Archangel Michael Invocation – Sunday 9/2/2018

After spending over a week considering to add Saint Michael the Archangel to my Patron Saints, I had used that time praying his traditional Catholic prayer and humbly asking for his protection for my loved ones. In preparation for a larger dedication ceremony to mark my formal invitation, done on Sunday 9/2/2018, I had created a Tiferet talisman (shown below) that uses the imagery of an hermetic Hexagram of Fire, Air, and Water, chosen for its quality of balance and harmony between the two elemental extremes. I also painted the background gold to attract Solar currents.



I also decided to dedicate a Lantern for St Michael for occasional use, as long as I have room on my altar to use it. Notice that my other Patron Saints have special candle glasses and mojo bags with their symbols placed upon them.




With that said, I wanted Saint Michael the Archangel to have something special on my altar for permanent use, and I figured the Tiferet/Solar talisman would be a perfect place upon which to offer candles every Sunday. So, my plan was to do a larger ritual to invite Saint Michael into the patronage through a ceremony of also invoking YHVH Eloah v’Da’at and Michael to charge this talisman, and then to show my dedication by doing a full week of special prayer time set aside every day, where each evening I light a yellow candle, carved with his Planetary sigil, and pray for Michael’s protection. After this week is completed, I’ll do the same every Sunday from now on.

I took a lot of inspiration (er, yanked the text) from Aaron Leitch’s blog where he does a similar operation, found HERE. Note the battery of 6 that links to Tiferet/Sol at the beginning and end of the rite.

Also, the beginning rite of ‘Forming a Spiritual Relationship’ is adapted from page 112-113 of ‘An Anthology of Theurgic Operations of the Rose + Croix of the Orient’, itself stated to be an adaptation of an Elus Cohen operation. Interestingly, this rite largely depends on a prayer to the Guardian Angel to act as an intermediary between the user and their Patron Saints.


[The altar is decorated at the least with a Solar talisman and a depiction of Saint Michael the Archangel or a sigil representing him. Atop of the talisman rests a yellow candle. This operation is to be done on Sunday in the hour of Sol, or at high noon.]

* * *   * * *

+ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Our Father, Who art in heaven…

Eternal, Ineffable, Most Holy Father of all, that sees and embraces everything;
Deign to answer the prayer of Your servant that kneels before You. Accord me the necessary contemplation, ardor and sincerity, so that I may express my sentiments to You. Be favourable to me, Oh Ineffable Father, and also to all those that I come to intervene: to my loved ones, to my friends and foes, to the living and to the deceased, and to all Your creatures, Oh Merciful Father! Listen to my prayer; grant me the gift to pray efficaciously to You. Here I am: I abandon myself to Your Hands. Have mercy on me: Your Will be done! Amen.

And You, oh my Patrons, Saints Mother Mary, Holy Theotokos, Saint Peter, he who holds the spiritual keys of heaven, and Saint Michael the Archangel, glorious Captain of the Host of heavenly armies, protector of the righteous, spirits free from the ties of matter, you that enjoy the fruit of your Virtues, I invoke you by the Sacred Name in which you live and jubilate. I beseech you to contribute to my eternal salvation by your protection and by your holy intercession to the Father of all Mercy, to the Divine Son, inseparable Logos and Redeemer and to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclet, provider of the Divine Gifts.

Receive for my brothers, my sisters and me, the Grace of God, His Mercy, His benevolence, that you enjoy; and help me, so that I live and die in peace, in joy and in holiness. Amen.

And you, oh pure spirit, my Guardian, positioned by the Eternal to watch over me for the Reconciliation of my spiritual being; In the Name of the God of Mercy, I implore you to come to my assistance every time that I may be in danger of succumbing to evil; every time that I will call you by my desire, sigh or meditation; every time that I will be hungry and thirsty for advice, instruction and understanding. Help me, oh Guardian Angel, to receive the assistance and the protection of the Patrons that I have invoked. Amen.

[Psalm 91 is read]

“He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High…”

YHVH Eloah v’Daath, God of all Knowledge, who wearest the Sun as a jewel upon Thy finger. Thou who art the Light of the World, the light that shineth in the darkness.  Thou radiant God who delights in warmth and brightness, granting life and heat to all created things. From Whose face the creatures of darkness and ignorance must flee in terror. In Your Name are all evil spirits expelled, all sickness abated, all unhappiness transformed into joy. I ask that You bless and sanctify this offering, that it may be pleasing unto You and Your Angels.

I ask, also, that You send to me the Holy Archangel Michael: who sitteth upon Thy right hand, judge of souls, protector of Israel, driver of the Chariot of the Sun.  May he also enjoy these offerings, and be pleased with them, and bear our prayers of thanksgiving unto Thy Celestial Throne.  Amen + Amen + Amen + Amen + Amen + Amen +.

I invoke thee, St. Michael!  Holy Archangel of the Solar sphere! Come thou forth and partake of these offerings, which we have prepared in thy honour and to the glory of YHVH Eloah v’Daath. May you find them pleasing and empowering. I ask that you offer your blessings to my home and family, and bear our offerings and prayers of thanksgiving to the Divine Court. We petition thee for strength and protection in all of our undertakings, and that the light of thy wisdom should guide and keep us at all times.

Saint Michael Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; may God rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of God, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl through the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


[Psalm 150 is read]

“Praise ye the Lord…”

+ In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.

* * *   * * *



This concludes the intital Sunday rite of dedication and invitation of patronage. This included a small offering of orange slices, banana slices, and honey.

For the next week I will, every evening, light the yellow candle and say heartfelt prayers rather than scripted ritual, outside of the traditional short catholic prayer. I believe there is a lot of power behind such an oration used widely by so many Christians out there, and for me it feels more effective than simply using the LRP, which puts the 4 Archangels at a distance and has more of a commanding feel than my own preferred methods.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope this gives you some fuel to writing your own rituals of dedication for your own Patron Saints or spiritual support system.



Archangel Michael Invocation – Sunday 9/2/2018

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