Using the Wealth Talisman Charging Station and the “Magnet” Ritual

The Wealth Talisman Charging Station


Shortly after getting some good feedback on a charging station that I created for Wealth, I had inquiries on how to make the best use of it. Figures, huh? Who needs instructions on how to make talismans for spiritual development, right? Y’all just want the cash! Oh well, it is a fact of life that we need money. It sucks. Get over it. Most of us will be poor for the majority of our lives, but if we can put our heart and soul into shaping the universe around us, maybe this one aspect of our lives can get a bit easier. I can personally vouch for quite immediate and seemingly random opportunities for some quick cash after working with these forces. So here I will run down the ritual setup that I have put together, and hopefully it can be used easily by all those interested.

I am going to hereafter refer to this complete ceremony as the “Magnet” ritual, as it is magically Sympathetic in nature and can be easily altered to draw towards you almost any influence you desire. This is a simple ceremony and can be done either once or many times, stretched out over a period of several days. If you are doing the latter, consider starting on the New Moon and stretching it out over the Waxing stage (you’d also naturally have to have an altar space that will remain unmoved during the operation as days go by). However, I do not believe this to be completely necessary, but it may add to the power of this operation. Using astrological timing is a powerful traditional approach in magic and I suggest using the Lunar phases and even Planetary Days/Hours for this as well.

Connecting these planetary forces to this ritual could work, as I have opted to use the Jupiterian influence and Qabalistic Hierarchy of Chesed here. In fact, this ritual might resemble a mix of Qabalah with a bit of Hoodoo influence to some. However, while Jupiterian correspondences work best for expansion and prosperity, yet Mercury for quickened flow and exchange works too, and Venus for luxury and good connections may also be a good approach rather than getting stuck in the box of only using Jupiter for prosperity. There are many other forces at work in this process that may be considered, so think hard and the more work you put into understanding all the moving parts behind your own situation may prove to be an equal increase of ease of manipulation and growth. So spend a bit of time analyzing things for a few days, step away from it for a while and come back to it with a breath of fresh air in case you are looking to adapt this Magnet ritual to your own uses.


For the Magnet Ritual you will need:

  • 1 printout of the Wealth Talisman Charging Station
  • 4 Yellow Candles
  • 3 Green Candles
  • 1 Blue Candle
  • 1 Notecard or small petition paper
  • Bible or Psalter

First I’ll describe the Charging Station. I call it that because it is made to hold a small object to be charged as a talisman. In this case, it will be a candle, representing your Success. However, it could be anything else you find fitting; maybe a small key, a ring, gemstone, etc. In our example, this candle will be yellow, in keeping with the Sol/Tiphareth attributes and also retaining the more obvious subconscious connection we have with Gold that denotes success and abundance.

The main shape we see repeated several times is the black triangle, the shape and color of which which relates to Saturn/Binah and represents borders and boundaries. This is important because here we are creating a kind of triangle of art, a space for manifestation for the physical object being placed within that will act as our talisman for success (our yellow candle).

Around the 3 borders to this triangle is Psalm 112:3, in Hebrew, traced in shining gold; translated in the KJV as “Wealth and riches shall be in his house, and his righteousness endureth for ever.” As reminded by Jacobus G. Swart’s AWESOME BLOG, the word Osher/Asher means “wealth/to be rich”. Since this word uses three letters, Ayin, Shin, and Resh, (עשר), I saw a great opportunity to place these letters in their own triangles and enclose within them the creation of the same word using the Pyramid Method, outlined in my other blog post HERE. Knowing how this works is important, and in a nutshell, the word and its metaphysical influence is “grown” on the material plane by being given a physical counterpart in which to inhabit: the pyramid. This will also act as your visual cue when vibrating the syllables later on, which we will of course review here.

This design is made to be printed and can easily be laminated for repeated use. If you are artistically inclined, I would recommend drawing it out or at least tracing it and coloring it yourself. The three golden circles at the apexes of the outside triangle are for the candles to be stationed. Tealights are cheap and easiest to work with, even though I often prefer households, tapers and chimes, for reason of being able to carve names upon them easily. Normally I will carve Notariqon or sigils upon them. In this case, the three letter word “עשר” is used and can be easily scratched into the side of all your green candles here. However, I recommend using a magical alphabet for carving upon the yellow success candles, and here I demonstrate the Alphabet of Metatron, shown below.

Alphabet of Metatron


So, using this magical alphabet, we end up with this:


“Osher” written in the Alphabet of Metatron


Using this, we can carve it upon our Success candle talisman and the 3 other yellow candles:


Now comes your Blue Candle, which is inscribed with the Qabalistic Divine Name of Chesed;”EL”, the Planetary Kamea, and Symbol of Jupiter:



Next are the three Green candles, inscribed with the Hebrew word of power in this ritual, Osher; עשר:


Take your Notecard and write out your petition or specific goal in mind. This will act as your written prayer request. Place this underneath the Blue candle at all times until you finish. Remember to think about details if you are trying to get a raise or get more money through new projects or through business connections, whatever it may be, it’s here that you’ll be address the Divine EL and the Archangel Tzadkiel to help you. Don’t be lazy and just write out “Please give me more money”. Be smart about your request and ask to help your bills be paid off or your debt situation be cleared up. In other words, think clearly and don’t be an asshole, you’re addressing Divine forces here.

Now comes the description of the placement of the rest of the arrangement. This setup is inspired by Henri Gamache’s “The Master Book of Candle Burning”, a book written in the early 40s that apparently had a big influence on Hoodoo practice. Your Charging Station will be at the top of your altar, and the candles will be towards you at the forefront, like this:

Magnet Ritual setup

Notice here that the Blue candle, the energy of El, Chesed, and Jupiter, is the driving force of the Wealth candles towards our Success candle.

Normally I would start out with an invocation of some sort and follow with a free-form prayer stating my intentions. Since this ritual is made to be adapted by each user for their own use I won’t be putting any openings or purifications here, you should be able to figure that out on your own, or if not, check out my other blogs for examples of opening prayers and rituals. Golden Dawn style magicians will more than likely use the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram and also a Hexagram ritual of Jupiter, among whatever else you deem necessary.

For this operation, in term of preliminary rites, I can only recommend praying from the heart and pleading your case, describing your life situation and how you think that some extra cash will help. I don’t normally do money spells. It’s just not my thing to constantly bug the Almighty for cash, but sometimes it’s necessary when times are tough and I recommend that anyone doing this purely out of greed instead of necessity should think twice. That’s all I have to say on the matter.

For this Magnet ritual you should insert an invocation of El and Tzadkiel, which is the Divine Name and Planetary Archangel of Jupiter. Use my Thursday prayer if you are having trouble getting started, click HERE. Going further and calling upon the Order of Angels, Intelligence, or Spirit is up to you.

Once you’ve done this, make sure your main yellow success candle is in the middle of the Wealth talisman charging station, and that the rest match up with the previous diagram and everything is set. Arrange an incense burner somewhere on the side and light it up. Check online correspondences for a good Jupiterian incense to use. Note that all chanting should be done in groups of 4, because this is the number sacred to Chesed and Jupiter. Now focus all your attention on the main candle within the triangle.

This is where you being chanting the Pyramid power word, Osher. Do this according to the visual cue of the pyramid arrangement below your candle, it should sound like this:


Do this 4 times. Keep your vibrations deep and slow. Focus your thoughts on the word and on your intentions. Think about the bills you have to pay and the struggles you’ve faced to makes ends meet or to even keep your head above water. Then turn your thoughts positively and start visualizing your wallet just a bit fatter, your debts repaid, your credit repaired, any extra opportunity for overtime at work, etc. Slowly calm your concentration and let yourself come out of this mini-meditation.

Grab your Bible or Psalter and solemnly either read aloud or chant Psalm 112:3. Do this 4 times.

Now, focus on the Blue candle. Being vibrating “El” 4 times, then “TZADKIEL4 times. Think about your prayers being manifested and then slowly move the 3 Green candles forward one inch towards the Wealth charging station.

Now vibrate OSHER another 4 times while moving the Blue candle one inch forward so that your blue and green triangle is again together, yet pushed forward now towards your goal of success.

-This act of symbolic ritual is moving the forces of wealth towards your goal of success.-

Read Psalm 150 for Praise and Thanksgiving 4 times.

At this point, Christian oriented magicians may want to take time to meditate and chant the Jesus Prayer or recite the Rosary, inserting your specific request at the end of each decade, or some similar technique of personalization.

Thus ends your first day of the Magnet Ritual. If you are doing this over a period of several days, simply repeat the ritual and inch the candles forward more. If you are ending the ritual on the first day or finishing a cycle, your arrangement will end up with the Blue candle in the middle next to your yellow success candle, and the 3 green candles with be placed around the Wealth charging station, forming a hexagram.

There you have it. Always end the ritual by reading Psalm 150, and by finally burning your request petition paper in the flame of the Blue candle. 

– – – –

Those looking to advance this ritual past the desire of wealth can easily do so by adapting the colors of the candles and creating their own Charging Station, choosing a different Planetary Hierarchy for their goal and inscribing the proper words upon the candles. Have at it!

Using the Wealth Talisman Charging Station and the “Magnet” Ritual

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