Pathworking the Ari Tree of Life


First things first, my approach to Qabalistic Pathworking admittedly draws heavily on the Golden Dawn tradition, even though I have been experimenting with working the “Ari” Tree, and the material found in this post in particular owes much to the works of Mark Stavish and Alex Sumner, so I must give them credit and praise for the Path correspondences and also the ritual framework, respectively. With that said, please check out Stavish’s Kabbalah For Health and Wellness and Alex Sumner’s Path-working On The Qabalistic Tree of Life as the source of inspiration for most of this material.

The ritual outlined here is also based on a framework I recommended back when I first blogged about the invocation of Hebrew Letters and how to Pathwork using their corresponding section from Psalm 119. If you haven’t seen those posts yet, just understand that Psalm 119 is grouped into 22 sections according to each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and I basically pose the idea to use those specific verses as one more association when attempting to connect with the spiritual force behind the Hebrew letters themselves, which in turn would then provide another method to Pathwork. In addition to this, I also explore the possibility of treating the Hebrew letters themselves as angelic entities, and I proposed that using the suffix of “iel” (יאל) affixed to the letter spellings, as traditional Angels themselves are named, would be yet another way to personify, and further, to invoke, the forces that these letters represent. However, I wanted to streamline this information as a bit of a magical journal here, just to show my train of thought and document my theory/practice, yet I of course understand that most of the magical crowd out there is working the Kircher Tree instead of my chosen Ari Tree, I figured I would post anyway.

First off, let’s take a look at the Tree and map out what it is each Path can do for us, using this design as a visual aid. Information on the Paths and how we can work with them is not nearly as prevalent as finding info on the Sephiroth themselves. I am going to assume that anyone still interested in using the Ari Tree will have at least some knowledge of the correspondences of the Sephiroth, and since this can be studied easily from many sources other than my own, I will include only the Path associations.



Tree of Life Ari

Path of Tav- Psalm 119:169-176- Malkuth to Yesod

This path connects the physical body to the subconscious/astral plane/subtle bodies. This is the bridge between the Earth and the Moon. Working this Path will balance irrational fears and obsessions, and it governs the dreams, ideas of both literal and symbolic birth and death, the solidification of ideas, reproduction, all higher things in their connection to the material world with the physical body, the link between the Outer world and the Inner, and Physicality with the Imagination and the Subconscious.


Path of Lamed- Psalm 119:89-96- Yesod to Hod

This path connects the subconscious/astral plane/subtle bodies to the mental energies of the intellect. This is the bridge between the Moon and Mercury. Working this Path establishes the connection between our conscious and rational mind with our subconscious mind and psychic centers, especially concerning dream states and insights into symbolism in general, bringing this information to light in a practical way of understanding instead of remaining hidden. The link between imagination and knowledge/logic.
Path of Nun- Psalm 119:105-112- Yesod to Netzach

This path connects the energies of the subconscious/astral plane/subtle bodies to the emotional energies of desire. This is the bridge between the Moon and Venus. Working this Path establishes the link between our emotions and the subconscious mind and the psychic centers, and deals with repressed emotions and bringing them to the surface in revelations, and also governs fertility and sexual issues as they pertain to their mental/astral context. The link between imagination and desire, the realm of fantasy.
Path of Mem- Psalm 119:97-104- Hod to Netzach

This Path connects the mental energies of the intellect with the emotional energies of desire. This is the bridge between Mercury and Venus. Working this Path will harmonize the Intellect and the Emotional aspects and governs anxieties of a general nature, while cultivating and purifying deeper intuition. The link between knowledge/logic and desire/pleasure.


Path of Resh- Psalm 119:153-160- Yesod to Tiphareth

This Path connects the energies of the subconscious/astral plane/subtle bodies to the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony. This is the bridge between the Moon and the Sun. Working this Path establishes a healthy link between the Ego and the true Higher Self, it reveals inner truths about the personality as a whole, and governs all processes of self-actualization and inner revelations about the True Will. Use this Path to meditate on and to establish the link between Lunar and Solar aspects. The link between the imagination and subconscious with harmony/wholeness/peace.


Path of Yod- Psalm 119:73-80- Netzach to Tiphareth

This Path connects the emotional energies of desire to the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony. This is the bridge between Venus and the Sun. Working this Path can bring the deeper emotional aspects into purification and harmonize them with the True Will and the life’s purpose. The link between emotional desire/pleasure and harmony/wholeness/peace.


Path of Samech- Psalm 119:113-120- Hod to Tiphareth

This Path connects the mental energies of the intellect with the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony. This is the bridge between Mercury to the Sun. Working this Path will bring the rational intellect and lower mental thought processes into balance with the True Will and the life’s purpose. Spiritual cognition may improve along with clairvoyance. The link between knowledge/logic with harmony/wholeness/peace.

Path of Tzaddi- Psalm 119:137-144- Tiphareth to Geburah

This Path connects the Higher Self to the aspects of Severity/Contraction. This is the bridge between the Sun and Mars. Working this Path will balance orderly and Martial energies with our sense of true self, and governs physical energy and health. Use this path to strengthen the Will and provide direction and ambition to the life’s purpose. The link between harmony/wholeness/peace with strength/energy.
Path of Peh- Psalm 119:129-136- Hod to Geburah

This Path connects the mental energies of the intellect to the aspects of Severity/Contraction. This is the bridge between Mercury to Mars. Working this Path will improve circulation of intellectual direction and flow of mental inspiration and rigorous follow-through in the context of the mental energies. The link between knowledge/logic and strength/energy.


Path of Aleph- Psalm 119:1-8- Geburah to Chesed

This Path connects the aspects of Severity/Contraction to the aspects of Mercy/Expansion. This is the bridge between Mars and Jupiter. Working this Path will provide higher balance to all thought and emotions and even the Higher Self, but especially in regards to taking control of issues of endurance, purposeful change, and prosperous self-governing aspects. The link between strength/energy with expansion/compassion/prosperity.


Path of Chet- Psalm 119:57-64- Tiphareth to Chesed

This Path connects the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony to the aspects of Mercy/Expansion. This is the bridge between the Sun and Jupiter. Working this Path will expand leadership and self-rulership ability and prosperity in general, governs the expansion of peace, luck, and also mental/physical health. The link between harmony/wholeness/peace with expansion/compassion/prosperity.


Path of Kaph- Psalm 119:81-88- Netzach to Chesed

This Path connects the emotional energies of desire to the aspects of Mercy/Expansion. This is the bridge between Venus and Jupiter. Working this Path will expand and purify feelings of love and compassion and harmonize them through physical expression and health. The link between emotional desire/pleasure with expansion/compassion/prosperity.


Path of Qoph- Psalm 119:145-152- Chesed to Binah

This Path connects the aspects of Mercy/Expansion to Archetypal Understanding/Form. This is the bridge between Jupiter to Saturn. Working this Path will combine the expansive and ruling energies of Jupiter with the formative boundaries and restrictions of Saturn. This path is a paradoxical fluctuating energy that results in a state of adaptability and fluidity. The link between expansion/compassion/prosperity and structure/limitation.

Path of Ayin- Psalm 119:121-128- Tiphareth to Binah

This Path connects the aspects of the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony to Archetypal Understanding/Form. This is the bridge between the Sun and Saturn. Working this Path imposes healthy limits and boundaries to life’s goals and higher purpose. The link between harmony/wholeness/peace and structure/limitation.


Path of Gimel- Psalm 119:17-24- Geburah to Binah

This Path connects the aspects of Severity/Contraction to the aspects of Archetypal Understanding/Form. This is the bridge between Mars and Saturn. This Path connects the Lesser and Greater Malefic forces and can be dangerous and tumultuous because it works with the essences of destructive reduction to break down unnecessary or weak forms built up in one’s spiritual life and higher psychology. The link between strength/energy and structure/limitation.


Path of Shin- Psalm 119:161-168- Binah to Chokmah

This Path connects the aspects of Archetypal Understanding/Form to the aspects of Archetypal Wisdom/Force. This is the bridge between Saturn and the Zodiac. Working this Path may result in the establishment of spiritual balance. The link between structure/limitation and creation/initiative.


Path of Zayin- Psalm 119:49-56- Geburah to Chokmah

This Path connects the aspects of Severity/Contraction to Archetypal Wisdom/Force. This is the bridge between Mars and the Zodiac. The link between strength/energy and creation/initiative.


Path of Tet- Psalm 119:65-72- Tiphareth to Chokmah

This Path connects the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony to Archetypal Wisdom/Force. This is the bridge between the Sun and the Zodiac. The link between harmony/wholeness/peace and creation/initiative.


Path of Bet- Psalm 119:9-16- Chesed to Chokmah

This Path connects the aspects of Mercy/Expansion to Archetypal Wisdom/Force. This is the bridge between Jupiter and the Zodiac. The link between expansion/compassion/prosperity and creation/initiative.


Path of Heh- Psalm 119:33-40- Chokmah to Kether

This Path connects Archetypal Wisdom/Force to Archetypal Consciousness. This is the bridge between the Zodiac and Divine Union/Gnosis. The link between creation/initiative and unitive consciousness/Divine awareness.


Path of Dalet- Psalm 119:25-32- Tiphareth to Kether

This Path connects the Higher Self/True Will/aspects of Harmony to Archetypal Consciousness. This is the bridge between the Sun and Divine Union/Gnosis. The link between harmony/wholeness/peace and unitive consciousness/Divine awareness.


Path of Vav- Psalm 119:41-48- Binah to Kether

This Path connects Archetypal Understanding/Form to Archetypal Consciousness. This is the bridge between Saturn and Divine Union/Gnosis. The link between structure/limitation and unitive consciousness/Divine awareness.




Now, let’s talk about a Pathworking ritual framework. My version of Pathworking relies heavily on the shift in consciousness that meditation brings, and allowing yourself to pause for a time and deepen your thoughts while going back to the ritual is a must for this method.

For this style of Pathworking you’ll need to set up your altar as simply as possible. The few elements I would recommend are simply a black and white candle setup, white on the right for the Active/Male/Positive Force, and black on the left for Passive/Female/Negative Form. This is simple enough and represents a great deal for the modern ceremonial magician. It is symbolizes the opposing forces of the Universe, and the double pillar setup usually functions as an archetypal Gateway in many lodge traditions. The initiate or practitioner should keep in mind that he or she then represents the synthesis of such forces, and in Qabalah, this is the Middle Pillar and central “trunk” of the Tree.

The rest of the elements are up to you to decide what you’ll need once you “arrive” at your planned destination of Pathworking, though simpler is better. For instance, I recently had a discussion with a friend and fellow magician about how they were looking for options on how to raise their consciousness to the Creative World of Briah, create certain intents and goal-oriented imagery on this level, and have it trickle down through to Assiah and manifest on the Physical plane. I suggested that once having worked their way up the Tree by the method here explained, you have many ways of using some simple sympathetic magic at this point to reinforce what you’re doing mentally/astrally.

For instance, I suggested to work out your statement of intent and reduce it to a simple word. Find the proper translation of this word in Hebrew, then using the Golden Dawn Rose Cross, create a sigil using this word. After your ascension you could use this sigil to strongly project in a full visualization, and you could even couple this with grounding yourself by physically drawing this sigil onto the surface of a bowl of water with your finger or writing it onto a small mirror (if working in Yesod for example), or inscribing it into a yellow Solar Candle or using the candle flame to draw and project (if working in Tiphareth). Another option would be to draw the sigil on a notecard and then burn it, saving the ashes for some leftover mojo, if you feel so inclined. The opportunities are endless, but also wholly optional, as there are some who may prefer to keep their Pathworking solely on the mental and astral levels. Personally, I prefer to mix the two approaches.


The ritual framework would follow as recommended; start by doing some deep meditation for as long as it takes to get you properly relaxed. Some may prefer to perform a banishing ritual. One brother of mine described to me how he often performed the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram mentally with good results, which may be a viable alternative to a physical LRP since visualization plays such a huge part in the required sections. I would recommend opening the oratory by a simple prayer like the Our Father, or maybe the GD’s Adoration of the Lord of the Universe.

Commence with a Statement of Intent. This is always good to do with any sort of working anyway for multiple but mostly obvious reasons. Keep your SoI clear and concise.  For our Pathworking, it could be something like this: “It is my will to raise my consciousness to [Sephirah] of [Qabalistic World], in order to petition the heavenly gatekeepers for assistance in [goal].” Maybe throw in a line about approaching these entities humbly in order to make a positive hange within yourself and thus progress the Great Work. Or not. ‘Sup to you.

Notice that since our previous example dealt with travelling forward on the Tree through the Worlds instead of merely using the single Tree model, things get specific here. I’ve included this simple diagram to map out our potential paths of travel. Though, keep in mind that one cannot expect to fully enter and experience the upper realms of abstract thought and creation by merely using meditation and ritual. However, this is exactly why its important that we approach the entities along the way and petition them to help us ascend in whatever way possible, and to further our cause. In this manner, approaching the Angels of the Tree and asking them for assistance and to do some of the work for us is paramount to any amount of success.



Notice also that I have included the “Secret Names” of the Worlds; Atziluth: “Aub”, Briah: “Seg”, Yetzirah: “Mah”, Assiah: “Ben”. In the bit of searching that I have done, I can’t find much use of these names in a practical magical method.  However, we can use them to vibrate and to act as a further “key” to connecting to the higher worlds, just as one would separate the Tetragrammaton by its letters to connect to each level as well.

Now comes the artsy part of our journey, if you so choose to incorporate some mandalas into your meditations. These visual aids will help one focus their concentration and then visualize with closed eyes. For example, for simplicity’s sake, if we were to travel to Tiphareth of Yetzirah, we would draw out (or print, if you’re lazy) a set of Hebrew letters to meditate on or scry upon as a gateway, using the appropriate colors of each World of Qabalah. You can find these correspondences easily here: Color Scales in the Four Worlds.

Once having used the appropriate invocations of each Divine Name and Archangel, and having also read the Psalms of each Hebrew Letter for your pathway through Assiah, you can then approach them again in the higher worlds using a mental projection of their sigils instead of being subject to unnecessary repetition, depending on how high up you’re going. To proceed up the Tree by way of the Middle Pillar would yield a framework something like this:


Malkuth of Assiah (Invocation of Adonai Ha-Aretz/Sandalphon/Ben)
Tav of Assiah (Psalm 119:169-176)
Yesod of Assiah (Invocation of Shaddai El Chai/Gabriel)
Resh of Assiah (Psalm 119:153-160)
Tiphareth of Assiah (Invocation of YHVH Eloah Ve-Da’ath/Raphael or Michael)
Daleth of Assiah (Psalm 119:25-32)
Kether of Assiah/Malkuth of Yetzirah (Invocation of Eheieh/Metatron and Adonai Ha-Aretz/Sandalphon/Mah)
Tav of Yetzirah (Project Taviel sigil or Tav Letter)
Yesod of Yetzirah (Project sigils of Shaddai El Chai/Gabriel)
Resh of Yetzirah (Project Reshiel sigil or Tav Letter)
Tiphareth of Yetzirah (Project sigils of YHVH Eloah Ve-Da’ath/Raphael or Michael)

You get the idea.


Now as for visualizing the Sephirotic Temples, I use a simple framework of the appropriate sephirotic or planetary flashing colors. Others are able to visualize intense details, I am certainly not one of them. I picture the Angels as luminous beings who interact with me in simple ways like a cross blessing and an unveiling of an arched gateway that leads to the next Path and Hebrew Letter.

Once you have “arrived” at your destination, thank the gatekeepers and petition for assistance for your main goal. Here is where the gray area comes in, where you have a myriad of ways to employ your intentions. If it is to be done all in the mind, then keep it simple. If you are incorporating some physical reinforcements while at your altar, try not to take too long or your shift in consciousness may be too abrupt.

Some prefer to backtrack their way down the Trees, and this is certainly recommended for general safety, however, you may wish to briefly petition Adonai Ha-Aretz/Sandalphon of Malkuth to guide your way back and to “ground” your consciousness properly. Take some time before entering back into mundane activities as well, spend a few minutes in thankful prayer, or in meditation without any specific visuals.


I hope this post gives you some ideas for your own Pathworking experiments, whether or not you subscribe to the Ari Tree symbolism or whatever. Peace.

Pathworking the Ari Tree of Life

The Six-Rayed Star Prayer



Recently, I started developing a very simple prayer and visualization while meditating on the Hermit card and its principle symbol of the Lantern and the Hexagram. I originally just wanted this to be something very straightforward for myself, but I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to share either.

During my experiments in visualization exercises (for instance The Cordis Sanctae Ritual and The Triple Rung Ritual), I have grown to really appreciate the theory that etheric/astral forms can be “charged” easier through this type of exercise. I believe Wildoak explained it quite succinctly that as we work to build these forms on the lower levels, they can be charged with higher spiritual forces as we give them the vessels to embody.

With this in mind, it occurred to me that the Golden Dawn magician spends an enormous amount of time and effort in building these types of forms, especially in the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. However, while building the pentagram forms are continually reinforced with every practice of the LRP, less attention is given to the form of the Hexagram at the very center of the sacred space created (“in the column shines the six rayed star”). Some argue that this hexagram figure should be fully centered at the Tiphareth region, which then brings in the better possibilities of an exercise like this being a reinforcement of planting the full Tree of Life within the aura.

The exercise is very simple. The accompanying mantra used is as follows:

“Purify me with sacred fire. Baptize me in cleansing waters. Illuminate me with Your infinite Light, Oh Lord.”

The visualization may be a simple golden hexagram, or a more hermetic version with a Fire triangle and a Water triangle, with a golden yellow solar cross at the center. In fact, the mantra itself is obviously reflecting such symbolism. The visualization should proceed slowly with the upward Fire triangle glowing warmly after the first sentence, the Water triangle calmly flowing after the second, and the Solar Cross blazing brightly after the third. With the addition of the Cross, you should then finish the visual with light filling the entire sphere of sensation.

Aside from the usual symbolism of the unification of opposites, the six rayed star visual places the Hexagram at the center of balance and harmony within the aura and strengthens this Sephirothic energy. This is also a strategic placement of symbol considering that in modern interpretations, the Pentagram is usually a symbol of the Microcosm, and the Hexagram as the Macrocosm. This again solidifies and reinforces the idea that the Divine spark is ever present within the depths of our own being, and this expresses a very personal relationship with Deity.

If one goes into practice with this exercise, it can be a direct connection to the invocation of Active and Passive forces, with the two triangles, and Equilibrium, with the Cross.

As a side note, interestingly enough, I believe the same is done in a more subtle way by those Masonic obediences that make use of the Rule as a third Great Light, laying across the middle of the Square and Compasses as a mediator between two extremes of polar opposites. This has a further correspondence between the three Mother Letters of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph, Mem, and Shin, which are also indicative of Air, Water, and Fire. These letters and associated elements also fit quite perfectly with the arrangement of the three cross bars of the Ari/Lurianic Tree of Life. All of these things fit rather nicely together as a set of correspondences that is hard for someone like me to ignore, and the practical usage of theory in symbol becomes apparent. Freemasons of the Mark and/or Royal Arch degree will find something further to contemplate as the Keystone of our Arch is placed at the Tiphareth center. This is however merely speculation on my part as I integrate the systems of symbolism that I am familiar with.

Obviously, this and similar exercises can reinforce the LRP and MP (and full Tree vibration) rituals,  but is certainly not meant to be a replacement for such things.

The Six-Rayed Star Prayer

The Passive Meditation and Active Invocation of Tarot



A small group of practitioners and I have developed an approach towards integrating Tarot into our lives, and it consists of a two-fold method that I feel compelled to share with all Tarot users and magicians alike. It is not exactly groundbreaking, however this new series of lessons was aimed at total beginners after all. The two approaches should be used in conjunction with each other for maximum effect if you are looking to fully integrate the symbolism into practical manifestation. The first technique can be done with minimal preparation and could also last anywhere from 10 minutes to a half an hour or so, if you feel so inclined.

Firstly, what we call the “Passive Meditation” method serves to sublimate the card’s symbolism into our consciousness, bleeding through the back doors of our minds, if you will, through a simple ritual of creating sacred space (oratory prayers, LRP, circle-casting, or any other methods you deem appropriate), assuming a comfortable position, staring at the chosen card via candlelight, and memorizing its facets before closing one’s eyes and re-creating the imagery in the mind’s eye with as much detail as possible.

Do this by starting with the background, then the foreground and any central figures, then any minor figures and details, including color, if you are able. Systematically assemble the entire card in your mind, piece by piece, slowly and as closely as you can to the real card, and then hold this unified image steady and study it for several moments, (keeping in mind you’ll be armed with the explanatory study of its symbolism that you have done previously). If it helps to keep a checklist of all the scenery to study beforehand, keep it close by as it may be a good memory trigger.

After you have sat and absorbed the symbolism as best as you are able within the completed visualization in your mind, begin to slowly subtract the facets of the image before you, one by one, until there is nothing left. This reversal is a second step to the Passive Meditation method and is also an excellent technique for strengthening the memory. Contemplate the darkness for a moment and clear your head, relax, open your eyes, and observe the tarot card before you briefly in order to check your memory and see how well you did.

Another easy way to reinforce the tarot symbolism would be to keep the card with you in your purse or pocket as you go about your day. As an alternative, these days it is rather easy to also find a high-quality image of the card and set it as your phone background or lock screen. I do this, and for as much as I use my phone per day, I might see the card many many times over the span of about a week or two, which is how long I’d recommend spending time with each card anyway, doing the meditation ritual several times a week. Some people place the card underneath their pillow as they sleep, though I usually just keep it propped upon my altar. Sometimes it’s beneficial for meditation to print out a large representation of the card with a frame for a nice centerpiece (those who subscribe to the various occult attributions may also decorate the altar with depictions of the associated Hebrew letter or Elemental/Planetary/Zodiacal symbol for extra symbolism, though this may cause clutter, and for some decks these symbols are already on the card design). 

Others may find it helpful to simply gaze at the card in the morning upon waking and/or at night right before sleeping. The Passive Meditation method, or a simplification thereof, would be very useful before bed as it may influence your subconscious and your dreams more easily. At that point it would be ideal to analyze your dreams for any associated symbolism or themes that seem related to your card.


The point of all this is for the card to sink into your mind as deeply as possible. As you study the Tarot, its meaning and application, you’ll begin to exercise your magical Will and start making conscious decisions related to positive, active aspects of the card. The idea is to let the card penetrate your mind and heart so that you begin to truly LIVE the meaning and not just study it from a theory point of view, here we wish to bring them into the active realm and make them as practical as possible.




Now, the cards can be used as vehicles with which their symbolism may be seen as a meta-sigil of desires and goals. In this manner, using the second Active Invocation method, a more direct approach may be taken in that you may invoke the qualities of the card’s symbolism itself by composing an invocation that seeks to directly channel the esoteric archetypal imagery and imbed it into your mind, and by extension, the metaphysical aspects of the Will, which, in theory, would develop and manifest into a magical outlet. This is where creative types have a lot of techniques to choose from, and this section of the ritual may either be simple and direct or very complicated, depending on your ritual taste.

One can formulate such an invocation in many ways, and here is where the correspondences of the cards come in. For example, the Fool is, in many setups, attributed to Air. By extension one could then invoke the card’s Divine forces (YHVH), its Archangelic forces (Raphael), and even the forces of the Angel and Ruler as well (Chassan and Ariel), according to the Hierarchy of Air. This may be overkill for many, but for those of the ceremonial magic crowd, this is standard practice to run down a list of entities for a complete ritual invocation; however, it must be stated that such lengths are definitely not necessary. I am merely brainstorming for the benefit of the reader.

There is even a possibility of experimenting with taking up the actual physical posture of the card’s figures and creating the world of the card’s scenery around you as a point-of-view creation on the subtle levels. At this stage, if your visualization skill and symbolic memory is strong enough, you might choose to interact in some way with the environment you have created around you. Those familiar with both the Golden Dawn practices of Godforms and Pathworking will no doubt feel at home with such ideas and may even be an expansion or extension of those ideas. Have a bit of fun and experiment, feel free to share your ideas as well.

Then there is the matter of the words of the invocation itself. Although I no longer subscribe to its specific attributes anymore, for those using the usual GD/BOTA arrangement of correspondences, you can find a goldmine of esoteric poetry in Paul Foster Case’s “Book of Tokens”, that which links the Trumps to the Hebrew Letters and their accompanying Elemental/Planetary/Zodiacal associations. These can be used to explore the symbolism of the cards in this capacity and is an eloquent solution if you have no ideas for writing an invocation yourself. However, I still strongly advise that at least a section of the invocation should be written by yourself. If you find yourself stuck at this juncture, there are many, many sources of “Tarot Affirmations” that you can search online for that will serve this purpose wonderfully.


Using the correct sacred geometric patterns associated with your card’s attribute can give you some ideas for an altar set up, as will the corresponding colors for candles and scents of incense to burn, if you plan to go the full nine yards. Elemental attribute? Consider the design of a square or equal armed cross in which to place your card in as a magical perimeter. Planetary? Consider a heptagram. You get the idea folks.


Put simply, I treat the card’s central figure as if it were a divine aspect of a pantheon, and I “invoke” it through a formal address, and even present offerings to its ruling Divine and Angelic hierarchies (see the Cicero’s “Tarot Talismans” for a full and completely detailed list of angelic counterparts to each and every single Tarot card). For an example of my first attempt at this Active Invocation method, see the last section of my Mercury Invocation. The possibilities and opportunities are endless here, but I would advise to start simply and directly for the best results at first, then gradually work your way up to more complicated rites if you choose.

The Passive Meditation and Active Invocation of Tarot

Psalmistry Part 2

For examples on how to use the Psalms within magical ritual, and also to see my train of thought for appropriating verses instead of only whole chapters, refer to the first blog I’ve written on Psalmistry HERE.

In this list of Psalm correspondences you will find, unlike in most other lists out there, more direct relations to the words used in the verses themselves, making more relevant appropriations, including some metaphorical extrapolation that make for some strong magical opportunities. This list is far from complete, but represents a limited example of how you can appropriate the Psalms towards the many needs of life.

Where there are no verse indications, this means the entire chapter or at least most if not all of the verses contained therein are generally applicable to the attribute listed. In those instances you have a lot of freedom to choose which verses resonate best with your goal, or just stick with reading the entire chapter. What’s important here is emotionally resonating with the words used. When you come across a Psalm (any scripture in general, really) that you do not understand either because of lack of context or vocabulary, take some time to do a bit of research and you may end up resonating with it more. If you still don’t get excited about finding the perfect fit in a book filled with endless options, rest assured you can keep looking.

That’s why I made this list, because I found myself getting pretty excited about researching Psalms for my meditations and rituals, and ended up enjoying the scriptures more, not just as a means to an end. I hope those readers interested in using these will expand on what I’ve done and make their own appropriations, fashioning their own simple rituals, or learning more about how the scriptures can be used to amp up your work. Those with further ideas are invited to share.

Some further notes on these correspondences; there are certainly some reoccurring themes that run through the Psalms, most of them being prayers against enemies and praises to God. When using those that deal with prayer against the attacks of enemies, one might think that this isn’t applicable or practical. But, if you think metaphorically, it is clear to see that we all have enemies; Vices and imperfections. They assault us from all sides, every one of us; laziness, lust, greed, etc. A good exercise is to read these types of Psalms and try to figure out how you can apply them to yourself even if the subtle meanings may seem irrelevant to you at first. I recommend Psalm 69 for this, it is a powerful passage that includes many references to this theme, but there are numerous ones that can be used in this way.

I have even listed a good deal of curses (!), as there is some hefty power behind some of these chapters that sometimes deal wholly as “Dear Lord, fuck up my enemies, badly!” Some are even moderately graphic (like Psalm 58, which features poison snakes, broken teeth, melting and cutting enemies, melting snails, and miscarriages), and while I make no endorsements for the use of “black magic” per se, real enemies and real threats always exist and sometimes it is hard to sit idly by and let people drag you down. So, there’s that. No need to get into a discussion of magical ethics here, do as ye will. Let’s just be adults and recognize the much needed care that should be taken when accepting responsibility for using these Psalms to curse/hex others.

Another thing about the Psalms is that there is a lot, a LOT, of chapters categorized by Worship and Praise. This should give us a clue about the way we practice and pray; that maybe we should also dedicate as much time in praise and thanksgiving as we do in ritual for when we need something. The fact is, life will always be challenging, so there will always be problems to pray on, but for the many blessings in life we also need to be thankful as well. This should keep us reflecting on the issue of balance. So take the time periodically to fashion a ritual of thanksgiving or praise when good things happen, or even when they don’t! If you can’t find things to be thankful for, or if you can’t find the time to put together a ritual of thanksgiving, then, without trying to sound at all holier-than-thou, you may need to prioritize and reassess your approach to working with Judeo-Christian magic.

Notice also that the Penitential Psalms, those of confession for mercy, are Psalms 6, 32, 38, 51, 102, 130, and 143 (6, 31, 37, 50, 101, 129, and 142 in the Septuagint numbering). However, there are more than just these listed, many other chapters and verses have been listed as confessionals and for mercy, so keep a lookout for these when you find yourself needing some honest confession. Consider building a little ritual out of it if this suits you.


1 To avoid wicked counsel, bad advice, gossip, or to surround yourself with righteous company
1:3 Prosperity
1:4-6 Judgement for the wicked


2 Against conspirators
2:9 Curse enemies with physical harm

3 Protection against oppression
3:4-5 For trouble sleeping, against nightmares
3:6 For confidence, against fear

4 Mercy
4:1 For prayers to be heard
4:4-5 To strengthen prayer
4:6 Against fear and despair
4:7 Thanksgiving
4:8 For trouble sleeping, against nightmares

5:1-4 For prayers to be heard
5:6, 9-10 To curse the violent and liars
5:7 Worship/Praise
5:8 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
5:11-12 For victory

6 Mercy, Against depression
6:9 Affirmation for prayers to be heard, for mystical manifestation
6:10 Curse to shame and vex enemies

7 Deliverance from evil
7:8-11 Justice
7:17 Worship/Praise

8 Worship/Praise
8:3-5 For Planetary Magic
8:6-9 For Elemental Magic

9 Justice/Deliverance
9:1-2 Worship/Praise
9:3-6 Protection against oppression
9:7-9 Justice
9:10 Trust
9:13-14 Mercy
9:18 Hope
9:19-20 Humility of Mankind

10 Against deceitful and fraudulent oppression
10:12 Justice for the humble
10:15-16 Curse against the wicked

11 Justice
11:6 Curse against the wicked

12 Protection from oppression
12:6 Alchemy

13 Against Depression/Prayers to be heard
13:5 Trust in Salvation
13:6 Worship/Praise

14 Curse against the wicked
14:5 To instill fear

15 To increase righteousness
15:1-3 Divination and Pathworking

16 Deliverance
16:3 For working with Saints
16:4 Against black magic
16:5-6 Prosperity
16:7-11 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
16:11 For happiness and contentment/Divination and Pathworking

17 For sincere prayer/Against depression
17:4-5 Safe travel
17:6 For prayers to be heard
17:8 To keep secrets or to be hidden
17:8-15 Protection against oppression

18 Deliverance/Justice/Affirmation of Faith
18:1-3 Trust/Hope
18:19-22 Prosperity
18:24 Manifestation of reward
18:25-26 Mercy
18:28 Knowledge/Wisdom/Against ignorance, For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, and indecision
18:29 To overcome physical trials
18:31 Faith
18:32 Strength through trial
18:32-50 Preparation for battle/war
18:40-46 Curse against enemies/Victory against oppressors
18:47 Vengeance

19 Worship/Praise
19:7-8 Self-transformation, Knowledge/Wisdom/Against ignorance
19:9 Endurance, Judgement
19:9-11 Against thirst for luxury
19:13 Against temptation of sin
19:14 For prayers to be heard and purified

20 For prayers to be heard
20:2-3 For presenting Offerings
20:4-5 For presenting Petitions
20:6-9 Trust and confidence

21 Worship/Praise
21:2 For prayers to be answered
21:3 Prosperity
21:4 Physical health
21:8 To expose hidden enemies
21:8-12 Curse against enemies

22 Against depression and despair

23 Worship/Praise
23:4 For comfort

24 Worship/Praise, Blessing for righteousness

25 Trust and Hope
25:7 To cleanse yourself of past sin
25:9-10 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
25:11 Mercy and plea for pardon
25:12-13 Victory for one’s children
25:14 Manifestation
25:16-22 Protection from oppression

26 Trust and hope/Affirmation of righteousness
26:9-12 To dissociate one’s self from the wicked

27 Confidence, Trust and hope
27:5 To keep secrets or to be hidden
27:6 Worship/Prayer
27:7 For prayers to be answered/Mercy
27:11 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, and the anxiety of indecision
27:14 Patience

28 For prayers to be heard
28:3-5 Deliverance from the wicked
28:6 Thanksgiving for manifestation of desire
28:7-9 Trust and Worship/Praise

29 Worship/Praise, Elemental Magic
29:3-4 Water Element
29:5-6 Earth Element
29:7 Fire Element
29:11 Blessing of Peace

30 Thanksgiving
30:6 Prosperity

31 Deliverance from depression, despair, anxiety, grief
31:14 Affirmation of Trust
31:18 Curse to silence liars
31:23-24 For working with Saints

32 Confession, for Mercy
32:8 To teach or instruct others

33 Worship/Praise
33:4 To discover truth
33:6 Air Element/Astrological
33:7 Water Element
33:8 Earth Element
33:9 Manifestation
33:10-11 To nullify evil
33:18-22 Divine Protection

34 Worship/Praise
34:7 Angelic protection
34:13-14 Against wicked speech/gossip

35 Justice

35:1-8 Curse against enemies

35:26 Curse enemies with shame, confusion, and dishonor

36 Worship/Praise
36:5 Mercy
36:7-10 Trust
36:11 Against pride

37 Trust/Hope
37:4-5 Mystical Manifestation
37:7 Patience
37:8-9 To calm anger, for patience and trust
37:16 For spiritual riches
37:17 Curse against the wicked
37:18-19 Prosperity
37:24-26 Hope in Divine mercy
37:29 Prosperity
37:33-34 Patience
37:39:40 Salvation/Deliverance

38 Against depression and despair, physical ailments
38:15 Hope
38:17-18 Confession

39 Meditation of humility and upon mortality
39:1 Against wicked speech/gossip
39:12-13 For prayers to be heard, against depression/despair

40 Thanksgiving, Worship/Praise
40:1 Patience
40:2 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
40:3 Inspiration (in yourself or in others)
40:4 Trust, against pride and lies
40:11 Mercy, Blessing for well-being
40:12-13 Against the troubles of sin
40:14-15 Curse against enemies
40:16 Prayer for the blessing of the righteous
40:17 Against poverty, for mercy

41 Mercy
41:4 Mercy, Confession
41:9-11 Against friendly betrayal

42 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith

43 Justice, for favor in court
43:4 Worship/Praise
43:5 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith

44:1-3 Work with ancestors
44:4-8 Victory against enemies/in competition
44:15 Confession of shame, against confusion
44:17-19 To increase faith and righteousness in time of distress and conflict
44:23-26 For prayers to be heard, Divine assistance

45 Worship/Praise
45:17 To inspire righteousness/evangelism

46 Protection
46:2 Against earthquakes
46:3 Against floods
46:8-9 Against war

47 Worship/Praise

48 Worship/Praise
48:9 To cultivate lovingkindness
48:14 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision

49 Meditation on mortality, humility, and the impermanence of wealth, against the haughty and proud
49:3 For wise speech and understanding
49:14-15 Curse against enemies

50 Hope in Divine judgement, curse against enemies and wicked speech/gossip

51 Mercy

52 Curse against liars and wicked speech

53 Against the unrighteous
53:5 To instill fear and shame

54 For prayers to be heard, Protection against oppression
54:6 For sacrifice, devotion

55 For prayers to be heard, Protection against oppression, Against corruption and violence
55:4-8 Against depression, spiritual confusion, or lack of faith
55:8 For Protection against storms
55:9-11 Curse against the corrupt and violent
55:12-23 Curse against betrayers and former friends
55:17-18 Thanksgiving for victory

56 For confidence, against fear, for Mercy, against enemies
56:4/11 Trust, Hope

57 Mercy/Deliverance/Protection against enemies
57:7 Devotion/Steadfastness
57 7-11 Worship/Praise

58: Curse against evil enemies/Physical harm hex

59: Protection against enemies
59:12 Against wicked speech/gossip
59:16-17 For Protection

60 Mercy/Against Sin and Defeat
60:2 Against earthquakes and natural disasters

61 For prayers to be heard
61:2 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
61:1-4 For Protection
61:7 For Mercy and Truth
61:8 For the keeping of vows

62 For Mercy and Protection
62:1 Patience
62:2 Salvation/Confidence
62:3 Curse against conspirators
62:4 Against lies and false speech
62:5-7 Salvation/Confidence
62:8 Trust
62:9-10 Against Vanity

63 Worship/Praise and Devotion

64 Against wicked speech/gossip and conspirators

65 Prosperity/Blessing of the Land
65:3 Purgation of Sin

66 Worship/Praise
66:12 Endurance through trial
66:13-20 For presenting Offerings/For prayers to be heard

67 Mercy, Worship/Praise, and Prosperity

68 Protection/Prosperity

69 Mercy, Against depression, addiction, and for Protection
69:22-28 Curse against enemies

70 Mercy/Deliverance
70:2 Curse to shame and vex enemies

71 For Trust and Deliverance from enemies/Strength in old age
71:13 Curse against enemies
71:14-16 Hope/Trust

72 Judgement against oppressors/Justice for the poor

73 Against the proud/greedy
73:24 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision
73:25-28 Trust/Hope

74 Protection against oppression

75 Worship/Praise

76 Against war/to invoke wrathful judgement

77 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision/ To recount Divine miracles

78 To recount Divine miracles/ Against the unfaithful and disloyal, Judgement against sinners
78:1-4 To reveal secrets or hidden knowledge, uncover mysteries

79 For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision, For mercy and Judgement

80 Protection against oppression, For salvation

81 Worship/Praise, to increase Divine awareness

82 For DIvine Judgement

83 Against enemies, Judgement of wicked

84 Worship/Praise, Trust
84:1-4 For matters of the Home, house blessing

85 For spiritual restoration, Salvation, Divine promises
85 Harvest magic

86 Mercy, Trust, To shame enemies
86:11 Spiritual direction

87 Worship/Praise

88 For prayers to be heard, against depression, For guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision

89 Worship Praise/Against oppression, protection in warfare

90 Against oppression

91 For Hope and Trust, Shelter, Divine Love, Deliverance, Salvation

92 Worship/Praise
92:9 Against enemies
92:12-15 Flourishing of righteousness

93 Worship/Praise, Divine strength
93:5 Temple blessing/consecration

94 Against oppression, Divine judgement

95 Worship/Praise

96 Worship/Praise

97 Worship/Praise
97:7 Against idolatry

98 Worship/Praise, Divine spark in Nature

99 Worship/Praise, Divine guidance

100 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving

101 Against sinners and liars, for purity

102 For prayers to be heard, for relief in old age, against oppression,

103 Worship/Praise

104 Worship/Praise, Nature magic, to glorify natural beauty
104:34 Meditation

105 Worship/Praise

106 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving

107 Worship/Praise, Thanksgiving, To recount Divine miracles

108 Worship/Praise, against enemies

109 Curse against the wicked, against accusers, against black magic

110 For protection, Against enemies, warfare

111 Worship/Praise
111:10 For wisdom

112 Prosperity

113 Worship/Praise, prosperity

114 Worship/Praise

115 Against idolatry, For trust

116 For prayers to be heard, Thanksgiving, fulfillment of vows, oaths and obligations

117 Worship/Praise

118 Thanksgiving, Divine refuge, prosperity

119 Worship/Praise, prosperity, wisdom, Grace, comfort, thanksgiving, protection, righteousness, deliverance, salvation, Divine refuge, sustenance, strength, Divine inspiration, endurance, for prayers to be heard

120 For prayers to be heard, Against distress, against warfare

121 For protection

122 For peace and prosperity

123 For mercy

124 For protection and escape

125 For trust, endurance

126 Divine restoration, salvation

127 For protection

128 For peace and prosperity

129 Against oppression

130 For prayers to be heard, for mercy, for endurance, for guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision

131 Against pride, for humility, for hope

132 For salvation

133 For peace and prosperity

134 Worship/Praise

135 Worship/Praise

136 Thanksgiving, Worship/Praise

137 Worship/Praise, Divine retribution

138 Worship/Praise, for prayers to be heard

139 For spiritual transparence, Worship/Praise,

140 For deliverance, against enemies, For mercy,

141 For prayers to be heard, for protection, against enemies

142 For prayers to be heard, for guidance, Against confusion, feeling lost, indecision, spiritual refuge

143 For prayers to be heard, for protection, against enemies, for spiritual direction

144 Worship/Praise, for protection, against enemies, deliverance, prosperity

145 Worship/Praise, prosperity

146 Worship/Praise, against oppression, against enemies, deliverance

147 Worship/Praise, protection, prosperity

148 Worship/Praise

149 Worship/Praise, against enemies, DIvine judgement and vengeance

150 Worship/Praise


Psalmistry Part 2

Tarot Prosperity Ritual



It had been a while since I had done a short ritual to empower my Key talisman, so I figured it was time to give it another go. This ritual set up is based on the previous one I used (you can read about the Talisman Consecration using Invocation and the Tarot, it will be a good place to start). The Key was a gift given me when I was ordained as a Porter, and I’ve been using it as a charm ever since.

As you could have guessed, this set up is aimed at the goal of prosperity, and is an advancement of the ritual laid out in the Cicero’s Tarot Talismans. However, it doesn’t have to be aimed at prosperity, and you can adapt it towards any goal you like with 2 of your own Influence cards and an Outcome card.

My version detailed here uses more props, so for anyone looking to use a simplification, you can simply use 4 Tarot cards (in the case of a prosperity goal you can use a Significator, Magician, Wheel of Fortune, and Ace of Pentacles), a chosen charm/talisman, a black candle, and a white candle. The arrangement would form a simple diamond shape and would look like this:



The first card position is the significator. Most use a Court card that represents themselves or their current state of being or their current situation. In my ritual, shown below, it is at this point when interacting with this card that I use a simple prayer to the Holy Guardian Angel (sourced from this link). This is the beginning of the driving force behind your Will and ultimate goal, and uses a white candle symbolizing the initiation of this force.

The second and third card positions represent the dual forces that will influence the change you wish to make, the prime movers of the work itself. Being two positions, you may wish to assign the second place to the Active force, and the third place to the Passive force of influence.

The fourth card position is the Outcome, and uses a black candle for manifestation.

This is the most basic version of the layout and uses minimal props. The talisman can be anything you wish, though I usually recommend something portable if you wish to use it as a daily charm.


Next I’ll explain my version of the set up and detail the ritual. The card positions are the same but I use a painted wooden Triangle in the middle of the diamond, both to represent the invocation of the Supernal sephiroth, and also to symbolically contain the force invoked (ala the Golden Dawn), inside of which is placed the charm.

The talisman I used was the aforementioned Key. This time around I threaded a purple ribbon through it and tied 4 knots with it to reinforce Jupiterian associations; some extra prosperity correspondences. With the two ends of the ribbon I placed them at the second and third card positions, to symbolize the connections to the Active and Passive influences.

My significator card was the Prince of Wands, a figure that to me represents a youthful and creative spirit but with a danger of often being too “fiery” and runs the risk of often burning himself out in many ways. Here at this position the White candle represents the initial force of the ideal goal and the archetypal positive action of setting oneself towards this goal.

The Active influence card position that I chose was the Magician (Mercury, and by association Elohim Tzavaot and Raphael). The Passive influence card position was the Wheel of Fortune (Jupiter, and by association El and Tzadqiel). Here we have an interplay between Mercurial and Jupiterian forces; Mercury releases blockages and increases the natural flow of exchange, while Jupiter establishes prosperous and generous ruling ability and the principle of expansion.

At the Outcome card position I used the Ace of Pentacles, representing material gain and prosperity in the world of Assiah. This card also represents the purest Earth energy, and as such the Black candle is even more appropriate, and I call upon Auriel here as the Archangel of Earth as the final invocation.

At this position I place the Ace of Pentacles upon my Earth Pantacle, which relates to the card chosen as a force of Earth energy, bringing manifestation to the idealized goal, that which starts at the top of the diamond with the significator.

For my ritual I also use a Cup of salted water (Earth and Water) and a Censer (Fire and Air) for a quick initial consecration of the talisman.

Here is what the layout looks like:



The ritual I used is pretty basic and loosely adapted from the Ciceros’ version with some additional elements.


-Tarot Talisman Prosperity Ritual-


*  Procul, O procul este, profani!

[Hold hand over talisman]

I exorcise thee, O Creature of […], that the blessing of God Almighty be upon thee, and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from, and let all good enter herein. I cast out from Thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm in the name of Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.

So therefore first, the priest who governeth the works of Fire must sprinkle with the Lustral Water of the loud resounding sea.

[Dip your finger into the Water Cup and trace a Cross above the talisman]

And when, after all the phantoms have vanished, thou shalt see that holy and formless Fire, that fire which darts and flashes through the hidden depths of the universe, hear thou the voice of Fire.

[Take the Censer and trace a Cross above the talisman]


[Vibrate the 3 Names of the Supernal Sephiroth]




Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe. Holy art Thou, Whom Nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

[Light the White Candle]

Come forth unto me, Thou that art my true Self: my Light: my Soul! Come forth unto me: Thou that art crowned with Glory: That art the Changeless: The Un-nameable: the Immortal Godhead, whose Place is in the Unknown: and whose Dwelling is the Abode of the Undying Gods.

Heart of my Soul; self-shining Flame, Glory of Light, Thee I invoke. Come forth unto me, my Lord: to me, who am Thy reflection in the mighty sea of Matter! Hear Thou, Angel and Lord! Hear Thou in the habitations of Eternity; come forth; and purify to Thy Glory my mind and Will! Without Thee am I nothing; in Thee am I All-self existing in Thy Selfhood to eternity!


In the Name of ELOHIM TZAVAOT, I invoke the Archangel RAPHAEL. Send to me the power and influence of Mercury!

[Draw the sigil of Raphael in the air over the talisman]



In the Name of EL, I invoke the Archangel TZADQIEL. Send to me the power and influence of Jupiter!

[Draw the sigil of Tzadqiel in the air over the talisman]


[Light Black candle]

In the Name of ADONAI, I invoke the Archangel AURIEL. Send to me the power and influence of Earth!

[Draw the sigil of Auriel in the air over the talisman]



Great Archangels, called forth from the higher realms unto the lower, look with favor upon this, my petition, my prayer for prosperity. Charge this talisman with your sacred power! May it bring me monetary increase and financial security so that I might free myself from the obstacles of the mundane world,  and thereby advance in the Great Work! I ask that this be done without bringing any harm or strain of any kind upon anyone. May you bring the forces of exchange and expansion into my life through this rite of the magic of Light.

From the Supernal Crown of the Divine…

[Draw a large Flaming Sword/Lightning Flash figure in the air descending upon the talisman]

… to the Kingdom of Manifestation. As Above, So Below!


In the Name of the Lord do I now declare this rite finished. In the Worship of Holy Conformity and Obedience to the Divine Will: Consummatum Est! *




Tarot Prosperity Ritual

The Cordis Sanctae Ritual

I’ve decided to share one of our adjunct rituals publicly, an important one that focuses on visualization, uses the Psalms, and incorporates some traditional Catholic prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. As you may have guessed, it is definitely a Christian-centered ritual and also the vibration of the Pentagrammaton. Despite all of these differing elements, the ritual is actually quite simple. [Credit also goes to Frater IEL and the work of the Ordo Lumen Christi for agreeing to let me publish our ritual].

This meditative visualization should be done sitting down, back straight and cross-legged, and should normally be preceded by the Lux Mundi Ritual [not yet publicly shared] or the LRP. In this context, one has effectively set a perimeter for the flow of Astral Light within both the designated physical area and the individual’s Sphere of Sensation. The Cordis Sanctae Ritual then fully internalizes this raised energy and focuses it directly into the heart center, assisted by the incantation of relevant Psalms and the appropriate prayer affirmations.

Note the usage of the words such as “we” and “us” in the prayer sections, as collective humanity is the ‘Body of Christ’, we are praying for all souls rather than just our own. The Psalms have their own egregore built up over time and are quite effective even just by themselves, but they appropriately further “charge” the visualization ritual, while the verses reflect the subject of the heart. Alternatively, this ritual may be condensed to a simple version consisting of only the posture and visualizations, without the prayers or scriptures.



Begin with the Opening, Psalm 19:14;

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer.”

As you begin to breathe regularly, visualize the Sacred Heart surrounding your entire body. Hold this image for a few minutes and continue to monitor the breath circulation. Raise your hands towards the heavens and embrace this encompassing Heart. As you’ve grown comfortable sitting ‘inside’ the Heart with your hands raised for several moments, read the following statement;

“O Christ Jesus, Redeemer of the Human race; behold us prostrate most humbly before Your altar in your presence. To You we belong; Yours we wish to be; and that we may be united to You more closely, we dedicate ourselves each one of us today to Your most Sacred Heart.”


The next step is to clasp your hands above your head, firmly enough but not a stress on the muscles or to be a distraction from the visualization. Continue circulating the breath and begin imagining the Sacred Heart growing smaller, about the size of a beach ball now, and floating within your hands above your head.



Read the purification Psalm 51:10;

“Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.”

Hold the visual above your head for a minute and then read the next prayer section;


Praise to the Divine Heart, through which was brought to us salvation; glory and honor be to It for ever. O Heart of Love, we put all our trust in You; for we fear all things from our own weakness, but we hope for all things from Your goodness.”


Next, bring your hands down and cross them over the breast, with the fingertips barely touching both shoulder areas, covering your heart. At this time, in the rhythm of the breath, slowly shrink the visualization of the Sacred Heart above you and bring it down into the head, the neck, and lastly resting in the chest area. Imagine this warming your heart and surrounding bodily area. It is at this point where you will be breathing the deepest out of the three phases.


Read Psalm 73:26;

“My flesh and my heart faileth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.”

Next is the last prayer section;

Most sweet Heart of Jesus Christ, grant that peace, the fruit of justice and charity, may reign throughout the world. Amen.”

After basking in the warmth of the Sacred Heart for several minutes with your hands still crossed, simply intone the Pentagrammaton six times, surging the heart center with warmth. Use your fingers to keep count if necessary. Take this time to vibrate the Word slowly, and also think of all the pain and suffering of the world that you are praying for. This section should take you out of your own world and place you in a state of compassion for all that ails this universe.

“YE-HE-SHU-AH” x 6

Close with the same words of the Opening, and a Glory Be;

“Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer. Glory Be to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen.”



The Cordis Sanctae Ritual

The Triple Rung Ritual- A Qabalistic and Elemental Exercise



This ritual is a practical meditation on the three “rungs” of the Qabalistic Ladder of Lights; the crossbars of the Ari/Safed Tree of Life. It is both an activation of the Paths of Aleph, Mem, and Shin within the Tree that is built within the Sphere of Sensation, and also a direct complement to the modern Golden Dawn Middle Pillar Ritual. As such it is strongly recommended to perform this  directly after the Middle Pillar is finished. It can be performed either sitting down or standing up. Embedded within are Psalm verses that correspond to the Elemental nature of the three Hebrew Mother Letters, and is thus also an invocation of their essence. The vibrations of the Letters that connect each rung will therefore complete the charging of the centers of the SoS that correspond with the outer two Qabalistic pillars of Mercy and Severity. The combination of the Middle Pillar and Triple Rung rituals will be an excellent precursor to Pathworking or Rising on the Planes exercises.

The order of the rungs that are activated may be reversed once one is familiar enough to rearrange its aspects. The original order of the rungs, having first invoked the Divine Names of the Middle Pillar descending the Tree from top to bottom, are activated as ascending back up the Tree from bottom to top.

As we have ended the Middle Pillar Ritual with the invocation of the Earthy Divine Name of Malkuth, Adonai Ha-Aretz, and are thus now working our way back up the Tree, we begin with a simple meditation upon the esoteric acronym of V.I.T.R.I.O.L., and it’s meaning should be well recognized by occult practitioners of Alchemy and even certain circles of Freemasonry that use it in the Chamber of Reflection. In this context, we allow its use to be directed almost as a kind of statement of intent to be connected to the Earth element.

That being said, as we commence with Earth and work our way up through the elements, the chosen Elemental Psalm to begin is chapter 33 verse 8.

The Path of Mem, the rung bridging Hod with Netzach, connects the mental energies of the Intellect with the emotional energies of Desire. It’s element is Water, and the Elemental Psalm chosen is chapter 33 verse 7. This rung corresponds also to the region of the belly or the bowels.

The Path of Aleph, the rung bridging Geburah with Chesed, connects the aspects of Severity/Contraction to the aspects of Mercy/Expansion. It’s element is Air, and the Elemental Psalm chosen is chapter 33 verse 6. This rung corresponds also to the region of the chest or the lungs.

The Path of Shin, the rung bridging Binah with Chokmah, connects the aspects of Archetypal Understanding/Form to the aspects of Archetypal Wisdom/Force. It’s element is Fire, and the Elemental Psalm chosen is chapter 29 verse 7. This rung corresponds also to the region of the head or the brain.

We finish off the ritual with the Psalm chapter 104 verse 30, and this relates directly to the Spirit of God rejuvenating the Earth, or in this case, the circulation of higher energies throughout the body.

As you can see, through the activation of the three rungs, the three major centers of the body are also affected and may therefore be useful as a balancing rite for those involved in healing work as well. Most importantly, as a complement to the Middle Pillar, the other Sephiroth are activated through a mystical use of the Psalms in order to provide a more advanced meditation upon the entire Tree. One may also choose to vibrate the Divine Names of the associated Sephiroth if you wish.

The coupling of these two rituals illustrates a symbolic circulation of Divine energy, firstly that of the Descent and manifestation of Creative energy becoming grounded in the realm of the Below through the Middle Pillar, and secondly through the Ascent of aspiration towards Unity in the realm of the Above. The entire process is therefore symbolic of mankind’s Reintegration with the Divine Source, both in Body and in Mind, but most importantly in that of the Spirit.



-The Triple Rung Ritual-

Visit the interior of the earth, and with rectification, you will find the hidden stone. “Let all the earth fear the Lord: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him.”

Lord, rectify for us the gate of Splendor and Victory. “He gathereth the waters of the sea together as an heap: He layeth up the depth in storehouses.” MEM.

[As you vibrate the Letter Mem, visualize the blue rung of the Tree being illuminated across your stomach]

Lord, rectify for us the gate of Mercy and Severity. “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth.” ALEPH.

[As you vibrate the Letter Aleph, visualize the yellow rung of the Tree being illuminated across your chest]

Lord, rectify for us the gate of Understanding and Wisdom. “The voice of the Lord divideth the flames of fire.” SHIN.

[As you vibrate the Letter Shin, visualize the red rung of the Tree being illuminated across your head]

“Thou sendest forth Thy spirit, they are created: and Thou renewest the face of the earth.”

As you finish the ritual, it may be wise to perform the Circulation of the Body of Light or some simple meditative breathing work like the Four-Fold Breath.






The Triple Rung Ritual- A Qabalistic and Elemental Exercise

Mercury Invocation- 5/24/2017


Here we are, May 24, 2017, Wednesday, the day of Mercury. The Astrological positions for Mercury today are 8° Taurus, in House II.  So, it’s been a while since I performed any larger operations. I have been focusing on other smaller projects, but have been itching to do something a bit more involved. It occurred to me that there may be some serious blockages in my life, and Mercury, being the planet/entity that corresponds to flow, change, fluctuation, communication, the intellect, data exchange, road-opening, and magic in general, I figured that this would be a good time to start increasing my work with Mercury. Up until now, I haven’t worked with Mercurial forces very much, and I aimed to change that by commencing this relationship with a strong and heartfelt invocation.

Of course, I prefer to do this through the angelic and Qabalistic channels that properly correspond to Hod, the eighth Sephirah upon the Tree of Life, that which has Mercury as its assigned planet. It’s color is often Orange and Yellow, though I chose to use Orange for this Rite as the main decoration for the link to the Golden Dawn Queen Scale of Hod.

I composed a ritual that combined several different elements. The opening prayers were taken from some self-initiatory versions of the Fellowship of the Rosy Cross grades my group created, and of course other elements of the traditional Golden Dawn influence will be more than apparent.

Mercury Altar

Some of you know me too well, I’ll take any excuse to make a new altar block or centerpiece! I’m a bit artistic, I can’t help it. Plus, I really think that this type of work, putting your efforts into making the ritual just right and creating various tools, can really connect you to the forces you’re after in wonderful ways. It doesn’t have to be all perfect, either. Since the number of Hod/Mercury is eight, I woodburned a large Octagram/Octagon within a circle onto a square piece of sanded wood for an altar centerpiece.


This figure would be the center of the altar and provide points for candles to be placed. I try to incorporate sacred geometry into the Work whenever I can, the layering of symbolism only adds to the correspondences and adds to the effects of Ritual Consciousness.

I also painted up an old candlestick that was waiting for a new purpose. I started with a base color of bright orange, and in blue, I painted Raphael’s name in Hebrew upon the base, with eight petals at the root of the stem, and eight dots upon the top portion.

Mercury candlestick

I had some photos printed out and framed for this rite as well. The first was a nice painting of the Archangel Raphael (I simply added the Planetary seal near the bottom and cropped with Orange and Blue).


The second was a quick digital coloring and crop of the Magician tarot card (this version by Barbara Moore, you can get the rest HERE).


I thought these would be excellent additions to my meditations, so I picked up some frames for them to look all purdy and such. The Magician card was chosen because it has Mercury as its correspondence, and by further association, the Hebrew Letter Bet.

From there, I got the idea to spend the preceding week reading and meditating on the Bet section of Paul Foster Case’s ‘The Book of Tokens’, which is an excellent little book of poetry pertaining to the Hebrew Letters and their tarot counterparts. I thought it fitting to begin the meditation on the Magician card with this, as PFC does a great job of delivering some quality spiritual poetry. At the end of the ritual I basically used the Magician as a mandala and kind of lost myself in its symbolism while letting it sink in to my consciousness, which was altered via ritual by then.

I closed the entire ritual with in the Name of the Trinity.
Here’s an overview of the ritual;

  • Opening Prayers
  • Invocation of Elohim Tzavaot
  • Presentation of the Offerings (incense, food, candles)
  • Invocation of the Archangel Raphael and the Order of the Angels Beni Elohim
  • Circumambulation (this part calls upon the astral light and circulates it around the altar, while being broken up into eight sections, divided by the reading of Mercurial biblical verses, mainly Psalms, and the lighting of eight candles placed upon the vertices of the Octagram/Octagon centerpiece)
  • Adoration of the Lord of the Universe (here the collected astral light with the circumambulation is projected to the altar via the Sign of the Enterer and sealed with the Sign of Silence)
  • Invocation of the Magician tarot card
  • Reading of the Bet section in PFC’s ‘Book of Tokens’
  • Meditation on the Magician tarot card
  • Closing Prayer


[The central altar is decorated with the figure of the Octagon/Octagram, an orange candle in the center, etched or painted with the symbol and/or seal of Mercury, surrounded by eight tealights.  In the Eastern quadrant there is the censer with Mastic incense, a depiction of The Magician tarot card, and a depiction of the Archangel Raphael.]

* * * *   * * * *  Procul, O procul este, profani!

The Lord is our Light and our help. In the Name of Him Who rescues us from the darkness and unredeemed places, Invest our Portals, O Lord, and guard our Thresholds. Do Thou clothe us in Thy grace and truth. The Light of the Supernals be upon us in the place of our devotion, and the Lord Who was with us from the beginning, insure the end. As our Temples are guarded without, let the heart be guarded within.

O Immanent and Transcendent Source and End of All, Lord of the Two Worlds, Thou hast set up Thy holy signs in all the quarters of the heavens, a revelation of Eternal Mind unto the mind of man. Thou dost speak to us by day and by night in Thy greater and lesser luminaries, Thy Suns and stars and constellations. Grant, I beseech Thee, that the hidden grace and the Radiant Light which abide in the Supernal Crown may be communicated to us. May whom Thou hast placed thereon dispense Thy Light and Grace. May You illuminate the Path of Thy Mysteries, and may that Light lead us even unto the attainment of the Quintessence, the Stone of the Wise, the Wisdom which has its root in Thee, and the Beatitude which is found in Thy Presence.

O Thou Who art from everlasting, Thou who hast created all things, and doth clothe Thyself with the forces of Nature as a garment, by Thy Holy and Divine Name ELOHIM TZAVAOT, whereby Thou art known especially of the eighth emanation which I name Hod, the Sephirah of Glory and Splendor, upon the pillar of Severity, and that which rules the forces of Kokav, Mercury.

God of Hosts, we ask that you deign to bless and sanctify this offering, that it may be pleasing unto You and Your Angels. As the Psalmist wrote: “Let my prayer be set forth before Thee as incense; and the lifting up of my hands as the evening sacrifice.”

[Ignites the incense and the central candle]

In the Name of Elohim Tzavaot, RAPHAEL, attend our worship, BENI ELOHIM, join us in these holy words.

[The Magician begins with the circumambulation, broken into 8 parts, so that the stations form an octagon around the altar]

“Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.”

[lights first candle]

Remove from us our obstacles Lord, and grant us safe passage unto the opening of roads, upon the paths of righteousness.

“Shew me Thy ways, O Lord; teach me Thy paths.”

[lights second candle]

We are your children, lost on our way back home to the splendor of Thy unity. Bring us ever higher and assist us in the true ascent.

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”

[lights third candle]

We find solace in the Divine Silence, in that hidden world within, where we are moved by the Holy Spirit and the guiding hand of the Father. Keep our lamps lit with Truth and Love, O Lord.

“Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.”

[lights fourth candle]

Our days are made joyous as we live in Your Will, but our own glory is but a reflection of Your own. Our faith and trust is put in You, our God, that we will find the path of truth and that our success will be because of your mercy.

“Hold up my goings in Thy paths, that my footsteps slip not.”

[lights fifth candle]

How often do we falter when our houses are built upon sand, when our faith is put in the world and not in Your way. Grant us the keys of wisdom, that we may open the doorways of new opportunity.

“He restoreth my soul: He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.”

[lights sixth candle]

We cannot be satisfied with worldly treasures, for we are only made whole through spiritual unity and the guidance from on high.

“I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron.”

[lights seventh candle]

That which imprisons us and suppresses our highest potential will be broken down by the hand of God. Clear our pathways Lord, increase the flow of our possibilities.

“In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

[lights eighth candle]

As we learn to dissolve our will into the Will of the Father, we set ourselves upon the path of return, a return to the source, a return to oneness, a return to the place whence we were cast down.

All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.”


The Lower self cares naught but for its own desires, but strengthened may we be if we listen to the voice of the Highest within us. Then, and only then, may our broken parts be mended, our very souls repaired.

Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe. Holy art Thou, Whom Nature hath not formed. Holy art Thou, the Vast and the Mighty One, Lord of the Light and of the Darkness.

[Perform Sign of the Enterer, projecting at the altar, then perform the Sign of Silence]

Upon the table of offerings there is depicted the form of the Magician, he that is Mercury, he that is master of the tools of magic and of complete control, he that is strong of character and of mind, he that uses the knowledge of practical things to unravel the Sacred Mysteries and apply the link between the Supernal Crown with the Supernal Understanding. We therefore invoke the Hebrew letter Bet as the Shelter or Dwelling of self-mastery, in its Mercurial aspect, as to dwell within and to make our very home the realm of fluctuation, of adaptability, and of adept control over all cognitive processes; for clarity of mind and direction as we accept the role of Magus in order to become the channel between the Above and the Below, between the Divine and Man.

[Briefly place right hand pointing to the heavens, and left hand pointing to the Earth] 

O Magician, he that channels the fleet-footed messenger of the gods, invest us with the qualities of consciousness, creation, and action, and let us become as the lightning rod of spiritual manifestation, as vessels for true inspiration and to be filled with Holy Breath. Give us the power to break the barriers that block our way, to release the potential for Holy blessings, and to bridge these connections with others so that we may do the same for them. We therefore solemnly swear, as craftsmen employed at the site of the spiritual Temple, not to abuse this power, nor let it go to waste, lest we profane the divinity of our inner Will and slow the motion of our positive change.

[The Acolyte then reads the Meditation on the Hebrew Letter Beth from the Book of Tokens and meditates upon the image of the Magician afterwards]

In the Name of the Blessed Trinity do I close this ritual, may the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit guide us on the path toward Reintegration forever more.  * * * *   * * * *

– – – –   – – – –

Right before closing the ritual, I spent some time praying through Raphael/Elohim Tzavaot and specified what I was trying to accomplish. Even though I enjoy well thought out scripted ritual, I still strongly believe that there should always be room for free-form prayer from the heart, so I made sure to speak genuinely in addressing my concerns and my goals for such a devotional rite. I ended the ritual in thankfulness.

One interesting little tidbit as well, I had a quick vision of lightning when I assumed the Magician’s ‘As Above, So Below’ posture. After doing a bit of research I realized that Mercury also governs the nervous system and electricity. So there’s that, which was interesting. This coincides with my intention to become a conduit for the blessings of the Divine, and I suppose I should expect nothing less than quick bursts of revelation like this during times of Mercurial inspiration.

Mercury Invocation- 5/24/2017

The Use of the Binding Talisman and Reflections on Divine Unity


The Binding Talisman can be used for several different purposes, all of which, as can be guessed from the title, will deal with uniting forces of some kind. I originally created this as a Love talisman, that which can be consecrated for healing and repairing a broken relationship, but it could also be used to forge or reconnect healthy friendships of any kind. Aside from its use on a personal level between loved ones, or even professional relationships, it can also be used in a more abstract way to establish connectivity and flow between forces or concepts.

Consider the situation that you are having trouble finding the motivations for the correct goals, while you may find you make time and expend enough energy on other things less important. This is a common issue and I frequently find myself in this position as well. You might want to use this talisman to combine the appropriate drive and the corresponding goal that you need to focus on. This may be a more abstract connection, but if you find yourself with misdirected energy or misappropriated priorities, as we all often do, this may be the focus of a good ritual meditation to use.

The talismanic imagery used here is nothing new, but I encourage the meditation upon its aspects so that a more practical use can be made of the concepts revealed in the layers of its symbolism. In this way, you may just as well use it as a mandala or meditation focus instead of, or in addition to, using it as a tablet upon which to burn incense or candle offerings (I also encourage it to be placed upon the Manifestation Tablet if you are going to use it in this manner, layering the qabalistic symbolism).

The central device is the table of the 12 Banners, understood as the 12 permutations of the Tetragrammaton. According to Jacobus Swart, this table has been generally understood to provide “great pleasure and joviality; strengthening of virility; and special protection against injurious forces”.

Upon the central 12 banners may you place your written petition and/or Tarot card that represents your main goal. For example, if used as a general Love talisman, you may place the two Significator cards representing both parties, or even just the Lovers card here. Upon this, place a candle, carved with your intention or sigils, or your censer. As usual, these represent your prayers rising to the heavens and is an appropriate placement.

Looking at the rest of the talisman, we see the Name “Yahdonhi” bordering the 12 Banners. This is a special combination of the 2 Divine Names YHVH and ADNI, the Names of Tiphareth and Malkuth, respectfully (according to the more traditional Qabalistic sources that may differ from the Golden Dawn lists, which are still similar enough to be of potent use between each current). That which resides in Divine balance is brought into Malkuth in the ultimate manifestation. According to Mark Verman, this Name “would be used to represent the unification of these sefirot and that it is indicative of Harmony in the intra-Divine realm”.

Connecting this name to the word ‘Amen’ via its gematria of 91, Gnostic News describes its relationship thusly: “The Zohar exhorts to meditate on this combined Name every time we say Amen (אמן) of numerical value 91. In so doing we elevate the blessing from our world to the upper world. In so doing, we also bestow blessings on the reciter of the blessing and on ourselves as well, as we become the channels of elevation.”

So we see here an important conjunction is created via qabalistic methodology that we can immediately use in both meditation as a mantra and also in our magical imagery as a talismanic device of binding forces, ideas, or even people, together. It is recommended in your consecration to vibrate the Names found hereon to activate these forces.

I’ve also incorporated some color magic in here as well. Note that the four quarters in red squares spell out the word Ahava; “Love”. This Divine expression of Love does not only refer to our human conception of love, but that of unity that is beyond most of our comprehension. In its qabalistic understanding, the root of the word implies ‘giving’, which is integral to Love’s expression of selflessness and far beyond ego-driven attraction or materialistic obsession. So we see the imagery here is quartered by Divine Love.

Notice that these red squares, combined with the expressions of the 12 Blue Banners of HaShem, produce a Purple background, upon which is expressed by Yahdonhi, representing the balancing of forces that we are effecting on the material plane.

Now, usually I do not support diving too far into the realm of gematria, more so especially for beginners, as you can go nuts making never-ending connections that may or may not have much of anything to do with each other, but in this case we can draw out some healthy speculations without overdoing it. One can do some simple online research into the Name of יאהדונהי and can dive headfirst into the deep end if you wish, there are numerous connections to be made if you like. But for our purposes, this is more than enough to understand the talisman in its basic principles and it is ready for consecration.

Upon the back of this talisman you may write the names of the 2 things you wish to unite (or more, though I recommend to keep things simple), or you can use appropriately colored candles based on Elemental, Planetary, or Zodiacal symbolism to represent these parties. It would be helpful to envision the unification of these things while vibrating the Names upon the talisman, creating a special meditation that you can repeat without resorting a overdrawn consecration ceremony, though I heartily recommend using the Z2 formula to empower it as well.


The Use of the Binding Talisman and Reflections on Divine Unity

Manifestation Ritual

This is a short ritual to ground Sephirotic energies into the realm of Malkuth. Any Sephirah can be chosen, and thus its respective Angelic Hierarchy, and is used by a vibratory activation of its corresponding Divine Name. For the sake of brevity, this post assumes that you know which Name corresponds with which Sephiroth. If you are not, this info is found quite readily available on many online sources.

Both the methodology and the style of ritual is [loosely] based on the Golden Dawn Z formulas(A Z2 example can be found HERE). You can find further talismanic consecratory rituals readily available also in Nick Farrel’s “Making Talismans” and Pat Zalewski’s “Talismans and Evocation In The Golden Dawn“. These are great sources for ritual construction if you follow the GD style.

I’ve created a charging station upon which you may place a candle or talisman. Here is the design for the charging station:



Starting at the top with EHEIEH, the ten Sephirothic Divine Names in descending order are listed around the perimeter. Based upon the 4 colors of Malkuth, on this rests a decagon and decagram, sacred geometry that reflects the number ten, and symbolically reinforces and funnels the energy of astral light that is called down at the pinnacle of the ritual, “grounding” it within the material realm. Within these is a miniature Triangle of Art, used to focus and “trap” this energy into the candle or talisman within it. Bordering the triangle is the word “ARARITA“, which is notariqon for “One is His Beginning: One is His Individuality, His Permutation is One.”

Since the altar arrangement is set up to reflect earthly energies and ground the celestial influence into the material realm, it would be more than appropriate to also set up your Elemental Tools if you have them. You can use either your Air Dagger/Fire Wand/Water Chalice/Earth Pentacle or use the implements shown in the 0=0 Grade of Neophyte; the Rose/Red Lamp/Cup of Wine/Bread and Salt. Or, in addition to, or instead of, these tools, you can use the 4 Aces of Tarot; Ace of Swords in the Eastern quadrant of the altar, Ace of Wands in the Southern, Ace of Cups in the Western, and Ace of Pentacles/Discs in the Northern. I prefer this approach as it provides a simple and easy layout with minimal clutter on your altar.

As a plus, a previously and properly consecrated Tarot deck will go further to metaphysically house, or act as a prism for, the energies that they symbolically represent. In this manner, especially if you already use them in ritual for non-divinatory currents (see my previous blog about this HERE), the Tarot can be just as effective as the tools they depict.  If you choose this route, your altar would look something like this:


Naturally I would call upon the 4 Archangels in their respective quarters to bless and guide the operation, not only just through the LRP but through genuine and heartfelt prayers, making a more intimate connection than merely commanding them to be present. The angelic forces of the universe don’t owe us anything, so we’d better quit ordering them around and ask nicely.

In this example of the ritual template it will be a consecration of a candle to ‘sacrifice’ as a talismanic offering in honor of El, the Divine Name of Chesed, the 4th Sephirah on the Tree of Life, that of Mercy and of the planetary current of Jupiter; for the purpose of invoking the current of immediate prosperity. Finding colored candles to use is probably the easiest and most accessible type of offering (an appropriate incense is nice to have too.) After you have chosen one, you should carve the Divine Name and Archangel of the sephirah into it, and, if you can fit it, maybe a word or symbol or sigil relating to your intent. If you are simply looking to soak in the general energies of the sephirah, this is not necessary, but should be expressed clearly in your petition, whatever your aim may be. Always err on the side of caution: be careful to be clear in your words and always remember that your intention can be muddled and misdirected if you yourself are not direct.

During the middle of the operation you will have to draw down the astral light through the symbol of the Lightning Flash, also known as the Flaming Sword. If you are unfamiliar with this symbol, it is the path of descent upon the Qabalistic Tree of Life that Divine Creation takes from the top sephirah of Kether all the way down to Malkuth. You’ll be vibrating each Divine Name at the stations of the Flash/Sword and use a fair amount of concentration to visualize and maintain this visualization over the charging station. This is why it is helpful to simply memorize the order and placement of the Divine Names on the Tree, so that when you go to form the Flash/Sword in your mind and in the Ether/Astral, you’ll have no awkward moments of looking at your ritual script, breaking your concentration.

You can simply use your finger to draw the Flash/Sword, but I might not recommend using an Elemental tool or a black-handled dagger usually used for banishing or circle casting. If you have a general purpose Wand, then this may be ideal, but not wholly necessary either.

You will need a print-out or drawing of the charging station, a candle, a black bag, black cord, censer or incense stick, and cup of Holy Water.

Now for the ritual, explanations given in brackets:

-Manifestation Ritual-

[You may wish to start the ritual with the usual Pentagram/Hexagram rituals, I recommend the Invoking version to begin with, unless you find it totally necessary to also perform the Banishings, such as for an area that is repeatedly used for ritual purposes. It may be desirable to also use the Hexagram ritual to invoke the specific Planetary energy you’re working with through the sephirah.]

-Battery: * * *   * 

[Here you are either clapping, stomping, knocking, or tapping with a ritual implement upon the altar at the correct number corresponding to the sephirah you’re working with. We’re using the current of Chesed/El/Tzadqiel/Jupiter, which is 4. The battery announces to all present that the assembly should prepare for a shift in both mundane attention and also in the special state of ritual consciousness that is created by the occult magnetism of ceremony, much like how we use the gavel knocks in the Masonic Lodge or the staff knocks in the Golden Dawn Temple. This effect is multiplied in group workings, as the more people are in attendance, the more people are able to both create, charge, and ‘plug into’ to feed from the egregore (For an excellent explanation of the occult mechanics of Lodge Magic, see John Michael Greer’s “Inside a Magical Lodge”]

-Adoration to the Lord of the Universe:
“Holy art Thou, Lord of the Universe! Holy art Thou, Whom nature hast not formed! Holy art Thou, the Vast and Mighty One, Ruler of the Light and of the Darkness! I adore Thee, and I invoke Thee. Look Thou with favor upon me, who now kneeleth humbly before Thee, and grant Thy aid unto the highest aspiration of my soul, that I may be enabled to accomplish the Great Work, to the glory of Thy Ineffable Name. Amen.”

-Exorcism of Candle/Talisman:
“I exorcise thee, O Creature of Earth, that the blessing of God Almighty be upon thee, and let all malignity and hindrance be cast forth hence from, and let all good enter herein. I cast out from Thee all the impurities and uncleanness of the Spirits of the World of Phantasm in the name of Almighty God, who liveth and reigneth unto the Ages of the Ages. Amen.”

[This simple exorcism was put together by a friend who was working with the Key of Solomon as his basis. It may be used for any ritual implements, tarot cards, etc. You may wish to exorcise some Holy Water to purify the candle at this point as well, along with some incense so that you’ve balanced the Fire/Water element extremes as well.]

[For this next section you will have the candle wrapped in a black bag or cloth, and/or tied thrice with a black cord, rope, or string. Bring it to the East of the temple.]

-Statement of Intent:
“I stand before the presence of the Almighty and before the messengers in His service, and I do declare myself, if it be the Will of the Divine, and with the assistance of the Hierarchy of the Heavens, to hereby act as Co-creator, Purifier, Consecrator, and Initiator of the mundane into the spiritual. I wish to bond with Jupiterian energies in order to empower this Creature of Wax[or Earth] and to transform it into a genuine talisman of attractive power. Hear my prayers and guide my hand in this operation, O God, and I ask that your blessing be upon my motives, search my heart for true intentions and see that I only wish to place my trust in your hands in order to succeed.”

“Creature of Wax, you hereby rest unpurified and unconsecrated, for in this state you cannot manifest Force and Form, you cannot realize purpose, and you cannot embody direction towards destiny. By the grace of God and the assistance of His messengers, I shall now assign you purpose in conjunction with my Will. May this Creature of Wax work to bring me success in becoming attuned to the prosperous current of Jupiterian energies. Be it now purified with Holy Names, Fire, and Water.

“Creature of Wax, your purpose is to be of simply light and illumination. You are dead to that purpose now and will become the physical body for a Talisman of power.”

[Purify talisman with incense Cross, intoning YHVH
then with Fire triangle with incense, intoning IAO
then with Cross of Holy Water, intoning YHVH
then with Water triangle with Holy Water, intoning IAO

Place candle on central altar and charging station for the Circumambulation.  Circumambulate the central altar 4 times while intoning EL each time, sounding one knock of the battery in the East as you pass.]

* * *   *

“In the name of the Lord of the Universe, who works in silence and in Whom naught but silence can express, I declare this talisman purified and consecrated to the purpose of bringing the blessings of prosperity into my life. ‘In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

[This last verse is from Genesis, and in typical esoteric Freemasonry style, this verse is indicative of the power of creation through initiation. Here you will remove the cord and covering.]

“Long hast thou dwelt in darkness, quit the night and seek the day!”

“The beginnings of the Sephiroth have no ending and are of boundless origin; they are each vast distances and pits of good and evil of immeasurable depths and heights; they are composed of infinite distances to the East and the West, North and South, ruled only by the Lord from His Holy throne. Their countenance is like the scintillating flame flashing in lightning, invisible and boundless. They race outward from the throne, away from their Lord, but return to fall prostrate in holy adoration before His throne, and the Word they speak comes as if out of a whirlwind.”

[This section describing the Lightning Flash is from the Sepher Yetzirah. In the next section, you will draw the path of the Flash/Sword and stop at each station for the invocation of each Divine Name. This is illustrated in the following graphic. You will draw the Flash/Sword in bright glowing blue, the Queen Scale color of Chesed. If you’re adapting this ritual formula for another sephirah, you would naturally use its respective color.]

“EHEIEH – אהיה

IAH – יה

YHVH ELOHIM – יהוה אלהים

EL- אל

ELOHIM GIBOR – אלהים גבור

YHVH ELOAH V-DA’ATH – יהוה אלוה ודעת

YHVH TZAVAOTH – יהוה צבאות

ELOHIM TZAVAOTH – אלהים צבאות

SHADDAI EL CHAI – שדי אל חי

ADONAI HA-ARETZ – אדני הארץ”




[Hold your arms outstretched]

“One is His Beginning; One is His Individuality; His Permutation is One. ARARITA, ARARITA, ARARITA! ‘Their ending is as their beginning. They are as brilliant flame flowing upwards from the surface of a roaring coal. Adonai is great in His unity, there is none like Him.’

Let the life of this talisman be born under the Lightning Flash of Holy Names and the Flaming Sword of Divine creation and manifestation!”

[For this next section you will draw and project, using the Sign of the Enterer, each sigil using the Golden Dawn Rose Cross. Make notes on your ritual script if necessary.]

-Conjuration of the Hierarchy:

By the Name EL [draw and project sigil]

I invoke thee TZADQIEL [draw and project sigil]

Archangel of Jupiter [Draw and project the sign of planet]

and the Order of Angels CHASMALIM [draw and project sigil]

If it be the will of the Divine, may these authorities, through the offices of the Intelligence IOPHIEL [draw and project sigil], work to manifest my intentions, now born under the sign of Holy Names and Images!

“Creature of Talismans, you are my living representative both on Earth and the hidden planes. You will work with me to help me become prosperous in my attempts to discover new opportunities for success and happiness, for more avenues of financial gain, and to invoke abundance and security!”

[Your specifications may be more detailed]

“For I have fashioned you with my hands, I have created your life from nothing; you live in me and I in you, but over you has my word and my will, dominion everlasting, none other can dismiss you, none other can disperse or destroy. None can give unto you rest and glory unending. But there shall not your freed spirit flee until your purpose has manifested and your task is complete; not until your work on earth is accomplished can you gain the immortality of life.”

(hold Wand or hand above the Talisman)

“Wherefore by these rites, these thoughts, words, actions, names, and images brought forth in this ceremony, by the Will of the Supreme God and of my Higher Soul, do I conjure upon you the power to carry out your work, and do I seal and bind in you my Will. You shall succeed in your task of assisting me and prosper in your work until the task is finished.”

“As the light hidden in darkness can become manifest therein, so shalt thou become manifest from concealment into operation. With this Talisman now duly purified, consecrated, and initiated with Force, Form, purpose, and direction, I declare these works now properly closed in the Ineffable Name of the Lord of the Universe.”

-Battery: * * *   * 

License to Depart:
“To those called here before me, because thou hast diligently answered unto my requests, and hast been ready and willing to come at my call, I do here license thee to depart unto thy proper place; without causing harm or danger unto man or beast. Depart, then, I say, and be thou very ready to come at my call, being duly conjured by the sacred rites of magic. I charge thee to withdraw peaceably, and may the peace of God be ever continued between thee and I, Amen.”

Psalm 150:

“Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.

Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.

Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals.

Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.”


[This Psalm is included as it is often used for thanksgiving and praise to the Lord. This concludes the Rite. Finish with any appropriate rituals of your own taste.]

Afterwords, I would light the candle at any given time, treating it as a talisman, and give a heartfelt, non-scripted prayer to El and Tzadqiel pleading your case of needs and desires. This Rite can easily be adapted to other forces and currents, and will merely need to plug in the respective entities for each Hierarchy with your own unique explanation of desire.

Manifestation Ritual