Jupiter Pentacle Consecration

Continuing my experiments with Omega Magick‘s approach to the Solomonic pentacles, I decided to create the Seventh Pentacle of Jupiter. This one protects against poverty and removes or circumvents star-crossed luck, ill fortune, and fateful circumstance to allow the flow of prosperous blessings to pour in.

Lately I haven’t been doing much prosperity magic for my own reasons, but it was time for a serious boost in order to start paying off debt and keeping my head above water. I usually only ask for what I need, not what I want, anyway. I have had results in other ways, but I wanted to try a different method.

Psalm 113 is used on this pentacle, specifically verse 7: “Who raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the needy out of the dunghill”. In Mathers’ Key of Solomon translation, he also includes verse 8 (“That He may set him with princes, even with the princes of His people.”), however, I went only with verse 7 for the sake of simplicity and also because I am not looking for glory or influence here.

Here is my design template version of the pentacle:

My version of the 7th Pentacle of Jupiter

During the 4th day consecration, I read the entire Psalm 113, Names Of God edition, to include all of the proper Divine Names, and also the KJV Psalm 23 for good measure. As a mantra, I chanted “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven”, four times, according to the words of Jesus Christ in the Beatitudes, and from the suggestion of Omega Magick. I ended with Psalm 150, a celebratory Psalm of gratitude and praise.

In case you are not familliar with the Key of Solomon, these last bits are modern innovations and not listed as parts of the pentacle consecration process. They do however resonate with me, so on an experimental level, we will see how it goes.

Near the end of the ritual, but before the reading of the scriptures, I used my Mark Master Mason coin as a token of ceremonial offering and a symbolic tool of obligation. For my non-Mason friends out there, in the American organization of the York Rite, there exists a body that governs the 4th through 7th degrees. The 4th degree is the Mark Master Mason degree, where the candidate is presented with a small token of ‘payment’ for his works in the quarry, that is, the works of his spiritual life. In this degree, even though the candidate symbolizes a Fellowcraft in the times of King Solomon’s Temple, the degree uses the parable of Jesus, that of the workers in the vinyard; where even latecomers to the spiritual vinyard of the Lord will receive the same reward as all the rest.

Additionally, the new MMM is charged with presenting this coin as a monetary last resort during the exchange of a loan, so that this important token, usually engraved with the Mason’s Mark and symbolic of one’s own seal of work approved by the Lodge’s Overseers, can be used as a pledge that one will pay back what is owed. Also, it is a token of the minimum amount one can loan out if one cannot fulfill such a monetary request, equal in value to a Jewish half-shekel or modern day Penny. The Mark Penny thus has a lot of symbolic import for those who are paying attention. Not only is this my favorite Masonic degree, but the rest of the ceremony speaks to me even more highly. Here was born my idea to use the Mark Penny in this ritual, to act as a pledge and obligation that I would not squander the blessings that I would hopefully receive in return for my spiritual fidelity, and my promise to pass along these blessings as well.

My Mark Master Mason Penny Coin (Mark blurred for privacy)

Here follows the material for the 4th day of consecration for the pentacle, prayed during incense fumigation:

+In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.
O Eternal God, wise, strong, mighty, Being of Beings, Creator of the world, come to this place and sanctify it with your Presence and your Majesty, that the purity, the chastity, and the abundance of your Law may reside in this place. And just as the smoke of this incense rises up to you, may your Virtue and your blessing descend in this place. O you angels and spirits, be present at this consecration, through the True Living and Eternal God, who created us from nothing, and who in a moment can destroy us, and through his Wisdom, Amen.
When we enter herein with all humility, let God the Almighty One enter into this circle, by the entrance of an eternal happiness, of a divine prosperity, of a perfect joy, of an abundant charity, and of an eternal salutation. Let all the demons fly from this place, especially those who are opposed unto this work, and let the angels of peace assist and protect this circle, from which let discord and strife fly and depart. Magnify and extend upon us, O Lord, Thy most holy name, and bless our conversation and our assembly. Sanctify, O Lord our God, our humble entry herein, Thou the blessed and Holy One of the eternal ages! Amen.
I beseech Thee, O Lord God, the all powerful and the all merciful, that Thou wilt deign to bless this circle, and all this place, and all those who are therein, and that Thou wilt grant unto us, who serve Thee, and rehearse nothing but the wonders of Thy law, a good angel for our guardian; remove from us every adverse power; preserve us from evil and from trouble; grant, O Lord, that we may rest in this place in all safety, through Thee, O Lord, who livest and reignest unto the ages of the ages. Amen.
O ADONAI most powerful, EL most strong, AGLA most holy, ON most righteous, the ALPHA and the OMEGA, the Beginning and the End; Thou who hast established all things in Thy wisdom; Thou who has chosen Abraham as Thy faithful servant, and hast promised that in his seed shall all nations of the earth be blessed, which seed Thou hast multiplied as the stars of Heaven; Thou who hast appeared unto Thy servant Moses in flame in the midst of the burning bush, and hast made him walk with dry feet through the Red Sea; Thou who hast granted unto Solomon Thy servant these pentacles by Thy great Mercy, for the preservation of Soul and Body; we most humbly implore and supplicate Thy Holy Majesty, that this pentacle may be consecrated by Thy Power, and prepared in such manner that they may obtain virtue and strength against all spirits, through Thee, O Most Holy ADONAI, whose Kingdom, Empire, and Principality, remaineth and endureth without end. Amen.
O Lord, EL, we hereby beseech Thee to grant unto us the health, wealth, and prosperity necessary for a full and jovial life, in order to properly pursue and complete the Great Work, and to assist others in the same.
Under the authority of El, who governeth the sphere of Chesed and Jupiter, I call upon TZADQIEL, Archangel Tzadqiel, I humbly ask of your guidance and to bless my endeavor to connect with the positive energies of Jupiter. Rid me of haughtiness, arrogance, and greed. Inspire me with productive ambition, optimism, generosity, tolerance, health, wealth, and the ability to accurately rule and govern my own faculties towards prosperity and beneficial attitudes. For these things do I humbly call upon you to accept these offerings of devotion, as an attempt to reap the benefits of your sphere of influence.

Archangel Tzadqiel, I ask of you to consecrate this pentacle, as it is held to be an influence of prosperity under the influence of Jupiter, and is said to serve with great success against poverty and the forces of ill-fortune that surround myself and my loved ones. Deign to empower this pentacle to be a powerful talisman for the influx of blessings, that I may use its influence to help others during prayers and petitions of prosperity.

[Present MMM coin]
O gracious Lord, O Angel of Clemency, I present my Mark Master Mason coin, engraved with the Mark that represents the work of my very soul; the pursuit of Truth. I was presented with this token as a symbolic lesson that represents the reward of the Lord’s kindness for our spiritual fidelity. In the spirit of presenting my Mark as an offering of my own Great Work, I hope this gesture attains the prosperous grace that I ask for, as I offer the obligation that I will not take my rewards and blessings for granted. Mark Well my words, that if I am offered the grace of the Lord, I shall do my part to be worthy enough to pass this gift unto others.
[Psalm 113 + 23 + 150]
[“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven” x 4]
Glory be unto the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.”

Jupiter Pentacle Consecration

3 thoughts on “Jupiter Pentacle Consecration

  1. hello, i stumbled upon your youtube channel, Im a young student but have been practicing for four years now. I am extremely interested in your video about creating inner sacred space, the video inspired by william g gray. I am really focusing on pathworking right now and would absolutely appriciate it if you could give me some recommendations for imaginative temple building amoungst other pathworking techniques. Your video is the best ive found so far on the subject. Thank you for your time and your Arte is amazing. -Dakelh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello and thank you for your comment.

      If you are using a specific paradigm like Qabalah for your magical system, I would definitely recommend using the Tree of Life and it’s Paths (whichever version you prefer) to work up to a state of balance. Do this slowly, as in, work the Paths a bit at a time, and do not underestimate their effectiveness. I’ve spent months just with working the 32nd Path alone, due to the richness of its initiations.

      I always recommend using the Psalms to get yourself into a good state of consciousness, as well as providing yourself a means to your goal, even if it is short term.

      I’d also recommend memorizing your Key Words that you use to get forward to the various stations along the way to your own Inner Sanctum. This way you are easily connected without losing your concentration. I do however use pre-written prayers but I try to also address the Angels as gatekeepers as well, and when doing this you’ll need a solid framework to work from.

      If you are blessed enough to have a temple space for your Work, place some visual cues around you that represent your sacred space. Maybe some symbols that represent your connection to the Divine, or of your guides. Personally I have a simple and small altar adorned with sacred objects like devotional candles to my Patron Saints, and I’ve created a short opening ritual to invoke them in order for them to act as guides. For me, Saint Michael offers protection, Saint Peter opens the roads of opportunity, Mother Mary blesses and purifies my intentions, and my HGA guides me within as well as without. Developing some sort of network of spirits to act as a guide will definitely help you too, no matter what system or pantheon you’re working with. In my view, we cannot merely do this all alone, so to pay devotional tribute to our chosen guides before entering into our deepest places for Communion is quite essential to me. Others might not agree, but this is only my opinion.

      What other kind of concerns do you have about Pathworking or Devotional work? We’re in this together!


    2. I also would recommend looking into the material of William Gray, the Sangreal Sodality series, and also Jean Dubois’ chapter ‘Construction of Invisible Mansions’ in his book The Experience of Eternity.


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