Hermes Invocation and Mercury Elixir Rite- 11/14/2018



I’ve gotten myself back into school recently, and that means it’s time for some Mercury work to ensure focus and academic success. Even though I had planned on doing a rite like this around this time anyway, I have found that in the last month or so, I’ve been drawn to Mercurial work much more than I ever have before. So after doing a bit of digging on a plan of action, I decided to focus on Hermes for this specific operation after finding a good set of Greek titles to use in his invocation, and to also set up a regular devotional practice for Wednesday. Usually I prefer to work with the Qabalistic Hierarchies of Angels, but I wanted to try something new and get really specific with my ritual this time around as well.

The bulk of this ritual is inspired from the material of Denning and Philips’ “Planetary Magick”, an excellent resource if you ask me. So take note of the obvious Aurum Solis and Golden Dawn influence here and there. I’d like to thank Polyphanes for giving me some awesome material to experiment with and to study on his blog regarding Hermes and Mercury work in general (check out his blog Here)

The Rite includes an Elixir charging while the candle and incense(and any other offerings you might want to include) serve as the offerings in exchange for the blessing. While this Rite is tailored toward my need for academic success, those sections which are specific can of course be altered to fit your own needs if you so choose to practice a version of this ritual.

[The altar is decorated with a candle, incense, and a chalice with water, juice, or wine]

* * * *   * * * * Procul, O procul este, profani!  

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe. Holy art Thou, Whom Nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

O Thou Who art from everlasting, Thou who hast created all things, and doth clothe Thyself with the forces of Nature as a garment, by Thy Holy and Divine Name ELOHIM TZAVAOT, whereby Thou art known especially of the Sphere which I name Hod, and that which rules the forces of Mercury. I ask for your blessing upon this operation, that I may make positive changes in my life and also to perform the Will and Work of the Highest.

I invoke the name HERMES to guide and bless me in my attempt to make contact with the forces and beings of the Sphere of Splendor, that which is Mercury in its rulership of all that is mental and comprehensive, all that is cunning and clever, communicative and commercial, logical and memorial, connective and informative, rational and conscious. All that is swift and conductive of Divine energy, I call upon these qualities to Initiate me into their mysteries, that I may be a conduit for these Virtues and blessings.

[Light candle]

Hermes, O thou swift and unconstrained traveler in the ways between the worlds, divine imparter of secret tidings, bountiful bestower of aid! Knowledge and skill, Rite and high results are thine to impart! Thine are the tongues and the numbers, thine are the signs and the symbols, the sigils and the words of power! Thine it is to heal and to teach, and to watch upon the Way! Hail to thee!

IO HERMES, to thee I raise, in the chalice of my aspiration, the elixir which is to be the talisman of my magical will, asking thee, o swift-winged one, to receive this into the light of thy presence. In partaking of this mystery, let there be unto us a vitality of soul, increase of perception, and heightened experience of the wonders of thy sphere.

* I invoke thee: HERMES! Fleet-footed Olympian!

* I invoke thee: MERCURIUS! Eighth emanation!

* I invoke thee: ANGELOS ATHANATON! Immortal Messenger!

* I invoke thee: DIAKTOROS! Guide of the souls to the realm of the dead!

* I invoke thee: KRATEROS! You who grants Strength of Body, Mind, and Spirit!

* I invoke thee: KHARIDOTES! Giver of Joy to all who call upon your name!

* I invoke thee: ERIOUNES! Bringer of luck and good fortune!

* I invoke thee: AGORAEUS! Protector of the devoted assemblies and their exchange!

O Hermes, O Mercury, you that serve as the fleet-footed Divine Messenger, invest me with the qualities of consciousness, creation, and action, and let me become as the lightning rod of spiritual manifestation, as a vessel for true inspiration, to be filled with Holy Breath. Give me the power to break down the barriers that block my way, to release the potential for Holy blessings, and to bridge these connections with others so that I may do the same for them. I therefore solemnly swear, not to abuse this power, nor let it go to waste, lest I profane the Divinity of my inner Will and slow the motion of my constructive change.

I therefore make this humble offering of thought, word, and deed unto you, that I may make a request of you. I petition your office in order to obtain academic success, as I am in need of smooth transitions, and strength of mind. I therefore request the blessing of Knowledge, that I may become a proper receptive tool for learning. I therefore request the blessing of Communication, that I may learn of the secrets of the exchange of ideas in a clear and meaningful manner. I therefore request the blessing of Eloquence, that I may speak and write effectively, with much charisma and confidence, and to reflect whatever wisdom you choose to impart to me. I also therefore request the blessing of Memory, that I may retain the information you may impart to me and that which I may gain access to.

[Draw the sign of Mercury above the Chalice. Raise chalice]

Behold the elixir of Mercury! Be it the ferment of spiritual alchemy, mighty in the crucible of my soul!

[Drink from chalice, and spend a few minutes in meditation] 


O Divine Messenger, I call upon you for aid, and I ask that I be worthy to receive such blessings as those for which I have petitioned you. I ask all this for the sake of the aid in becoming successful in my endeavors to pursue a fortuitous career, that I may be the better enabled to secure a healthy marriage, and to no longer be a burden on others through my stagnant ways.

In the Name of Elohim Tzavaot do I close this ceremony, and may I be guided on the path toward Reintegration forever more.

* * * *   * * * *




Hermes Invocation and Mercury Elixir Rite- 11/14/2018

One thought on “Hermes Invocation and Mercury Elixir Rite- 11/14/2018

  1. Paul Churcher says:

    Thanks for this Frater I am committing to memory your previous Mecury Invocation to then perform it . The new rite is an added bonus I am familiar with the Dennings and Phillips material, Love the eight names of Hermes. Thank You.


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