a name of God. The caduceus. Healing. Transformation. The Nine lives of peacemaking. Tiferet. Beauty. We walk in Beauty. Tet invokes the goodness of God. What more need be said? It is good. It is good. It is good. Peace and Blessings.”


Day 10: Yod- Yodiel- יודיאל – Psalm 119:73-80 – Intelligence of Will
Yodiel, Yodiel, Yodiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of Will! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:73-80

“God. The name of God. The hand of God. The essential Presence of God everywhere. The essence of God hidden in Creation and extended as the hand is extended. The initial point from which Creation emerges. The point and the pathway. Every letter, the tiny, infinite Yud in motion. Giving thanks. Two hands. The hand extended in friendship. The hand of God extended to everyone. To the Presence, everyone is a friend. Therefore, minyans, councils that contain the wisdom of each individual. In council, together, we resurrect all the peacemaking traditions. We gather in minyans for the prayers of peace. The ten Sefirot and the pathway they travel. The attributes and paths of Creation entering and creating the world, continuously. Yona, the Dove of Peace. Yud invokes the Presence of God everywhere and gathers us into the Holy Councils from which Peace emanates. God invoking God.”


Day 11: Kaph- Kaphiel- כפיאל – Psalm 119:81-88 – Intelligence of Conciliation
Kaphiel, Kaphiel, Kaphiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of Conciliation! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:81-88

“Keter. Here God first touches the world and God’s spirit flows in the 10 Sefirot for the sake of creation. We touch our palms together in gratitude, in prayer. The palm of God sustains us, is under every burden and the palm of God blesses all of us. We raise our palms to receive God’s bounty. We bless and we pray: Bless the clouds, bless the rain, bless the air, bless the earth, bless the holy fire in all things. Honor. Honor all. Honor all things. Honor all beings. Honor the mother and the father, the old ones, the ancestors, the four legged people, the crawling people, the standing people, the swimming people and the flying people. Honor the stones and honor the fire of the hearth. Caf is the intent to restore God’s creation. Honor all. Caf is the intentionality, the will power, the focus, the one-pointedness, the devotion to prayer. Caf invokes the honor due all beings and the intent of blessing the wondrousness of creation. Kavanah.”


Day 12: Lamed- Lamediel- למדיאל – Psalm 119:89-96 – Faithful Intelligence
Lamediel, Lamediel, Lamediel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of Conciliation! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:89-96

“Learning and teaching. The teacher and the student stand before the agonies and the mysteries of our time and respond with the wisdom of the heart. The teacher teaches peacemaking and the student becomes a peacemaker. One calls the other into being. The small flame of the moon is a light in the dark night of these times. These are the days when we are learning again and again what the words, ‘Thou shalt not,’ mean. The ability to say ‘No.’ The willingness to say ‘No.’ The heart to say ‘No.’ Thou shalt not kill. ‘No, we will not kill.’ Thou shalt not steal. Thou shalt not bear false witness. Thou shalt not covet. We agree, ‘No.’ No, killing. No theft. No coveting. No bearing false witness. Lamed invokes the Lamed Vov, the ones who secretly and tirelessly carry the suffering and righteous action on behalf of the world. Lamed invokes the heart. Lamed invokes the Lamed Vov here. In us.”


Day 13: Mem- Memiel- ממיאל – Psalm 119:97-104 – Stable Intelligence
Memiel, Memiel, Memiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Stable Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:97-104

“Here are the deep waters of wisdom and redemption. Here is the underground stream and the flowing fountain of Holiness. Here we purify ourselves so that we may return to the original state of blessedness. We went away, far away, from wisdom and purity, and now we step into the living waters so that we may return. The fountain of wisdom is never ending, it flows ceaselessly from the heights, and we drink from it. This is the wisdom we need in these times and it is given to us in abundance. The secret knowledge bubbles up from the springs in the earth, we bathe in it and are refreshed. The waters of the earth are gathered and purified. The waters are cleansed from our toxins and the wells we have poisoned are clear. We go into retreat, we quarantine ourselves, we take the time we must take, for our minds and hearts to be transformed from one consciousness to another. We wander in the desert until we are other than we were. We enter the kingdom, Malkut, restored. Mem calls the wise ones to guide our spirits and we restore ourselves in the presence of angels. Mem invokes the desire to return to holiness and means to purify ourselves. Mem is the universal activity of midrash, the penetration of the story, in order to understand the deeper meanings, the sacred teachings. Mem invokes the Messiah in everyone so that the Messiah can be among us.”


Day 14: Nun- Nuniel- נוניאל – Psalm 119:105-112 – Imaginative Intelligence
Nuniel, Nuniel, Nuniel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Imaginative Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:105-112

“Nun invokes the Jubilee year when all debts are forgiven, all slaves freed, all contracts dissolved. After Nun, no one is enslaved or beholden. Outside of slavery, each one attends his or her soul. Nun is the recognition of the soul in everyone. All souls are freed from the terrible servitude of hunger, fear and oppression. There are forty-nine gates to wisdom, Nun calls us to pass through the forty-nine in order to approach the fiftieth gate which is Faith. We carry the faith of the existence of the Divine and we serve that Peace in each moment. Now the spark is in us. Nun follows Mem and serves the exultant creatures of the Holy sea abundant in their joy and their liveliness. Nigun. A sacred melody. The song that Blesses and Invokes the Presence of the Divine. Nun invokes the healing song that brings all beings through the last gate where Faith is constituted in the Presence of God.”


Day 15: Samech- Samechiel- סמכיאל – Psalm 119:113-120 – Intelligence of Probation or Tentative One
Samechiel, Samechiel, Samechiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Intelligence of Probation or Tentative One! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:113-120

“The circle. The sacred circle. Everyone and everything is in the circle. No one and no one thing is above another and each are necessary for the completion of the circle. The circle is the wedding ring that unites each with the other. With this ring, I thee wed. We say this to each other, endlessly. Creation is the Holy Book that we learn to read and honor. The secrets concealed in the worlds of holiness are revealed to all of us for the sake of restoring Creation. The teacher supports and blesses the student, transmits knowledge and blessings, in the way that the Divine supports us and blesses us in the work of Peace. We offer ourselves to God. Semichah. Each one of us. We are ordained to carry the wisdom that the earth and Creation teaches. We learn the sacred stories. We carry the sacred stories of the elements, of the animals, of the trees, of the water, of the angels, of the spirits, of our peoples in us as maps leading us toward Peace and kindness to each other. We search out the stories of peacemaking. We are all, in our different ways and languages, the servants of the sacred and the endless cycle of life. Samech verifies the completeness we feel when we are dancing with each other. The endless cycle. The endless cycle of the Sefirot descending and ascending. The ways and shapes of Divinity entering the world and Creation rising toward Spirit. Samech invokes the future.”


Day 16: Ayin- Ayiniel- עיניאל – Psalm 119:121-128 – Renovating Intelligence
Ayiniel, Ayiniel, Ayiniel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Renovating Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:121-128

“Peace depends upon humility. What is great in any nation becomes greater with humility. What is arrogant, oppressive, imperial is undone with humility. We have lacked humility, and we humble ourselves. Ayin is an eye. Perception. Insight. We see the great harm we have done to others and to the earth and we take in these insights and perception with humility. We do not know how to proceed. We call upon the Sanhedrin, the ancestors, the Council of Holy Ones to guide us. The Sanhedrin are composed of all the ancestors of all the peoples in the world. We call upon the names of God, the secret attributes of God, the many faces to inform us. Each people knows another name and face of God. When we bring all the names and faces of God into the circle then the full nature of God as humans can know it, is revealed. The eye of God is upon us. And the eye of God sees through us all. We worship together. The different colors that we are, the full spectrum we carry together become the rainbow that is the covenant that we first make with each other. The covenant that we broke is renewed. We restore the sacred groves, the rain forests, the forests, the woods, the olive trees of peace that we cut down, and worship there among them. Ayin invokes the Tree of Life.”


Day 17: Peh- Pehiel- פאיאל – Psalm 119:129-136 – Exciting Intelligence
Pehiel, Pehiel, Pehiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Exciting Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:129-136

“The mouth. Words. Words that open the gates. Right speech. The words we are obliged to speak and the words we must never speak. The end of evil speech. The end of calumny and bearing false witness. The end of propaganda. The end of the lie. The doors that right speech opens. The power of prayer. Pei supports the power of prayer. Pei is the wisdom of all that is hidden from us. In dangerous times, one can not rely on what is obvious or on the surface, one must find the wisdom that is concealed. The elephant. Wonder of wonders. We make alliances with the other animals of the world. We learn the languages of the beasts, the birds and the trees. We speak peace between all of us. Peace is carried into the world with the entrance of the Shechinah, the indwelling aspect of the Divine. We go to the Holy apple orchard, to Pardes, to meet Her. The miracle of the invocation of Pardes on earth. The simple truth. The simple heart. The simple prayer. Being present. Here. The ability and willingness to be here and to be open to what is present among us. Pei invokes the words of God as they come through all of us and open the gates to Peace. The Word. That miracle.”


Day 18: Tzaddi- Tzaddiiel- צדייאל – Psalm 119:137-144 – Natural Intelligence
Tzaddiiel, Tzaddiiel, Tzadiiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Natural Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:137-144

“In the beginning, the Divine One withdrew for the sake of creation. Tzadik represents the sacred act of withdrawing to make room for others. The world emerges where we are not. Tzimtzum. Preferring Creation to ourselves. The sacred act of allowing each its place. Bending ourselves to the Higher Will. Offering Tzadakah. Hunting out what we can offer. The act of giving rather than taking. We have taken what belongs to others, we have taken what should not have been taken from the earth, we have taken more than we needed, Tzadakah, reverse this. We give everything we have to rectify the situation. We are defined by our giving. We become the bedrock of generosity. Righteousness. Hunting out righteousness. Hunting out the fallen sparks. The Tzadik. Tzadikim. The righteous ones. The Tzadik bring down the light of heaven. The great wisdom of the world of Atzilut, the world of Emanation is drawn down deep in our world through the activity of the Tzadik. Tzadik invokes the congregation of the righteous from everywhere on the planet, the elders, the teachers, the healers, the holy ones, the council or minyan of the righteous who become who they are in concert with each other.”


Day 19: Qoph- Qophiel- קופיאל – Psalm 119:145-152 – Corporeal Intelligence
Qophiel, Qophiel, Qophiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Corporeal Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:145-152

“The great prayer in the face of death. The great prayer of mourning and praise. Kuf invokes the prayer, Kaddish, for all the wrongful deaths we have invoked. We claim all the dead as our dead and we mourn them all. All the dead are our dead and we say Kaddish for them. ‘Yitgadal veyitkadash… May the Great Name whose Desire gave birth to the universe, Resound through the Creation Now….’ We raise the glass, we Bless the wine of life for all people, all beings: Sanctification We make the great sacrifice, whatever is necessary so that peace will come. We give up whatever we must give up that stands between us and peace. We make of ourselves an offering to all beings so that what we do is sacred, so that our peaceable actions have the power of this sacrifice. Whatever Peace wants we offer to it as a Sacred offering, a Holy sacrifice. We welcome peace as the luminous face of the Sabbath Bride. Kabalat Shabbat. We make ourselves so small that we can go through the eye of a needle. We follow the moon through her nineteen years of cycling the sun. We do not have to be the great light. We are content to reflect the light. We take down the walls we have put up and what we surround, we surround only with love and holiness. Kuf invokes the Sacred. Kadosh. Kadosh, Kadosh. Holy. Holy. Holy.”


Day 20: Resh- Reshiel- רישיאל-  Psalm 119:153-160 – Collecting Intelligence
Reshiel, Reshiel, Reshiel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Collecting Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:153-160

“The wind. Ruach. We pray for the wind. We clear the air from the toxins we have released so that the wind may blow through the world as a great spirit. Ruach. Spirit. Breath. We follow the breath. We meditate upon Peace. We honor the breath of life in all beings. When we breathe in we take in the spirit. Compassion. Have Compassion. Rachel, the great womb, the great mother, weeping for her lost children. We weep for all our lost children. We do not send our children to die in the war. We refuse to allow any children to die in war. All the children are our children. We are Rachel to all the children. HaRachaman. Rachman. The all Merciful. The all Compassionate one. We become healers. We ask what will heal the world. We invoke God so that God might heal through us. We are poor but we are not destitute. When we are rich, we make others poor. There are not enough resources in the world for everyone to be rich. The poor planet. We can all have enough if we are poor in goods and rich in spirit. So we bow our heads so that Spirit might enter into us. We begin again. We put an end to the path we have been walking that endangers the world. We begin again. And we begin with the Spirit. Reshimu, the impression of Holiness. Reish invokes the Holy Spirit. Ruach Hakodosh. It blows through us.”


Day 21: Shin- Shiniel- שיניאל – Psalm 119: 161-168 – Perpetual Intelligence
Shiniel, Shiniel, Shiniel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Perpetual Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119: 161-168

“The flame. The Eternal Flame. The Eternal Light. We must change our ways. We have the power to change our ways and bring Peace wherever we walk. We have broken the sacred vessels. Shvirat HaKaum. It happened before but in the last years we have broken them again. We have done this. We must gather up the sparks. We must make Peace. Shalom. Not only for us but for all beings. Peace to those whom we call enemy. Shalom. Salaam. Peace to them first so that we will not have enemies. Shanaim. Two. There must be an end to duality. Two together are not a division. Two together are the two candles of the Sabbath Blessing. Sound the Shofar. The animal opens the gates of Heaven and calls the divine spirit into the world. We can no longer sacrifice the animal. The animal is holy. Shin invokes the Letters of Flame. Shin is the Letter of Flame within the Letters of Flame. Shin invokes the Holy One. Shaddai. Shaddai. Shaddai. May there be Peace. Shalom. Shalom.”


Day 22: Tav- Taviel- תויאל – Psalm 119:169-176 – Administrative Intelligence
Taviel, Taviel, Taviel! Thee I invoke, ye who are named the Administrative Intelligence! Come forth in the Name of the Almighty Lord YHVH. Reveal to me your secrets, that I might internalize your wisdom in this grand creation of Life, to the Glory of ADONAI, Amen.

Psalm 119:169-176

“Tav completes the Invocation. It is complete. All the Letters are in this last Letter. All the prayers are in this prayer. Stamps, marks, signs, seals. We bear the mark on our foreheads of those who have killed their brothers. Repentance. Teshuvah. We do Teshuvah. We make amends. We repent. We make reparations. We return to holiness. We follow Torah, the Law. We follow the cosmic law. Prayer. We pray that God will bring Peace to the world. We speak the truth. We live in truth. Emet is the seal. Emet. Tikkun Olam. We do the work of Tikkun Olam. We rectify, we redeem, we repair the world. We live among all beings as equals and so we make the world whole. The world is redeemed. The world is made whole. Tav invokes Tikkun Olam.”

– – –

This ends the cycle of 22 days. During each invocation, even if you are simply choosing one letter to invoke instead of performing the entire process, keep the ideas of the meditation in mind as you go about your day. This will keep your mind and heart open to the influx of creative blessings and insights that these forces represent on a cosmic level. Let them direct your intuition and inspiration. You are about to invoke the forces of creation here, and this is a powerful level of influx that you are opening yourself up to. It will only work if you remain open outside of the rituals as well, internalizing the subtle lessons that work their way into your perception, your dealings with others, and what would normally be a usual day for you may become something much more, filled with revelations about the forces you are working with.

Since I have included these sigils, this may give you some ideas on how to work further with the Letter Angels. I would recommend making a mini-talisman using the sigil and keeping it on your person throughout the day. Scrying and evocation may some options as well, for those adventurous magicians out there. Others might try them out with Pathworking, picturing the sigils in their mind’s eye during their visualizations. Consider also making a simple lamen for the invocations as an easy way to start making connections.

I hope this blog post gives some of you an inspiration to work with the Letter Angels in some capacity, for I do not expect those interested to simply copy my own method, but to create their own and run with it!

Invoking the Angels of the Hebrew Alef-Bet

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