The Zodiacal Rosary and Eucharist



I have decided to dedicate this blog to an exposure of some of the work intended for my magical group, so that all who have been asking can see what exactly the beginner’s basic weekly rituals are. In this group, new members take on a probationary period where they connect with Zodiacal forces for 12 months before moving on to further Elemental and Planetary work. Since I often find myself posting photos of my altar setups before beginning my operations, I have gotten a few questions, so I’ve decided to share the most basic part of the probationary work and also the explanatory transcript that the members would read before beginning the process. This would be the Zodiacal Rosary and Eucharist. Sometimes we refer to these collectively as the Sunday Solar Rites because they aim to connect the user to Solar energies, and also to the blessings of Tiphareth.

In the graphic above you will see the correspondence between the Zodiac signs, the Divine Names (12 Permutations of the Tetragrammaton), and their ruling Archangels, all in their respective colors. I collaborated with some much more experienced magicians on this list and it should be noted that this list may differ from others. If you are new to using these correspondences, I would say to do a bit of research, choose a list, and stick to it. Choosing a differing list will NOT stop you from using the Rosary/Eucharist ritual detailed below. Experimentation may lead you elsewhere, or you can use our list as detailed simply in the graphic. Those unfamiliar with Hebrew or the Zodiac signs will need to approach this work after learning the basics, but for the sake of simplicity, here are the correspondences:


Sign Permutation Archangel
Aries YHVH




Taurus HVHY




Gemini HYVH




Cancer VHYH








Virgo HHYV




Libra HYHV




Scorpio VHHY




Sagittarius YVHH




Capricorn HHVY




Aquarius HVYH




Pisces VYHH




Just so there is no confusion, as for the terms and titles used here, it should also go without saying that this is not THE Rosary of Mother Mary being used, much less not THE Sacramental Eucharist of the Church either. The rosary is simply used as a convenient counting device and an arrangement of prayer patterns that fits our needs because of its popular availability, and the Zodiacal Eucharist is just another way of empowering an object not unlike similar methods to consecrate magical tools with Astral Light or to “charge” something with a specific current of energy, in this case it uses the appropriate Archangel of the current solar sign.


Here, I reproduce the accompanying educational document text in full, so you can see exactly how this ritual and the material is presented. This is a simple ritual that can be done once a week and carries great potential for invoking the forces of balance into your life.-



During the year long probationary period within the order, on every Sunday, the planetary day of Sol, the candidate will perform a series of invocations, and a simple visualization with the rosary that will charge and empower a Eucharist. The purpose of this is to primarily connect the candidate to all twelve aspects of the Sun through the Zodiac during the year. As Sol is both the center of our universe, and also the center of equilibrium on the Qabalistic Tree of Life as Tiphareth, the candidate will be forging a deep connection with the forces of balance, before moving on to Elemental and further Planetary work. This is also an opportune time to practice invocations, devotional magic, and a simple visualization that will empower a Eucharist, that which will serve to ground all of these forces into the physical plane.

There are twelve permutations of the Tetragrammaton; the four lettered Name of God found in the Holy scriptures. Each permutation relates to a sign of the zodiac. These are the Divine Names, chief aspects of the One God, that will be petitioned in each devotional ritual as a ruling hierarch above the corresponding zodiacal Archangel. The candidate will be expected to keep track of the Sun’s travels through the zodiac, so as to use the appropriate entities during the rituals. This is simply a matter of plugging in the correct Names and understanding their relationship to the movement of the celestial bodies. Online sources can be found easily for tracking these cycles, and the candidate is expected to keep track of these during the year with minimal assistance from sponsors.

A ritual template will be provided for the candidate to use during this time. After plugging in the correct Names, a Yellow candle should be burned, its color obviously corresponding with the Sun, along with some sort of a visual representation of the Divine Name and the Archangel. These should be drawn on a slip of paper, a notecard, or even printed out, if the candidate is not artistically inclined, to place underneath or beside your yellow candle upon your altar. However, a more personal connection will be made to the work if a simple drawing of the Names and sigil is attempted. It need not be perfect, no one is judging artistic ability here, only the attempt to perform the rituals effectively and suitable consistency is observed.

During these rites, you and your altar should ideally face the East, the quadrant of the rising Sun. However, if this is not possible with your furniture arrangement, simply set up your sacred space as you are able, and physically face East when you perform the ritual.




It is necessary that a rosary be obtained. These can be found cheaply at a local religious store or online. Any traditional Catholic rosary will be suitable; those that at least have the standard five decades of beads. We understand that these practices may be new to some of our members, and for those that are new to the rosary, it would be beneficial to briefly research how the standard rosary works, and then learn the  O∴S∴S∴ version. Our version is slightly easier to manage, having shorter repetitions of words rather than whole phrases for each decade bead. Obviously, ours is focused towards both a magical and a mystical application, having to the goal of petitioning the zodiacal Divine Aspect and Archangel for their blessing and guidance along the path of inner growth and readiness to progress in the Great Work.

Another aspect of the rosary, and for many other parts of occult work, is Vibration. To vibrate a Divine Name is to slowly chant the Name with a deep resonation that connects one to its cosmic energies at a very personal level. This does not have to be done loudly, but only that the candidate instill a sense of reverence and meditation as this is done, and this way it can be performed at any volume in order to be considered effective. In fact, some occultists employ what they call “the Great Voice”, a method of meditatively intoning or chanting these Names at a very quiet or silent voice. Use these Sunday rituals to experiment with what method works best for you. If one still needs help understanding this, there exist many online audio and video clips that describe the method of vibration, or simply contact your sponsor or fellow members for assistance.

This rosary also invokes the Angel forms of the Three Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph, Mem, and Shin; those forces which are understood within Qabalah as the three primary Elements, Air, Water, and Fire, respectively. From those cosmic elements, all creation thrives. By invoking their angelic forms you are allowing them to be manifested with a life force previously passive, into your active realm. You are stirring these entities and their creative elements within you. Naturally this section of the rosary is reserved for the group of three beads near the beginning, and is significant in its place as a method to initiate these primordial forces within ourselves.


As the devotional ritual and rosary serves to call down the forces of the Sun, filtered through the current sign of the zodiac, and balanced by virtue of the Divine Name and Archangel, these forces naturally need a way to magically manifest themselves into the physical plane. Usually, the living effigies of ritual candles and incense provide a means for this process, but here we empower a Eucharist to be ingested by the candidate to fully ground this energy invoked from the heavens, down into the physical plane. Any small piece of food will do, though it is suggested to simply use a piece of bread, or even better, to purchase a supply of Communion Hosts through a religious store. The point is to provide a medium to be transformed into a physical aspect of the forces called upon.

The way the Eucharist is “empowered” is through visualization during the rosary recitations and vibrations of the Names. As the Spiritual, Mental, Astral, Etheric, and Physical planes are all intricately connected, the aspiring magician imagines a funnel of descending Light upon the Eucharist during the rosary. Not only will this direct the force during the ceremony, but it will aid the candidate in practicing to develop their visualization skills, which are quite important in the long run. You are creating links in the upper realms of existence and providing a way for them to manifest.

This entire ritual should be done every Sunday for the duration of the twelve month probation, and if possible, also initiated at one of the Planetary hours of Sol. Online and mobile applications can easily be checked for these details, though it is not wholly necessary to do so, the planetary Day will suffice, preferably if the Sun is still out before the hours of evening.

If ritual is new to you, the conditions of meditative ritual consciousness will become apparent to you through the reverence of the forces invoked, and will also become easier to initiate with continued practice. This is the nature of devotional magic, calling down these forces so that they may bestow their many blessings upon us in their many hidden ways. You will eventually find that this routine will be a refreshing act of balance and centering in your weekly life, and it will attune you to the cosmic forces of equilibrium necessary to make positive applications of such energy and vitality brought by the sphere of Sol.

Next, use the above diagram of the Zodiacal Rosary to help understand how we adapt it to our Sunday Rites. 

The only thing that should need explanation here is the ‘Qabalistic Cross’, which is the first section of the Zodiacal Rosary. This comes to us from the Golden Dawn section of the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram, and is a powerful way to invoke the proper forces of balance, and also to build a strong axis of Astral Light within your Sphere of Sensation, by way of vibrating the proper words that correspond to the centers of the Sephiroth of the Qabalistic Tree of Life. Being that the Tree is both a Macrocosm of the Divine universe and also a Microcosm of Man himself, the Sphere of Sensation can house a mini-version of this sacred geometry within it to be fully worked with in more advanced ways. For now, we are empowering the intersection of a large cross of Light and invoking the balance of the Divine energy through a Hebrew version of the Protestant ending to the Lord’s Prayer; ‘For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, forever, Amen.”

To perform the Qabalistic Cross, referred to as the ‘QC’, one first does a bit of visualization. While breathing deeply and steadily, picture your soul growing larger and larger in increments that suit you, until you see yourself standing above your home, your city, your state, and eventually you will have the Earth itself right under your feet. Here you will bask in the vastness of a starry universe with infinity all around you.

Bring your right hand up to just above your head, and visualize a ball of glowing Light that you will draw your luminous line from. Bring down a line of Light to your forehead/third eye area and strongly vibrate the Hebrew word for Thou Art; “ATAH”.

Bring down your hand to the middle axis of your body and point to the ground, where you illuminate the Earth at your feet, vibrating the Hebrew word for Kingdom; “MAL-KUTH”.

Draw your hand back up the middle axis again and now point to your RIGHT shoulder while vibrating the Hebrew word for Power or Strength; “VE GE-BURAH”.

Now cross your hand to your LEFT shoulder, all while visualizing a path of Light illuminating a large cross within your body, and vibrate the Hebrew word for Glory; “VE-GEDULAH”.

Cross your hands over your chest and fully imagine the large cross in blinding light within yourself while vibrating the Hebrew word for Forever; “LE OLAM”.

Lastly, bring your hands from the crossed position on your chest to the prayer position several inches in front of your chest and vibrate “AMEN”.

This completes the Qabalistic Cross. The more you perform this short ritual, the easier the words will come to you and the easier it will be to quickly energize your SoS for further work. One may hold the Rosary Cross in their right hand while they perform this ritual if they wish.

Now you may continue with the Rosary ritual, vibrating the Names of the Hebrew Mother Letter Angels and the correct names for whatever Sign the Sun is in for the day.

After performing the whole Zodiacal Rosary, you may then continue with the Zodiacal Eucharist Ritual, which is detailed in full here in the following.



You will have your yellow candle at the ready, previously illuminated, underneath which rests a notecard inscribed with the Divine Name, Archangel, and sigil of the Archangel (those sigils found in the Zodiacal Correspondences file). Aside to this is your Eucharist.

    Begin the invocation of the Zodiacal Hierarchy;

“Under the authority of the Zodiacal Permutation of the Tetragrammaton; [Vibrate Divine Name], that which rules the sign of [Zodiacal Sign], and by the illumination of the Archangel [Vibrate Archangel Name], Thee I invoke! Glorious forces which shine through the rays of the Solar sphere and the stars above, I invite your guidance unto my Higher Self as I strive to build myself into an honorable exemplar of the highest Virtues. Guide my thoughts, my words, and my actions, unto the glory of the Lord of the Universe!”

    Next, above the Eucharist, draw in the air, visualized in the correct zodiacal color found in the Hierarchy chart, the sigil of the appropriate Archangel. Done in bright colored astral Light, trace from this source a line of Light, down towards the Eucharist itself, further visualizing a funnel of energy from the Above to the Below. Proceed to consume your Eucharist and close the entire Rite with the Oratory Closing.



    After growing comfortable with the Sunday Solar rites, you will gain a certain metaphysical momentum and begin to develop the ability to do more with the ritual than originally intended in its basic form. Here are some of the potential advanced uses for the Zodiacal Rosary you may experiment with, though these suggestions are not required by any means.

    As one goes through the vibrations of the Divine Name and Archangel name using the rosary, you will notice that your concentration may become divided and your thoughts may wander, once you have enough familiarity with the entities you are invoking and the entire operation in full. This is no different than what can happen during normal prayer or any usual meditation or ceremony that is done with any regularity. The question becomes, then, what can we do about this?

The best thing we can do, instead of fighting it for one-pointed consciousness or complete mental quiescence on the one hand, we can take these wandering thoughts and focus them on a specific goal instead. By giving yourself an outlet and a goal for each meditation, you can turn these wandering thoughts into a powerful tool for affirmations or a medium for creative visualization. A simple way to employ this technique is to start the entire operation by praying for a specific goal, state it plainly and give your spiritual energy a focus. For example, one might pray for the health or prosperity of your friends or family, or of course yourself. Then, as you develop the comfortability with repeating the vibrations of the Names during the rosary, allow your thoughts to be focused on some very simple creative visualizations that pertain directly to your goal. In the case of our example, you might visualize yourself becoming more successful in your career with a raise, a promotion, or with better relationships and business connections on your path. Or if praying for health, picture various situations where you are not struggling with weight, diet, exercise, or simply overcoming sickness.

If you are familiar with Sigil magic, this would be an ideal time to strongly visualize the sigil of your intention during your vibrations. Another idea may be to find a specific Tarot card that employs symbolism that is sympathetic to your goals, like the Sun card for health, or maybe one of the Pentacle pip cards that relates to prosperity. Tarot and sigils are an excellent way to condense your desired imagery and translate them via the appropriate archetypes, these can act as effective symbolic vehicles for your intentions.

Those familiar with Qabalistic Pathworking or Sphereworking may also incorporate this into the Sunday Solar rites as long as they pertain to the goals of  reaching the energies or awareness of Tiphareth or the Path of Resh, or the Sephiroth of the Middle Pillar. The material of Denning and Phillips is ideal for creating advanced imagery for astral work, but therein lies the danger of making this operation more complicated than it needs to be. Beware of drifting too far from the main goal of becoming aligned with the energies of the Sun; those that bring balance and harmony to the practitioner.

So there you have it folks. Click HERE for a video explanation of the same. I encourage those looking for a new ritual routine to experiment with the Sunday Solar Rites and to use the Rosary and Eucharist to connect with Zodiacal/Solar forces for balanced blessings.

The Zodiacal Rosary and Eucharist

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