Saturn Talisman Consecration 6/24/2017



As some of my family members have found themselves in need to move to a new home in a relatively short period of time, I found myself called to perform a ritual for them to find one. They are crunched for time and this poses an impending need that must be met soon. So here we are dealing with issues of real estate exchange, the home, and even the immaterial concept of the boundary of time; all things governed by Saturn.

Very recently, I had also made the choice to deviate from the astrological associations that the Golden Dawn assigns to the Hebrew letters. I’ve spent some time reviewing the associations set forth from the Sepher Yetzirah HERE, and after reading more about these conclusions I have decided to adopt those found as the listed majority. This source also aligns the tarot associations along the lines of these conclusions which I also resonate with strongly enough to dive right in a experiment with them.

Hebrew-Astrology-Tarot layout screenshot courtesy of


Oddly enough, I had planned on again invoking the essence of the Hebrew letter Bet (as I did in my recent Mercury Invocation), as it not only represents the principle of the archetypal receptive container and cosmic boundary, but it also of course simply means “house”. However, as I researched the new list of aforementioned associations, I found, quite surprisingly, that Bet rules Saturn. Everything seemed to be aligning perfectly.

So I gave myself a solid week to prepare, which would nicely end up being on a Saturday, which would give me a time to do this comfortably upon the proper day of Saturn and in a Saturnian hour. Luckily a local grocer sells colored candles and I got myself 3 large black ones. Since Myrrh is sacred to Saturn energies, I grabbed my bag of incense and sorted out some to use (I quite like the smell of it).

The Hourglass is also a Saturnian symbol, that of time and human life, as well as the Skull, and I chose to display these upon the altar as a kind of tribute and a nod to the energies of Saturn. As an esoteric Freemason, I had already spent a decent amount of time with the symbolism of the Chamber of Reflection within both the context of the Order of the Temple of the York Rite Commandery and also the  Egyptian themed Rite of Memphis, where the Hourglass and other symbols like the Scythe and Memento Mori are all part of a ritualized meditation upon mortality. Interestingly enough, in this context, the CoR display and also the central Masonic theme of death is an important symbol of rebirth, a chance for new beginnings. All of this seemed fitting and complementary for the various initiatory experiences I’ve undergone, and I wouldn’t be the first to realign and repurpose those deeply personal experiences towards a magical goal, being that these are archetypal symbols that can connect one’s will through the psychological impact they have made on the mind.

In fact, I remember discussing with a group of esoteric Masons how the Chamber of Reflection could easily be a source for a unique solitary Masonic ritual, as such a thing could be used with great effect as a regular meditation if one so desired. That being said, I resolved to reinforce the ritual with 3 days after with my own version of a Solitary Chamber of Reflection meditation. For these 3 days I will take time out in the hours of Saturn to don my black robe and light a single candle with my hourglass and skull libation cup in order to create a certain sacred space in which to petition Tzaphqiel to guide and to give the proper magical drive behind the ritual. 



I even found a suitable group of Psalms with which to use during the lighting of the 3 candles; chapter 84 verses 1-4. These verses deal with finding solace in the House of the Lord, which I found quite fitting and desirable for my purpose.

Psalm 84:1-4, Biblegateway


I then decided that I would consecrate a talisman for this ritual. Luckily I had one made already for another friend who would also eventually be looking for a new home. However since this was on a more pressing time constraint, I could always make another one. So I took the unconsecrated talisman and I realized that the back had yet to be painted with any design, so I painted a large Bet upon it, with the sigil of Saturn’s Intelligence within it, that of Agiel. The front side was painted with a triangle, and the Divine Name of Binah, YHVH Elohim, the Archangel, Tzaphqiel, and the Order of Angels, the Aralim.



The ritual was constructed out of several sources. First I took the newest version of my talisman consecration template and adapted it, plugging in the correct names and aspects to that of Saturn and Binah and its corresponding hierarchy of entities and associated qualities. It was already heavily influenced by the 0=0 rituals of both the Golden Dawn and the FRC, but adapted accordingly. Those familiar will recognize, as usual with me, that the Z2 Formula is highly useful in its capacity to ‘initiate’ a living force inside an otherwise passively inert or uncharged target. I also incorporated several elements from my Mercury invocation as I found the format quite pleasing, most notably a segmented circumambulation, broken into sections of lighting candles, the number of which corresponds to the sacred geometry of the qabalistic/planetary association.

Since I was empowering a physical object with the essence of the Saturnian Hierarchy of Binah, I made sure to draw the correct sigils and vibrate them accordingly during their invocation. Directly after this was the Charge, where I give all the details necessary to carry out the task, which was of course omitted from this reproduction. Everything else is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Here is a rundown of the ritual:


  • Opening Prayers
  • Invocation of YHVH Elohim
  • Ignition of Incense and supplication Psalm
  • Blessing of Water
  • Temple sanctification with Water
  • Blessing of Fire
  • Temple sanctification with Fire
  • Statement of Intent
  • Adoration of the Lord of the Universe
  • Exorcism of Talisman
  • Triple circumambulation/invocation of the astral light
  • Thrice Consecration of Talisman with Water
  • Thrice Consecration of Talisman with Fire
  • Acknowledgement of Western Darkness
  • Acknowledgement of Eastern Light
  • Unveiling of Talisman
  • Formulation of astral Triangle and Cross
  • Segmented circumambulation and Psalm reading
  • Invocation of Bet
  • Inscription of Bet in each cardinal Quarter
  • Formulation of sigils of the Binah Hierarchy
  • Charge (omitted)
  • Closing Prayers
  • Reverse circumambulation
  • Closing


Here is the ritual script:





[The central altar is decorated with the figure of the Triangle, a black candle at each point, and with the Saturn talisman placed in the center, wrapped in cloth. At the southern side of the altar there rests the Censer, and at the Northern side there is the Water cup.]


* * *  Procul, O procul este, profani!


The Lord is our Light and our help. In the Name of Him Who rescues us from the darkness and unredeemed places, Invest our Portals, O Lord, and guard our Thresholds. Do Thou clothe us in Thy grace and truth. The Light of the Supernals be upon us in the place of our devotion, and the Lord Who was with us from the beginning, insure the end. As our Temples are guarded without, let the heart be guarded within.

O Immanent and Transcendent Source and End of All, Lord of the Two Worlds, Thou hast set up Thy holy signs in all the quarters of the heavens, a revelation of Eternal Mind unto the mind of man. Thou dost speak to us by day and by night in Thy greater and lesser luminaries, Thy Suns and stars and constellations. Grant, I beseech Thee, that the hidden grace and the Radiant Light which abide in the Supernal Crown may be communicated to us. May whom Thou hast placed thereon dispense Thy Light and Grace. May You illuminate the Path of Thy Mysteries, and may that Light lead us even unto the attainment of the Quintessence, the Stone of the Wise, the Wisdom which has its root in Thee, and the Beatitude which is found in Thy Presence.

O Thou Who art from everlasting, Thou who hast created all things, and doth clothe Thyself with the forces of Nature as a garment, by Thy Holy and Divine Name YHVH ELOHIM, whereby Thou art known especially of the third emanation which I name Binah, the Sephirah of Supernal Understanding, upon the pillar of Severity, and that which rules the forces of Shabbatai, Saturn.

Lord, we ask that you deign to bless and sanctify this offering, that it may be pleasing unto You and Your Angels. As the Psalmist wrote: “Let my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.”

[Ignite the incense]

[Hold hand over Water cup]

Sanctify us, O Lord, in Thy mercy, and bless this creature of Water, which I have here set apart to Thy service, as an outward sign of graces that are communicated within.

So therefore first, the priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the Lustral Water of the loud resounding sea.

[Bless Water Chalice/Aspergillum with Cross]

[Perform 3 water crosses in all quarters starting in East, South, West and North]

Waters of Understanding, Waters of the Great Sea, I have sanctified with water.

[Hold hand over Censer]

Sanctify us, O Lord, in Thy mercy, and bless this creature of Fire, which I have here set apart to Thy service, as an outward sign of graces that are communicated within.

And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless Fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe, hear thou the voice of Fire.

[Bless Censer with Cross]

[3 fire crosses in all quarters starting with East, South, West, and North]

The Desire of the House of the Lord hath consumed me. I have sanctified with Fire. Stand about us in Thy Holy place, O Lord, and keep us pure in Thy precincts.

[Return to West of the altar]

In the Name of the Lord, I declare that the Temple is now open.

* * *


Have mercy upon me, O God, and grant your blessing unto my operation. I stand before the presence of the Almighty and before the messengers in His service, and I do declare myself, if it be the Will of the Divine, and with the assistance of the Hierarchy of the Heavens, to hereby act as Co-creator, Purifier, Consecrator, and Initiator of the mundane into the spiritual. I wish to bond with Planetary energies in order to empower this Creature of wood and to transform it into a genuine talisman of attractive power. Hear my prayers and guide my hand in this operation, O God, and I ask that your blessing be upon my motives, search my heart for true intentions and see that I only wish to place my trust in your hands in order to succeed.

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe. Holy art Thou, Whom Nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

[Hold hand over talisman]

I exorcise thee, O Creature of wood, that the blessing of God Almighty be upon thee, and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from, and let all good enter herein. I cast out from Thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm in the name of Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

[Take talisman from altar]

The Voice of my Undying Soul and Secret Soul said unto me, “Let me enter the Path of darkness and peradventure, there shall I find the Light. I am the only being in the abyss of Darkness; from an Abyss of darkness came I forth ere my birth, from the Silence of a Primal Sleep. And the Voice of Ages said unto my Soul: “I am He who formulates in Darkness, the Light that shineth in Darkness, yet the Darkness comprehendeth it not.” Let the Mystic Circumambulation take place in the Path of Darkness which leads unto the Light, with the Lamp of the Hidden Knowledge to guide us.

[Walk to North of Temple facing East]

The visible Sun is the dispenser of Light to the Earth. Let me therefore form a vortex in this chamber that the invisible Sun of Spirit may shine therein from above. Let the white brilliance of the Divine Spirit descend!

[Circumambulate the Temple clockwise three times, visualizing the descended Light traveling with you, stop West of the altar and project this Light into the altar’s centerpiece via the Sign of the Enterer]

In the Name of the Lord of the Universe, who works in silence and whom naught but silence can express, I declare that the Sun has arisen and the shadows flee away!

[Perform Sign of Silence]

[Cross talisman thrice with Water Chalice/Aspergillum]

In the Name of the Fountain of Living Water, which cleanses the Children of Earth, and the heart of man, and the thought of man, and the will of man, I consecrate with Water.

[Cross talisman thrice with Censer]

In the Name of the Divine Desire, which transmutes the Life of Earth, and converts the heart of man, and the thought of man, and the will of man, I consecrate with Fire.

[Approach the Western quarter of the Temple]

In order that I may pass in this mystic journey, I proclaim that Darkness is thy name, thou great one of the Paths of the Shades. Before all things are the Chaos and the Darkness and the gates of the land of Night. Thou art he whose name is Darkness. Thou art the Exorcist in the midst of the Exorcism. I stand before thee without trepidation, for fear is failure, and I am without fear.

[Approach the Eastern quarter of the Temple]

Light dawning in the Darkness is thy Name, the Light of a Golden Dawn. After the formless Void and the Darkness, then cometh the knowledge of the Light. Thou art that Light which arises in Darkness. Unbalanced Power is the ebbing away of life. Unbalanced Mercy is weakness and the fading out of the Will. Unbalanced Severity is cruelty and the barrenness of mind. Thou art the wielder of the forces of Balance.

[Approach West of Altar, facing East, deposit talisman upon the altar, within the Triangle]

We have asked to be taken from the darkness, and with holy hands, lead us in the covert of holy wings. Lord, change the form of our purpose, and we shall see the Spiritual Sun in the place of knowledge.

Inheritor of a dying world, you are called to the living beauty. Wanderer in the wild darkness, you are called to the gentle light.  Child of Earth, long have you dwelt in darkness, quit the night and seek the day!

[Unwrap the talisman and take several moments to visualize a large glowing White Triangle above it]

Hail unto the Spiritual Light, enkindling the desire of the eyes of the world.

[Take several moments to visualize a glowing Red Cross above the White Triangle]

So long as I am dedicated to a renewed purpose, may this potent and sublime symbol be a link to my Higher Self, and as an aid in my search for the forces of the Light Divine forever.

Come in the Will of the Light; come in the Light of Purpose; come in the Mercy of the Light, for the Light has healing in its Wings.

[Pause for meditation before proceeding]

In the Name of YHVH Elohim, TZAPHQIEL, attend our worship, ARALIM, join us in these holy words.

[Begin with the segmented circumambulation, broken into 3 parts, so that the stations form a triangle around the altar, while pausing to read the scriptures]

“How amiable are Thy tabernacles, O Lord of hosts!”

[Light the Eastern candle]

“My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth for the courts of the Lord: my heart and my flesh crieth out for the living God.”

[Light the Southwestern candle]

“Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young, even Thine altars, O Lord of hosts, my King, and my God.”

[Light the Northwestern candle]

“Blessed are they that dwell in Thy house: they will be still praising Thee. Selah.”


Upon this altar is depicted the form of the Letter Bet, she that is Saturn, she that is the Great Mother in the Sea of Binah, she that is the mighty Queen of Supernal Understanding of archetypal Form and celestial Boundary. We therefore invoke the Hebrew letter Bet as the archetypal Shelter as cosmic Dwelling, in its Saturnian aspect, as to dwell within and to make our very home the way of the Lord and the joy of the service of righteousness.

[Trace the letter Bet in the four quarters starting in the East, then South, West, and North]

With this essence and in the name of the Lord God YHVH ELOHIM [draw sigil]


Do we plead with the Almighty to send the influence of His great Archangel TZAPHQIEL [draw sigil]



And with the power of the Order of Angels ARALIM [draw sigil]


And with the guidance of the Intelligence AGIEL [draw sigil]


I hereby request this charge of the celestial realm to empower this talisman to help …[Charge omitted]

Wherefore by these rites, these thoughts, words, actions, names, and images brought forth in this ceremony, by the Will of the Supreme God and of my Higher Soul, do I conjure upon you the power to carry out your work, and do I seal and bind in you my Will. You shall succeed in your task of assisting me and prosper in your work until the task is finished.

Unto Thee sole wise, sole eternal, and sole merciful one, be praise and glory for ever.  You who has permitted me, who now stands humbly before Thee, to enter thus far into the sanctuary of thy Mysteries. Not unto me, Adonai, but unto Thy Name be the Glory, now and forever more. Let the influence of thy Divine Ones descend upon my head, and teach me the value of self-sacrifice so that I shrink not in the hour of trial. But that thus my name be written on high, and my Genius stand in the presence of the Holy One. In that hour when the Son of Man is invoked before the Lord of Spirits and his Name before the Ancient of Days.

Let the final mystic circumambulation take place in the Path of Light.

[Circumambulate the Temple three times anti-clockwise, visualizing Light ascending from the altar and dispersing from the surroundings. Stop In front of altar and face East]

The mystical reverse circumambulation is accomplished, lest the Light of Divinity called upon hereto be profaned with mundane thoughts, words, and actions.

I declare this temple closed.

In the Worship of Holy Conformity and Obedience to the Divine Will:

* * * Consummatum Est!


Saturn Talisman


Saturn Talisman Consecration 6/24/2017

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