Tenfold Empowerment Ritual

Back view of the user to aid in visualization

The Tenfold Empowerment Ritual is basically a fancy name for an expansion of the Middle Pillar Ritual within the Golden Dawn tradition. It uses all 10 Sefirot and adds a very brief prayer of invocation for each Sefirah/Divine Name/Archangel. The prayers are what really constitute its unique approach but a full Tree Empowerment is certainly not an innovation by itself. Visualization of the Sefirotic colors are used as well. If that seems too advanced at first, just use white brilliant Light instead for each Sphere.

The Ritual does not need to be memorized, but can easily be read with interludes of visualization. I would probably say the more important parts are the prayers, if done in a respectful and devotional manner. It can take as short as under 10 minutes when done with a decent pacing, but it is recommended not to rush either.

This ritual can also be completely reversed as well. In fact, it is recommended to do this, one Sefirah at a time per day, over a period of several days, depending on what your goal is, or if you are culminating with a magical operation that you need to build up towards. For instance, you might stop at Hod for a Mercurial operation, etc. A long-term operation of doing each Sefirah day by day, or longer, would make for an excellent program of gradual invocation of the Sefirotic forces, and would pair well with similar Initiatory work also.

The Tenfold Empowerment Ritual

[The practitioner either stands or sits in the Hieratic position with their feet flat on the ground and their back straight. Begin with the 4-Fold Breath for several minutes before beginning with the Adoration of the Lord of the Universe:] 

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe. Holy art Thou whom nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, vast and mighty one, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness! 

[Visualize a ball of Light at the Keter Sphere directly at the Crown of the Head, glowing White] 

METATRON; Grant us Divine inspiration, Union, and Gnosis on the path of the Great Work, by the Divine Name; EHEIEH

[Visualize a stream of Light moving down to the Chokmah center on the Left side of the Head, glowing Gray] 

RAZIEL; Reveal to us the Secrets of the Lord so that our aspirations and true purpose shall be fulfilled, by the Divine Name; IAH

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Binah center on the Right side of the Head, glowing Black] 

TZAPHQIEL; Keep our heart and soul aware of the forms and boundaries of life so that we may uphold the Cosmic Laws, by the Divine Name; YHVH ELOHIM. 

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Chesed center on the Left Shoulder, glowing Blue] 

TZADQIEL; Bless and keep us within prosperity, justice, and grant us the lordship over our own realm, by the Divine Name; EL

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Gevurah center on the Right Shoulder, glowing Red] 

SAMAEL; Shield us from the poison of sin so we may reconcile with our own transgressions and face our accusations, by the Divine Name; ELOHIM GIVOR. 

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Tiferet center at the Chest/Heart level, glowing Golden Yellow] 

MICHAEL; Guard us with your fiery sword of protection from all material and spiritual evils, and may your shield ever be on guard when we are weak, by the Divine Name; YHVH ELOAH VE-DA’AT.

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Netzach center at the Left Hip, glowing Green] 

HANIEL; Bring us the Joy and Grace that will enrich our lives, and bring us together with our loved ones, by the Divine Name; YHVH TZAVAOT. 

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Hod center at the Right Hip, glowing Orange] 

RAPHAEL; Provide the Healing of God to bring us Divine Peace and consolation in the face of all ailments, by the Divine Name; ELOHIM TZAVAOT. 

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Yesod center at the Groin, glowing Purple] 

GAVRIEL; Provide the Strength of God to empower us against all obstacles, both within and without, by the Divine Name; SHADDAI EL CHAI. 

[Visualize the Light moving towards the Malkut center at the Feet/Earth level, glowing Brown] 

SANDALPHON; Bring us higher, further, and deeper into the Mysteries of prayer and Holy devotion, by the Divine Name; ADONAI HA-ARETZ.

May the benefit of this act, and all acts, be dedicated unto the complete liberation and the supreme Enlightenment of all beings. So mote it be!

Users of Golden Dawn rituals and their modern adaptations may be familiar with the ‘Circulation of the Body of Light’, which is usually done after such a ritual like this that turns the Body and Aura into a conductor or channel for higher vibratory energies. It is a common occurance to become dizzy or lightheaded if one’s Sphere of Sensation is not accustomed to working in this manner, so for those looking to perform this ritual, I would most likely suggest working the Middle Pillar Ritual first for several days to learn how you may react. Once the user is comfortable with all of this, an optional Circulation of the invoked energies within the Sphere of Sensation would be beneficial.

It is important to remember that it is not just generic Auric energy you are circulating here, but you are inviting the attributes of the Macrocosmic Tree into your individual Microcosmic Tree of the Self, and with the Tenfold version, you are most certainly invoking the possibilities of change into your life via the approach of Active Prayer that has specific intentions and appeals to those higher intelligences.

Tenfold Empowerment Ritual

2 thoughts on “Tenfold Empowerment Ritual

  1. Chuck says:

    This is nice, thank you. I’m fairly new to GD style work, though with a long history in other kinds of practices. This helps amplify something I’ve been doing all along with the Middle Pillar exercise, calling each of the 5 Names 10 times, and linking each to a Sephira (partly as a way to keep count, and partly as a way to build up awareness of the Tree in myself). I’ve been wanting to deal more specifically with each Sephira, and this is a good window into how to do that. Much appreciated. Chuck, Fr. AAAH.


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