Manifestation Ritual

This is a short ritual to ground Sephirotic energies into the realm of Malkuth. Any Sephirah can be chosen, and thus its respective Angelic Hierarchy, and is used by a vibratory activation of its corresponding Divine Name. For the sake of brevity, this post assumes that you know which Name corresponds with which Sephiroth. If you are not, this info is found quite readily available on many online sources.

Both the methodology and the style of ritual is [loosely] based on the Golden Dawn Z formulas(A Z2 example can be found HERE). You can find further talismanic consecratory rituals readily available also in Nick Farrel’s “Making Talismans” and Pat Zalewski’s “Talismans and Evocation In The Golden Dawn“. These are great sources for ritual construction if you follow the GD style.

I’ve created a charging station upon which you may place a candle or talisman. Here is the design for the charging station:



Starting at the top with EHEIEH, the ten Sephirothic Divine Names in descending order are listed around the perimeter. Based upon the 4 colors of Malkuth, on this rests a decagon and decagram, sacred geometry that reflects the number ten, and symbolically reinforces and funnels the energy of astral light that is called down at the pinnacle of the ritual, “grounding” it within the material realm. Within these is a miniature Triangle of Art, used to focus and “trap” this energy into the candle or talisman within it. Bordering the triangle is the word “ARARITA“, which is notariqon for “One is His Beginning: One is His Individuality, His Permutation is One.”

Since the altar arrangement is set up to reflect earthly energies and ground the celestial influence into the material realm, it would be more than appropriate to also set up your Elemental Tools if you have them. You can use either your Air Dagger/Fire Wand/Water Chalice/Earth Pentacle or use the implements shown in the 0=0 Grade of Neophyte; the Rose/Red Lamp/Cup of Wine/Bread and Salt. Or, in addition to, or instead of, these tools, you can use the 4 Aces of Tarot; Ace of Swords in the Eastern quadrant of the altar, Ace of Wands in the Southern, Ace of Cups in the Western, and Ace of Pentacles/Discs in the Northern. I prefer this approach as it provides a simple and easy layout with minimal clutter on your altar.

As a plus, a previously and properly consecrated Tarot deck will go further to metaphysically house, or act as a prism for, the energies that they symbolically represent. In this manner, especially if you already use them in ritual for non-divinatory currents (see my previous blog about this HERE), the Tarot can be just as effective as the tools they depict.  If you choose this route, your altar would look something like this:


Naturally I would call upon the 4 Archangels in their respective quarters to bless and guide the operation, not only just through the LRP but through genuine and heartfelt prayers, making a more intimate connection than merely commanding them to be present. The angelic forces of the universe don’t owe us anything, so we’d better quit ordering them around and ask nicely.

In this example of the ritual template it will be a consecration of a candle to ‘sacrifice’ as a talismanic offering in honor of El, the Divine Name of Chesed, the 4th Sephirah on the Tree of Life, that of Mercy and of the planetary current of Jupiter; for the purpose of invoking the current of immediate prosperity. Finding colored candles to use is probably the easiest and most accessible type of offering (an appropriate incense is nice to have too.) After you have chosen one, you should carve the Divine Name and Archangel of the sephirah into it, and, if you can fit it, maybe a word or symbol or sigil relating to your intent. If you are simply looking to soak in the general energies of the sephirah, this is not necessary, but should be expressed clearly in your petition, whatever your aim may be. Always err on the side of caution: be careful to be clear in your words and always remember that your intention can be muddled and misdirected if you yourself are not direct.

During the middle of the operation you will have to draw down the astral light through the symbol of the Lightning Flash, also known as the Flaming Sword. If you are unfamiliar with this symbol, it is the path of descent upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life that Divine Creation takes from the top sephirah of Kether all the way down to Malkuth. You’ll be vibrating each Divine Name at the stations of the Flash/Sword and use a fair amount of concentration to visualize and maintain this visualization over the charging station. This is why it is helpful to simply memorize the order and placement of the Divine Names on the Tree, so that when you go to form the Flash/Sword in your mind and in the Ether/Astral, you’ll have no awkward moments of looking at your ritual script, breaking your concentration.

You can simply use your finger to draw the Flash/Sword, but I might not recommend using an Elemental tool or a black-handled dagger usually used for banishing or circle casting. If you have a general purpose Wand, then this may be ideal, but not wholly necessary either.

You will need a print-out or drawing of the charging station, a candle, a black bag, black cord, censer or incense stick, and cup of Holy Water.

Now for the ritual, explanations given in brackets:

-Manifestation Ritual-

[You may wish to start the ritual with the usual Pentagram/Hexagram rituals, I recommend the Invoking version to begin with, unless you find it totally necessary to also perform the Banishings, such as for an area that is repeatedly used for ritual purposes. It may be desirable to also use the Hexagram ritual to invoke the specific Planetary energy you’re working with through the sephirah.]

-Battery: * * *   * 

[Here you are either clapping, stomping, knocking, or tapping with a ritual implement upon the altar at the correct number corresponding to the sephirah you’re working with. We’re using the current of Chesed/El/Tzadqiel/Jupiter, which is 4. The battery announces to all present that the assembly should prepare for a shift in both mundane attention and also in the special state of ritual consciousness that is created by the occult magnetism of ceremony, much like how we use the gavel knocks in the Masonic Lodge or the staff knocks in the Golden Dawn Temple. This effect is multiplied in group workings, as the more people are in attendance, the more people are able to both create, charge, and ‘plug into’ to feed from the egregore (For an excellent explanation of the occult mechanics of Lodge Magic, see John Michael Greer’s “Inside a Magical Lodge”]

-Adoration to the Lord of the Universe:
“Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe! Holy art Thou, Whom nature hast not formed! Holy art Thou, the Vast and Mighty One, Ruler of the Light and of the Darkness! I adore Thee, and I invoke Thee. Look Thou with favor upon me, who now kneeleth humbly before Thee, and grant Thy aid unto the highest aspiration of my soul, that I may be enabled to accomplish the Great Work, to the glory of Thy Ineffable Name. Amen.”

-Exorcism of Candle/Talisman:
“I exorcise thee, O Creature of Earth, that the blessing of God Almighty be upon thee, and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from, and let all good enter herein. I cast out from Thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm in the name of Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.”

[This simple exorcism was put together by a friend who was working with the Key of Solomon as his basis. It may be used for any ritual implements, tarot cards, etc. You may wish to exorcise some Holy Water to purify the candle at this point as well, along with some incense so that you’ve balanced the Fire/Water element extremes as well.]

[For this next section you will have the candle wrapped in a black bag or cloth, and/or tied thrice with a black cord, rope, or string. Bring it to the East of the temple.]

-Statement of Intent:
“I stand before the presence of the Almighty and before the messengers in His service, and I do declare myself, if it be the Will of the Divine, and with the assistance of the Hierarchy of the Heavens, to hereby act as Co-creator, Purifier, Consecrator, and Initiator of the mundane into the spiritual. I wish to bond with Jupiterian energies in order to empower this Creature of Wax[or Earth] and to transform it into a genuine talisman of attractive power. Hear my prayers and guide my hand in this operation, O God, and I ask that your blessing be upon my motives, search my heart for true intentions and see that I only wish to place my trust in your hands in order to succeed.”

“Creature of Wax, you hereby rest unpurified and unconsecrated, for in this state you cannot manifest Force and Form, you cannot realize purpose, and you cannot embody direction towards destiny. By the grace of God and the assistance of His messengers, I shall now assign you purpose in conjunction with my Will. May this Creature of Wax work to bring me success in becoming attuned to the prosperous current of Jupiterian energies. Be it now purified with Holy Names, Fire, and Water.

“Creature of Wax, your purpose is to be of simply light and illumination. You are dead to that purpose now and will become the physical body for a Talisman of power.”

[Purify talisman with incense Cross, intoning YHVH
then with Fire triangle with incense, intoning IAO
then with Cross of Holy Water, intoning YHVH
then with Water triangle with Holy Water, intoning IAO

Place candle on central altar and charging station for the Circumambulation.  Circumambulate the central altar 4 times while intoning EL each time, sounding one knock of the battery in the East as you pass.]

* * *   *

“In the name of the Lord of the Universe, who works in silence and in Whom naught but silence can express, I declare this talisman purified and consecrated to the purpose of bringing the blessings of prosperity into my life. ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

[This last verse is from Genesis, and in typical esoteric Freemasonry style, this verse is indicative of the power of creation through initiation. Here you will remove the cord and covering.]

“Long hast thou dwelt in darkness, quit the night and seek the day!”

“The beginnings of the Sephiroth have no ending and are of boundless origin; they are each vast distances and pits of good and evil of immeasurable depths and heights; they are composed of infinite distances to the East and the West, North and South, ruled only by the Lord from His Holy throne. Their countenance is like the scintillating flame flashing in lightning, invisible and boundless. They race outward from the throne, away from their Lord, but return to fall prostrate in holy adoration before His throne, and the Word they speak comes as if out of a whirlwind.”

[This section describing the Lightning Flash is from the Sepher Yetzirah. In the next section, you will draw the path of the Flash/Sword and stop at each station for the invocation of each Divine Name. This is illustrated in the following graphic. You will draw the Flash/Sword in bright glowing blue, the Queen Scale color of Chesed. If you’re adapting this ritual formula for another sephirah, you would naturally use its respective color.]

“EHEIEH – אהיה

IAH – יה

YHVH ELOHIM – יהוה אלהים

EL- אל

ELOHIM GIBOR – אלהים גבור

YHVH ELOAH V-DA’ATH – יהוה אלוה ודעת

YHVH TZAVAOTH – יהוה צבאות

ELOHIM TZAVAOTH – אלהים צבאות

SHADDAI EL CHAI – שדי אל חי

ADONAI HA-ARETZ – אדני הארץ”




[Hold your arms outstretched]

“One is His Beginning; One is His Individuality; His Permutation is One. ARARITA, ARARITA, ARARITA! ‘Their ending is as their beginning. They are as brilliant flame flowing upwards from the surface of a roaring coal. Adonai is great in His unity, there is none like Him.’

Let the life of this talisman be born under the Lightning Flash of Holy Names and the Flaming Sword of Divine creation and manifestation!”

[For this next section you will draw and project, using the Sign of the Enterer, each sigil using the Golden Dawn Rose Cross. Make notes on your ritual script if necessary.]

-Conjuration of the Hierarchy:

By the Name EL [draw and project sigil]

I invoke thee TZADQIEL [draw and project sigil]

Archangel of Jupiter [Draw and project the sign of planet]

and the Order of Angels CHASMALIM [draw and project sigil]

If it be the will of the Divine, may these authorities, through the offices of the Intelligence IOPHIEL [draw and project sigil], work to manifest my intentions, now born under the sign of Holy Names and Images!

“Creature of Talismans, you are my living representative both on Earth and the hidden planes. You will work with me to help me become prosperous in my attempts to discover new opportunities for success and happiness, for more avenues of financial gain, and to invoke abundance and security!”

[Your specifications may be more detailed]

“For I have fashioned you with my hands, I have created your life from nothing; you live in me and I in you, but over you has my word and my will, dominion everlasting, none other can dismiss you, none other can disperse or destroy. None can give unto you rest and glory unending. But there shall not your freed spirit flee until your purpose has manifested and your task is complete; not until your work on earth is accomplished can you gain the immortality of life.”

(hold Wand or hand above the Talisman)

“Wherefore by these rites, these thoughts, words, actions, names, and images brought forth in this ceremony, by the Will of the Supreme God and of my Higher Soul, do I conjure upon you the power to carry out your work, and do I seal and bind in you my Will. You shall succeed in your task of assisting me and prosper in your work until the task is finished.”

“As the light hidden in darkness can become manifest therein, so shalt thou become manifest from concealment into operation. With this Talisman now duly purified, consecrated, and initiated with Force, Form, purpose, and direction, I declare these works now properly closed in the Ineffable Name of the Lord of the Universe.”

-Battery: * * *   * 

License to Depart:
“To those called here before me, because thou hast diligently answered unto my requests, and hast been ready and willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. Depart, then, I say, and be thou very ready to come at my call, being duly conjured by the sacred rites of magic. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably, and may the peace of God be ever continued between thee and I, Amen.”

Psalm 150:

“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.

Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.

Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals.

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”


[This Psalm is included as it is often used for thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. This concludes the Rite. Finish with any appropriate rituals of your own taste.]

Afterwords, I would light the candle at any given time, treating it as a talisman, and give a heartfelt, non-scripted prayer to El and Tzadqiel pleading your case of needs and desires. This Rite can easily be adapted to other forces and currents, and will merely need to plug in the respective entities for each Hierarchy with your own unique explanation of desire.

Manifestation Ritual

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