Psalmistry Part 2

For examples on how to use the Psalms within magical ritual, and also to see my train of thought for appropriating verses instead of only whole chapters, refer to the first blog I’ve written on Psalmistry HERE.


In this list of Psalm correspondences you will find, unlike in most other lists out there, more direct relations to the words used in the verses themselves, making more relevant appropriations, including some metaphorical extrapolation that make for some strong magical opportunities. This list is far from complete, but represents a limited example of how you can appropriate the Psalms towards the many needs of life.


Where there are no verse indications, this means the entire chapter or at least most if not all of the verses contained therein are generally applicable to the attribute listed. In those instances you have a lot of freedom to choose which verses resonate best with your goal, or just stick with reading the entire chapter. What’s important here is emotionally resonating with the words used. When you come across a Psalm (any scripture in general, really) that you do not understand either because of lack of context or vocabulary, take some time to do a bit of research and you may end up resonating with it more. If you still don’t get excited about finding the perfect fit in a book filled with endless options, rest assured you can keep looking.


That’s why I made this list, because I found myself getting pretty excited about researching Psalms for my meditations and rituals, and ended up enjoying the scriptures more, not just as a means to an end. I hope those readers interested in using these will expand on what I’ve done and make their own appropriations, fashioning their own simple rituals, or learning more about how the scriptures can be used to amp up your work. Those with further ideas are invited to share.


Some further notes on these correspondences; there are certainly some reoccurring themes that run through the Psalms, most of them being prayers against enemies and praises to God. When using those that deal with prayer against the attacks of enemies, one might think that this isn’t applicable or practical. But, if you think metaphorically, it is clear to see that we all have enemies; Vices and imperfections. They assault us from all sides, every one of us; laziness, lust, greed, etc. A good exercise is to read these types of Psalms and try to figure out how you can apply them to yourself even if the subtle meanings may seem irrelevant to you at first. I recommend Psalm 69 for this, it is a powerful passage that includes many references to this theme, but there are numerous ones that can be used in this way.


I have even listed a good deal of curses (!), as there is some hefty power behind some of these chapters that sometimes deal wholly as “Dear Lord, fuck up my enemies, badly!” Some are even moderately graphic (like Psalm 58, which features poison snakes, broken teeth, melting and cutting enemies, melting snails, and miscarriages), and while I make no endorsements for the use of “black magic” per se, real enemies and real threats always exist and sometimes it is hard to sit idly by and let people drag you down. So, there’s that. No need to get into a discussion of magical ethics here, do as ye will. Let’s just be adults and recognize the much needed care that should be taken when accepting responsibility for using these Psalms to curse/hex others.


Another thing about the Psalms is that there is a lot, a LOT, of chapters categorized by Worship and Praise. This should give us a clue about the way we practice and pray; that maybe we should also dedicate as much time in praise and thanksgiving as we do in ritual for when we need something. The fact is, life will always be challenging, so there will always be problems to pray on, but for the many blessings in life we also need to be thankful as well. This should keep us reflecting on the issue of balance. So take the time periodically to fashion a ritual of thanksgiving or praise when good things happen, or even when they don’t! If you can’t find things to be thankful for, or if you can’t find the time to put together a ritual of thanksgiving, then, without trying to sound at all holier-than-thou, you may need to prioritize and reassess your approach to working with Judeo-Christian magic.


Notice also that the Penitential Psalms, those of confession for mercy, are Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143 (6, 31, 37, 50, 101, 129, and 142 in the Septuagint numbering). However, there are more than just these listed, many other chapters and verses have been listed as confessionals and for mercy, so keep a lookout for these when you find yourself needing some honest confession. Consider building a little ritual out of it if this suits you.





1 To avoid wicked counsel, bad advice, gossip, or to surround yourself with righteous company
1:3 Prosperity
1:4-6 Judgement for the wicked

2 Against conspirators
2:9 Curse enemies with physical harm

3 Protection against oppression
3:4-5 For trouble sleeping, against nightmares
3:6 For confidence, against fear


4 Mercy
4:1 For prayers to be heard
4:4-5 To strengthen prayer
4:6 Against fear and despair
4:7 Thanksgiving
4:8 For trouble sleeping, against nightmares


5:1-4 For prayers to be heard
5:6, 9-10 To curse the violent and liars
5:7 Worship/Praise
5:8 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
5:11-12 For victory


6 Mercy, Against depression
6:9 Affirmation for prayers to be heard, for mystical manifestation
6:10 Curse to shame and vex enemies


7 Deliverance from evil
7:8-11 Justice
7:17 Worship/Praise


8 Worship/Praise
8:3-5 For Planetary Magic
8:6-9 For Elemental Magic


9 Justice/Deliverance
9:1-2 Worship/Praise
9:3-6 Protection against oppression
9:7-9 Justice
9:10 Trust
9:13-14 Mercy
9:18 Hope
9:19-20 Humility of Mankind


10 Against deceitful and fraudulent oppression
10:12 Justice for the humble
10:15-16 Curse against the wicked


11 Justice
11:6 Curse against the wicked


12 Protection from oppression
12:6 Alchemy


13 Against Depression/Prayers to be heard
13:5 Trust in Salvation
13:6 Worship/Praise


14 Curse against the wicked
14:5 To instill fear


15 To increase righteousness
15:1-3 Divination and Pathworking


16 Deliverance
16:3 For working with Saints
16:4 Against black magic
16:5-6 Prosperity
16:7-11 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
16:11 For happiness and contentment/Divination and Pathworking


17 For sincere prayer/Against depression
17:4-5 Safe travel
17:6 For prayers to be heard
17:8 To keep secrets or to be hidden
17:8-15 Protection against oppression


18 Deliverance/Justice/Affirmation of Faith
18:1-3 Trust/Hope
18:19-22 Prosperity
18:24 Manifestation of reward
18:25-26 Mercy
18:28 Knowledge/Wisdom/Against ignorance, For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, and indecision
18:29 To overcome physical trials
18:31 Faith
18:32 Strength through trial
18:32-50 Preparation for battle/war
18:40-46 Curse against enemies/Victory against oppressors
18:47 Vengeance


19 Worship/Praise
19:7-8 Self-transformation, Knowledge/Wisdom/Against ignorance
19:9 Endurance, Judgement
19:9-11 Against thirst for luxury
19:13 Against temptation of sin
19:14 For prayers to be heard and purified


20 For prayers to be heard
20:2-3 For presenting Offerings
20:4-5 For presenting Petitions
20:6-9 Trust and confidence


21 Worship/Praise
21:2 For prayers to be answered
21:3 Prosperity
21:4 Physical health
21:8 To expose hidden enemies
21:8-12 Curse against enemies


22 Against depression and despair


23 Worship/Praise
23:4 For comfort


24 Worship/Praise, Blessing for righteousness


25 Trust and Hope
25:7 To cleanse yourself of past sin
25:9-10 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
25:11 Mercy and plea for pardon
25:12-13 Victory for one’s children
25:14 Manifestation
25:16-22 Protection from oppression


26 Trust and hope/Affirmation of righteousness
26:9-12 To dissociate one’s self from the wicked


27 Confidence, Trust and hope
27:5 To keep secrets or to be hidden
27:6 Worship/Prayer
27:7 For prayers to be answered/Mercy
27:11 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, and the anxiety of indecision
27:14 Patience


28 For prayers to be heard
28:3-5 Deliverance from the wicked
28:6 Thanksgiving for manifestation of desire
28:7-9 Trust and Worship/Praise


29 Worship/Praise, Elemental Magic
29:3-4 Water Element
29:5-6 Earth Element
29:7 Fire Element
29:11 Blessing of Peace


30 Thanksgiving
30:6 Prosperity


31 Deliverance from depression, despair, anxiety, grief
31:14 Affirmation of Trust
31:18 Curse to silence liars
31:23-24 For working with Saints


32 Confession, for Mercy
32:8 To teach or instruct others


33 Worship/Praise
33:4 To discover truth
33:6 Air Element
33:7 Water Element
33:8 Earth Element
33:9 Manifestation
33:10-11 To nullify evil
33:18-22 Divine Protection


34 Worship/Praise
34:7 Angelic protection
34:13-14 Against wicked speech/gossip


35 Justice

35:1-8 Curse against enemies

35:26 Curse enemies with shame, confusion, and dishonor


36 Worship/Praise
36:5 Mercy
36:7-10 Trust
36:11 Against pride


37 Trust/Hope
37:4-5 Mystical Manifestation
37:7 Patience
37:8-9 To calm anger, for patience and trust
37:16 For spiritual riches
37:17 Curse against the wicked
37:18-19 Prosperity
37:24-26 Hope in Divine mercy
37:29 Prosperity
37:33-34 Patience
37:39:40 Salvation/Deliverance


38 Against depression and despair, physical ailments
38:15 Hope
38:17-18 Confession


39 Meditation of humility and upon mortality
39:1 Against wicked speech/gossip
39:12-13 For prayers to be heard, against depression/despair


40 Thanksgiving, Worship/Praise
40:1 Patience
40:2 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
40:3 Inspiration (in yourself or in others)
40:4 Trust, against pride and lies
40:11 Mercy, Blessing for well-being
40:12-13 Against the troubles of sin
40:14-15 Curse against enemies
40:16 Prayer for the blessing of the righteous
40:17 Against poverty, for mercy


41 Mercy
41:4 Mercy, Confession
41:9-11 Against friendly betrayal


42 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith


43 Justice, for favor in court
43:4 Worship/Praise
43:5 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith


44:1-3 Work with ancestors
44:4-8 Victory against enemies/in competition
44:15 Confession of shame, against confusion
44:17-19 To increase faith and righteousness in time of distress and conflict
44:23-26 For prayers to be heard, Divine assistance


45 Worship/Praise
45:17 To inspire righteousness/evangelism


46 Protection
46:2 Against earthquakes
46:3 Against floods
46:8-9 Against war


47 Worship/Praise


48 Worship/Praise
48:9 To cultivate lovingkindness
48:14 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision


49 Meditation on mortality, humility, and the impermanence of wealth, against the haughty and proud
49:3 For wise speech and understanding
49:14-15 Curse against enemies


50 Hope in Divine judgement, curse against enemies and wicked speech/gossip


51 Mercy


52 Curse against liars and wicked speech


53 Against the unrighteous
53:5 To instill fear and shame


54 For prayers to be heard, Protection against oppression
54:6 For sacrifice, devotion


55 For prayers to be heard, Protection against oppression, Against corruption and violence
55:4-8 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith
55:8 For Protection against storms
55:9-11 Curse against the corrupt and violent
55:12-23 Curse against betrayers and former friends
55:17-18 Thanksgiving for victory


56 For confidence, against fear, for Mercy, against enemies
56:4/11 Trust, Hope


57 Mercy/Deliverance/Protection against enemies
57:7 Devotion/Steadfastness
57 7-11 Worship/Praise


58: Curse against evil enemies/Physical harm hex


59: Protection against enemies
59:12 Against wicked speech/gossip
59:16-17 For Protection


60 Mercy/Against Sin and Defeat
60:2 Against earthquakes and natural disasters


61 For prayers to be heard
61:2 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
61:1-4 For Protection
61:7 For Mercy and Truth
61:8 For the keeping of vows


62 For Mercy and Protection
62:1 Patience
62:2 Salvation/Confidence
62:3 Curse against conspirators
62:4 Against lies and false speech
62:5-7 Salvation/Confidence
62:8 Trust
62:9-10 Against Vanity


63 Worship/Praise and Devotion


64 Against wicked speech/gossip and conspirators


65 Prosperity/Blessing of the Land
65:3 Purgation of Sin


66 Worship/Praise
66:12 Endurance through trial
66:13-20 For presenting Offerings/For prayers to be heard


67 Mercy, Worship/Praise, and Prosperity


68 Protection/Prosperity


69 Mercy, Against depression, addiction, and for Protection
69:22-28 Curse against enemies


70 Mercy/Deliverance
70:2 Curse to shame and vex enemies


71 For Trust and Deliverance from enemies/Strength in old age
71:13 Curse against enemies
71:14-16 Hope/Trust


72 Judgement against oppressors/Justice for the poor


73 Against the proud/greedy
73:24 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
73:25-28 Trust/Hope


74 Protection against oppression


75 Worship/Praise


76 Against war/to invoke wrathful judgement


77 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision/ To recount Divine miracles


78 To recount Divine miracles/ Against the unfaithful and disloyal, Judgement against sinners
78:1-4 To reveal secrets or hidden knowledge, uncover mysteries


79 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision, For mercy and Judgement


80 Protection against oppression, For salvation


81 Worship/Praise, to increase Divine awareness


82 For DIvine Judgement


83 Against enemies, Judgement of wicked


84 Worship/Praise, Trust
84:1-4 For matters of the Home, house blessing


85 For spiritual restoration, Salvation, Divine promises
85 Harvest magic


86 Mercy, Trust, To shame enemies
86:11 Spiritual direction


87 Worship/Praise


88 For prayers to be heard, against depression, For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision


89 Worship Praise/Against oppression, protection in warfare


90 Against oppression


91 For Hope and Trust, Shelter, Divine Love, Deliverance, Salvation


92 Worship/Praise
92:9 Against enemies
92:12-15 Flourishing of righteousness


93 Worship/Praise, Divine strength
93:5 Temple blessing/consecration


94 Against oppression, Divine judgement


95 Worship/Praise


96 Worship/Praise


97 Worship/Praise
97:7 Against idolatry


98 Worship/Praise, Divine spark in Nature


99 Worship/Praise, Divine guidance


100 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving


101 Against sinners and liars, for purity


102 For prayers to be heard, for relief in old age, against oppression,


103 Worship/Praise


104 Worship/Praise, Nature magic, to glorify natural beauty
104:34 Meditation


105 Worship/Praise


106 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving


107 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving, To recount Divine miracles


108 Worship/Praise, against enemies


109 Curse against the wicked, against accusers, against black magic


110 For protection, Against enemies, warfare


111 Worship/Praise
111:10 For wisdom


112 Prosperity


113 Worship/Praise, prosperity


114 Worship/Praise


115 Against idolatry, For trust


116 For prayers to be heard, Thanksgiving, fulfillment of vows, oaths and obligations


117 Worship/Praise


118 Thanksgiving, Divine refuge, prosperity


119 Worship/Praise, prosperity, wisdom, Grace, comfort, thanksgiving, protection, righteousness, deliverance, salvation, Divine refuge, sustenance, strength, Divine inspiration, endurance, for prayers to be heard


120 For prayers to be heard, Against distress, against warfare


121 For protection


122 For peace and prosperity


123 For mercy


124 For protection and escape


125 For trust, endurance


126 Divine restoration, salvation


127 For protection


128 For peace and prosperity


129 Against oppression


130 For prayers to be heard, for mercy, for endurance, for guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision


131 Against pride, for humility, for hope


132 For salvation


133 For peace and prosperity


134 Worship/Praise


135 Worship/Praise


136 Thanksgiving, Worship/Praise


137 Worship/Praise, Divine retribution


138 Worship/Praise, for prayers to be heard


139 For spiritual transparence, Worship/Praise,


140 For deliverance, against enemies, For mercy,


141 For prayers to be heard, for protection, against enemies


142 For prayers to be heard, for guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision, spiritual refuge


143 For prayers to be heard, for protection, against enemies, for spiritual direction


144 Worship/Praise, for protection, against enemies, deliverance, prosperity


145 Worship/Praise, prosperity


146 Worship/Praise, against oppression, against enemies, deliverance


147 Worship/Praise, protection, prosperity


148 Worship/Praise


149 Worship/Praise, against enemies, DIvine judgement and vengeance


150 Worship/Praise


Psalmistry Part 2

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